I know some of you were wanting to see this photo of Kathy Griffin again.  🤢

h/t Chalupa.

25 Comments on “Mudflaps”

  1. Here in San Diego ,we have the Ocean on one side and Mission bay across the street. Kathy would be Bayside only – and between the hours of 2- 5 AM, as to not Freightening our Chidren.

  2. There’s only one thing that could possibley cause that. Repeatedly shoving your head up your own ass.

  3. I was stunned to learn that Kathy Griffin did a commercial for a company called “Squatty Potty.”

    Given that picture, now it totally makes sense.

  4. It was her ISIS initiation gone wrong. She tried the suicide bomber thing with explosive suppositories.

  5. Hell, I see those things on semi-trailers all the time out here in Montanny. In fact, they’re often seen on livestock haulers rigs and are just as nasty looking as “hers”.

  6. Can you imagine Rosie O’Donnell sticking her face into that?
    Can you?

    (then you’re a sick bastid!)

    izlamo delenda est …

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