Mueller Patched Together Much of His Russia Indictments From Old News Articles

Conservative Treehouse— A large number of people who read the Mueller 13-person Russian Indictment released on Friday noted a transparent lack of actual substance.  Today the absence of substance turns toward the hilarious.

Much like the heavily touted sketchy 2017 Joint Analysis Report (the infamous “14 U.S. intelligence agencies report“) was really only three political intel agencies, FBI (Comey), CIA (Brennan) and ODNI (Clapper), Friday’s Russian indictment had a lot of pages and citations but in the aggregate was an assembly of nothing-burger reporting of various insignificant social media events.

Today the absurdity of the report becomes even more laughable.  As Gateway Pundit reports almost everything in the Mueller indictment was previously outlined in a Radio Free Europe report from 2015.   If that wasn’t funny enough, even the Washington Post finds the majority of the indictment was published last October in a Russian Business Magazine (RBC) article.

(WaPo) A 37-page indictment issued by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team on Friday brings fresh American attention to one of the strangest elements of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election: The Internet Research Agency (IRA), a state-sponsored “troll factory” in St. Petersburg.

But much of the information Mueller published on Friday about the agency’s efforts to influence the election had already been published last October — in an article by a Russian business magazine, RBC.  MORE


14 Comments on Mueller Patched Together Much of His Russia Indictments From Old News Articles

  1. So what this is saying is that the fake news is fake news?

    Mueller continues to have no original ideas other than those told him by the DNC.

  2. We spend $10M investigating $1.5M spent on the troll farm.

    They wanted to sow division so Dems show them was fomenting real animus is like.

    The Russians are big fans of our 2nd Amendment so let’s burn our Constitution.

    I know who the biggest threat to our country is. Same as it has always been anywhere…the traitors within.

  3. Next Mueller will launch a post-mortem indictment against Jack Ruby for killing Lee Harvey Oswald based on a photo he found from 1963.

  4. You people stop laughing! Mueller is going after Drumpf’s financial records again, and THAT will wipe the smiles off your faces! And what about his tax returns??!! Hmmm?? Blew Wave coming!!

  5. It sometimes feels like President Trump is allowing Mueller to continue digging, until the walls of dirt fall into the pit and bury the whole thing, Mueller and his colluders.

  6. I wondered what the sources underlying the indictment were because Count 44 alleged as follows:

    The People of the United States further allege:

    Dear Ann:

    My husband keeps coming home from work late at at night with lipstick on his collar. Should I be worried?

    The People allege further naught.

  7. It’s got to be close to the time when Trump demands and update to this investigation and when Mueller can show him nothing of substance Trump demands the total cost. He releases both to the American people then fires Meuller. This is not Nixon and Cox, where people could see the crime. The American people (mostly right/conservative, all the centre and some left) understand this for what it is, a Political Witch Hunt which so far has only turned up traitors in the FBI, IRS, Democrats, State Department, DOJ and others and a plan to depose the President.

  8. Personally, I think it’s been money well spent….look at all that’s been exposed as a result of this farcical “investigation”

    Keep digging, dummies!


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