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  1. How many leftards will actually read the full report? I’m guessing that they will be doing word and phrase searches. The media is losing it and I’m loving every bit of it.

    The most painful words heard today…’The White House offered “unfettered access” and “fully cooperated.’ LOVE IT!

  2. A leftist spin
    “Some people did something” to the president, but, at this point, “what difference does it make?”

  3. When they started the “investigation” the still had the YES WE CAN ringing in their ears.
    Trumps catch phrase is ” No You Can’t Bitch” and it deafening.

  4. @mcn: “The most painful words heard today…’The White House offered ‘unfettered access’ and ‘fully cooperated.’ LOVE IT!”

    But…but…but, Trump refused to testify!!! (CNN)

  5. I’m dealing with a jerk off homeowner today but I’m having a hard time putting up the determined tough guy stance because I can’t get this stupid smirk to go away.

  6. Normally I enjoy eating my lunch while watching the Price is Right. But of course CBS had Gayle King, etc..rambling on about the report…but..but…but we were told Russian collusion….. she had a huge ream of paper (supposedly THE report)..and she was acting like she just got done reading it.

  7. Now lock up everyone behind this hoax including those in the media who lied, twisted and covered for democrats and continue to do so.

  8. Well, I’m glad this particular Mueller “investigation” is done. Now we can focus on the Clinton corruption and the Democrats who never held a job except for political office and became rich doing so.

    Uh…I’m not holding my breath for any action on that last sentence.

  9. Wyatt,

    Instead of ‘holding your breath,’ get on the activist bandwagon and fight for the truth to be told.

  10. As usual the tRumptiods are behaving like 3 year olds. And like the average 3 year old they are incapable of reading the report. In all fairness, they are just emulating their dictator. Like dictator, like tRumptiod. Neither can handle the truth.

  11. the democrats are to blame for not acting quick enough. Trump has dirt. I believe he is worse than Nixon. Follow the money that is where you get him. we’re locking up all the powerful perverts who thought they could just touch and deny. the biggest pig is our President. Remember the recording of him where Billy Bush got in trouble for enjoying the moment. where is the person that recorded the Donald? cover up? Naaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. We wallow in listening to arguments that support our existing viewpoints. Each side needs to back off and study what the opposition is saying and it’s basis. We will never find an answer by wearing horse blinders. We all must stop inflammatory statements. I do not believe Trump is an idiot. I do not believe Biden is low IQ. Quit the insults, listen and learn something.

  13. Mueller is a life long Republican. He has served many Republican presidents. I believe he is a also very straight guy. Painful to read, but reading his report is a good place to start. The summary section should be the best place to start – read a little, get the flavor.

    This situation has become so political that we really cannot rely on newsman summaries. We cannot rely on conclusions of Nancy, AOC or Barr – a political appointment. We are a democracy. You are a citizen. It’s time to do your work. Go figure out the truth. Quit rallying behind your favorite politician. Go find the truth and only after, do the right thing.


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