Update—- Mueller Subpoenas Trump Family Records from Deutsche Bank

Update — — No  subpoena for Donald Trump bank records from Deutsche Bank


Original story:

Breitbart: Special Counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed bank records for President Donald Trump and the Trump family from Deutsche Bank, expanding and extending the Russia investigation beyond its mandate and predicted timeline.

Reuters reported Tuesday:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has asked Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) to share data on accounts held by U.S. President Donald Trump and his family, a person close to the matter said on Tuesday.

Germany’s largest bank received a subpoena from Mueller several weeks ago to provide information on certain money and credit transactions, the person added, confirming a report by German daily Handelsblatt published on Tuesday.

Deutsche Bank rejected demands in June by U.S. House Democrats to provide details of Trump’s finances, citing privacy laws.

The subpoena is likely aimed at determining whether money for various Trump family business ventures — including those of Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner — came from Russian sources.

The Special Counsel will likely be looking for any payments that appear to come from the Russian government, or any evidence of money-laundering that might have happened through real estate transactions possibly unrelated to the 2016 presidential campaign.

The bank subpoena is the latest sign that the Special Counsel is casting a wide net, potentially going far beyond the original investigation into Russian interference in the election and and searching for any past wrongdoing by the president, his family, his aides, and his associates.   read more

SNIP: Now it’s just harassment.   Trump had been publicly tormenting the Bush and 0bama administrations long before 2016, so I’m supposed to believe Trump’s businesses and bank records were never ever looked at before 2016 by either administration, plus the IRS? If there was anything, it would have been found already.  Meanwhile, more anti-Trump emails of FBI agents are being discovered and soon to be made public. What are the chances Mueller wrote a few himself?

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  1. Is this even legal? If it is, it is completely unnecessary. This will not sit well with PRESIDENT Trump. Totally unrelated.

  2. “The subpoena is likely aimed at determining whether money for various Trump family business ventures — including those of Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner — came from Russian sources.”

    Exactly why would that be illegal? This guys out of control and drunk with power. He needs to be stopped. Actually he needs to be jailed.

  3. Based on this precedent it would appear logical to appoint a special counsel to every elected official (when elected) to investigate every aspect of their lives (with all fees to be paid by the elected official)!

  4. Mueller and the nevertrumpers are playing a dangerous game of chicken. Even as things are beginning to unravel for them, they begin to desperately flail about in the hope that they can land a mortal blow before they are stopped.

    Its a damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenario, just like the firing of Comey. It all now lays with Republican Congressional leaders to either let it play out or pull the plug. Trump cannot do it because he would face obstruction of justice charges which could lead to impeachment.

    Trump may be a sharp businessman, but he made some serious blunders in putting together his staff. Too many Bush people, and they set him up. He should have banished Javanka before the election. They will lead (have led) him to ruin.

  5. Rumors on Twitter are that this is another part of their chess game, and that Mueller is doing that because he wants to be fired.
    “In July, Trump said in an interview with the New York Times that if Mueller examined his family’s finances beyond any relationship with Russia he’d consider it “a violation.”

    Here I am, trying to play tic tac toe.

  6. Working on rumors that this or that might have happened allowing an investigation to eternally mutate. Whutta farce!
    Remember when someone said Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes?
    Then when Harry Reid was asked why he lied about that, his answer was: “It worked didn’t it?”
    This shit has got to end!!

  7. Trump should call for Mueller’s record as a douche bag.
    (Btw,isn’t Mueller the funeral director that Herman Munster used to work for?)

  8. Like Rush just said, Mueller is just biding his time, fishing and looking busy, until the Dems get the House majority in 2018. Then he’ll hand off to the House for impeachment. That is the plan.

    Mueller is like a car in low gear, going in circles, with the doors locked and no driver. The safest option is to stay out of its way until it runs out of gas. Or until Trump shoots a hole in the engine block..

  9. Trump and Pence are going to the big house, and Hillary Clinton is going to The White House, where she belongs. Borders will be opened, all immigrants will be welcomed with opened arms, guns will be confiscated, and rich white men will pay their fair share in taxes. Yippie!

  10. “So far, they’ve wasted 7 million on this.”

    That seems waaaaaaay low. You sure you’re not missing 2 zeros?

  11. Hey Larry, you forgot to add that no one will be safe in the streets, and that the middle class will become the world’s next third world citizens.

  12. Inquiring minds need to know, who is it? You’re not going to tell us it’s BFH just stirring things up are you?

  13. Trump needs to end this now. If the media won’t report the truth then Trump reports it to the people through twitter and the WH web site. Mueller has to be very publically fired and the reasons laid out so the voters can understand. The same goes for all the lawyers on his team. If Sessions won’t step up to the plate and do his damn job then find a district attorney who believes in the rule of law and replace the AG with him/her. The marching orders then will be how deep does this conspiracy to overturn an election go and start putting people in the dockett.

  14. Larry The Liberal got a little careless one night. I’m sure I’m not the only one who caught it. I enjoy the alter ego thing and revealing his identity would potentially ruin that. So my lips are sealed.

  15. As of 11:19 pm EST Breitbart still has the Deutchw Bank wire tap story up. Catch-up with the rest of the world Breitbart!


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