Mueller Wants To Flood Russian Collusion Case With 2 Terabytes Of Russian Social Media Content WITHOUT Translation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday revealed his office is prepared to flood two terabytes of Russian social media content — without any translation — into the court record to comply with a discovery request by one of the defendants in his collusion case.

The government’s lead attorney, Jeannie Sclafani Rhee, confirmed her office had compiled two terabytes of Russian-language social media content and confirmed little of it was translated.

“The government did not translate every single word and doesn’t have to,” she told the court.

The tactic was denounced by Eric Dubelier, the American attorney retained by Concord Management and Consulting — one of the three Russian companies indicted by Mueller last February as part of a broad indictment against 13 Russian individuals in his Russian collusion case. The defendants are accused of “conspiracy to defraud the United States” for interfering in the 2016 presidential election, the indictment said.

“We are most concerned with the release of massive amount of social media in Russian,” Dubelier told U.S. District Court Judge Dabney L. Friedrich, a Trump appointee. “They had five weeks to ramp up on discovery. There has been no, no discovery.”

A terabyte is the equivalent of 1,024 gigabytes of information. Another way to measure the quantity of information is that Mueller’s social media content could fill nearly 1,500 CD-ROMS.

One of Concord’s chief weapons against Mueller has been the Russian company’s request for discovery — the examination of evidence Mueller has collected concerning the charge of Russian collusion. The defense tactic could be used to embarrass Mueller and the U.S. intelligence community, as reported earlier by The Daily Caller News Foundation. read more

SNIP: Mueller is pulling the same type of bullshit that a court in a 3rd world nation would do.

17 Comments on Mueller Wants To Flood Russian Collusion Case With 2 Terabytes Of Russian Social Media Content WITHOUT Translation

  1. I think the POS is hoping the judge will throw the case out.
    But in the meantime, could you imagine being a defendant and the prosecutor pulls this kind of shit on you? Boxes upon boxes of ‘evidence’ brought to court, in a foreign language the judge and your lawyer do not speak?

  2. 1. Since Mueller and his team themselves DO NOT SPEAK RUSSIAN, how can Mueller possibly claim to know any of this is “evidence” of anything?

    2. So Mueller is actually now claiming that Russian citizens flipped the US election by persuading their fellow Russian citizens, sitting on sofas at home in Russia, on Russian internet, on Russian-only social media sites, not to cast their Russian-citizen votes for Hilary Clinton?

    3. Mueller may know his time is up, criminal charges await him for Uranium One and general Treason, and he’s trying to create an insanity defense.

  3. Not only is that POS dirty, he’s milking the system for every cent of taxpayer dollars he can squeeze out of us.

  4. This is an American court, let them submit it and watch the judge smack them down.
    “The government did not translate every single word and doesn’t have to,” she told the court.
    Yea right. Case dismissed.

  5. “…like a 3rd world country”?

    The US has become the world’s leading 3rd world country.

  6. Watch him dump this stuff Clinton style, printed out and stacked in boxes on pallets, instead of digital format. They love to slow-roll the investigation that way.

  7. “The government did not translate every single word and doesn’t have to,” she told the court.

    If I were the judge, my next question would be, “Then how do you know anything in there is relevant to this case? If you cannot prove relevance in the next 30 seconds, I’m tossing all your evidence out with prejudice.”

  8. The problem is caused by the left wing President promoting: Come, Mueller , Rosenstein … et al.
    As long as progressives like —- get elected President our government will make serfs out of citizens!

  9. That’s about a minute and a half of what is uploaded to Youtube every minute.
    2TB is a Cheeewowa in Pet-A-Byte Dawg Pound Land

  10. Sadly, someone will form anther committee to deal with the translation of this “important evidence” and will issue a meaningless report shortly after the mid-term elections.

  11. So they have evidence that shows I voted for Trump because the Russians in a language I don’t understand . Where is the proof in a language American’s could understand at the time ? This is like “Who’s on first”

  12. Perhaps I was wrong about Sessions. Perhaps Sessions is actually a mad genius. Perhaps he recused himself and picked Rosey and Mule because he knew the Mule would screw it up so badly that everything his office did would be tossed out of court.

    Either way, the Mule’s incompetence, illegal searches, fake charges, heavy-handedness, and conflicts of interest are making POTUS look better by the day.

  13. It’s not evidence, just more distortion.
    If this was an investigation of the Clintons, the investigation (and Mueller) would have disappeared in a couple months.


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