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Mugged by reality?

Dems pivot on law and order as soft-on-crime liberals assaulted, burglarized


Democrats’ virtual 180 on the issue of crime — a journey from supporting the “defund the police” movement to espousing tougher law enforcement — has been accentuated by a striking pattern in recent months: prominent liberals being mugged, sometimes quite literally, by the harsh reality of rising crime as victims themselves.

The latest liberal to embody this shift is Bill Walton, the 69-year-old basketball legend-turned-garrulous broadcaster, who has a history of stirring controversy and advocating a range of progressive causes over the years.

More recently, he backed income and business tax hikes to fund homeless services and supported Black Lives Matter rioters condemning police brutality following George Floyd’s death in 2020.

Over the last several weeks, however, Walton has adopted a strikingly different tone on law and order while blasting Todd Gloria, the Democrat mayor of his longtime home San Diego — and a man with whom he aligns politically. more

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  1. The left creates every problem we have, then when they finally admit there is a problem, blame the other side for not fixing the problem. Amazing.

    And that idiot woman running for LA mayor thinks “high paying jobs” is the solution to homelessness? High paying jobs won’t cure mental illness and drug addiction.

  2. Damn right Hambone. Walton has always been a fucking moron, and I wouldn’t trust a goddamn thing he says. This is just the usual democrat pivot to pretend they’re not the demonic assholes they clearly are… until after they win the elections. Then it goes right back to fucking society up in every way possible.

  3. can’t think past the end of his nose…

    When you defund the police and crime goes up exponentially, what the hell did you think would happen???
    Ans: He didn’t think!

  4. Definition: A conservative is a Libtard that’s been mugged and bitch slapped by reality.


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