Mugging For the Camera

An Arkansas sheriff’s department found itself under attack for taking mug shots of arrestees wearing the same Nike t-shirt.

Accusers say the department used this t-shirt in particular to embarrass Nike. Union County Sheriff Rick Roberts tried to clarify his office’s intentions stating that the t-shirt were among those available to cover suspects who were not properly attired for their professional portrait. More

Funny how no one ever took offense to all the mug shots where the subject is wearing an Obama t-shirt. Here [h/t Huckfin ]


6 Comments on Mugging For the Camera

  1. Looks like without saying so the press has told us the racial make up of those arrested. Like we couldn’t have guessed.

  2. I know that I am twisted… but MAGA red T shirts are a more appropriate approach to support law enforcement results.

  3. Aw geez. Now I’m feeling guilty for giving a trunk full of Nike shirts to antifa bums in downtown Portland. Any bonus points for dropping off newer shirts at mayor’s office?


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