Muh Principulz!!! NeverTrumpers’ Whining About Principles Was Just An Act

Kurt Schlichter [Townhall]: You know all that insufferable babbling and crying about “principles” we had to endure from you Never Trump Konservative Ken Dolls? Your rending of your cheap suits, your 180s over classic GOP policies because The Donald actually tried to enact them, and your mortifying blubbering to suddenly sympathetic hosts on MSNBC and CNN about how awful our President is? With your sad, drawn faces and high-pitched voices, you True Conservatives of Conservatism™, you Keepers of the Flame of Conservativeness resisted the coming of Donald Trump (and those who supported him) because…because…

 Because that’s not who we are…

 Because we’re better than that…

 Because…our principles!

Our principles. Yeah, right. Well, it was all a crock, a con, a grift by a bunch of displaced Beltway strivers furious that the marks – that’s us Normals – wised up to their scam, played the players, and sent them packing.

Principles? You laughed uproariously at Sean Hannity’s confidential information being revealed for no good reason, just as you laughed at President Trump when federal agents marched into his lawyer’s office to steal privileged documents as part of the shameful collusion farce you’ve been applauding. Your principles didn’t stop you from supporting an effort to undo the results of an election that left you out in the cold.

What would the Founders say? Probably, “Stop trying to hang around with us.”



Where are your principles in the face of the gross injustices of the last few days? A federal judge who was nearly appointed Bill Clinton’s attorney general and who officiated at Soros’s wedding ordered Hannity’s information disclosed, but that was cool with you. After all, Sean Hannity is so…oh well, I never!

Principles that depend on who is asserting them aren’t principles. They are poses.

If you actually adhered to them, your principles would have you shrieking, not cheering. A bunch of Hillary-donating feds should not be allowed to randomly pillage through privileged materials looking for a crime. No, the crime-fraud exception does not mean that the feds can just take all your stuff, read through it, and decide if some happens to fall into that narrow exception and leak the rest. But hey, why let some principles get in the way of a good laugh at the expense of one of those Trump people?

Gosh, it’s almost like your talk of principles was just…talk.  MORE

10 Comments on Muh Principulz!!! NeverTrumpers’ Whining About Principles Was Just An Act

  1. My theory has always been NeverTrumpers = Globalists. Most likely financed by the Crotch Brothers and Soros.

    I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss on Kristol if he were on fire.

  2. “… it’s almost like your talk of principles was just…talk.”

    guess what? … we saw through that bullcrap before they even uttered their second sentence

    ‘begone! …. you have no power here … before someone drops a house on you!’

  3. they remind me of the wonderfully profound Groucho Marx quote …

    “I have my principles! …. & if you don’t like those, I have others.”

  4. Never-Trumper republicans are almost universally grifters who get wealthy off the fake two party system. They don’t believe in jack shit other than getting rich off a corrupt political system.

  5. NeverTrumper’s who aren’t political correspondents or anything, are usually just idiots still sipping the cool aid with their heads buried deeply in the sand, or bitter Bush family ‘ye olde’ Republicans.

  6. This is results never trump idiots l

  7. Trump and his lawyer should keep ALL confidential documents AT THE WHITE HOUSE! No one can just barge in there and take what they want.

    That’s how the Clintons hide all their Rose Law Firm / White Water Records.


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