Muhammad’s alternative lifestyle

Jihad Watch: David Wood has made a great video on the hadiths (Sahih Muslim and Sahih al-Bukhari) that claim Muhammad was a cross-dresser who would receive his revelations whilst dressed in the garments of his favourite wife, the child-bride Aisha.

One more thing to be noted in relation to Muhammad’s alternative lifestyle choices is that he was also an adult infant. People seem to overlook the fact that Aisha was a child, so her clothes would not have fit him properly. There’s a name for this fetish: it’s called paraphilic infantilism or psychosexual infantilism. Essentially, it’s when an adult chooses to dress like a child. In major cities today, there are clubs where grown men can go and walk around with diapers on whilst sucking on oversized pacifiers. They can ‘goo’ and ‘gaa’ and roll around on the floor and soil their diapers if they so please.  more

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  1. Does anyone know where these clubs are that you can join where you can pretend to be a baby and “goo” and “gaa” and roll around on the floor, soiling your adult diaper if you want to?

    Asking for a friend…

  2. Ha ha ha! Psychoanalysis on a guy who never existed?
    Yeah, that’ll happen.
    I read somewhere, Carlyle I think (not really), that he dressed like a Leprechaun and stole people’s gold, shrieking “Catch me and you can have me treasure!” and then would start singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” while changing into a Judy Garland costume.
    Then he’d pleasure the bedouins – so to speak – by exclaiming in “tongues.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. “They can ‘goo’ and ‘gaa’ and roll around on the floor and soil their diapers if they so please. ”

    …so, basically, act like Democrats, then?

  4. Mo was also a thief that stole womens underwear. He liked licking mens bellys. He wore womens make-up. Yes, he wore his wifes clothing. All in the Hadeeths and Kowan, all facts, about the psychopath cult leader Mo also was suicidal on multiple occasions. He claimed he was possessed by Sahitan, (Satan) on multiple occasions. Mo was a sick character if he ever really existed. But the mozlems have been forced to do a lot of rewriting and obfuscation to cover the fucked up Hadeeths and Tafsirs.

  5. I’m pleased that David Wood’s channel has grown so much. In the past year or so it seems like he’s added about 200k subscribers. He just had a bizarre debate with a man-child named Muhammed Hijab. In general, though, there’s a ton of great material out on the web that can be used to refute Islam. Lots of scholarly work exists that destroys the historicity of Islam. Woot!


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