Multiculturalism Run Amuck at Georgetown: What’s Wrong with Slavery and Rape?

CNS: Two weeks ago, a professor from Georgetown University publicly rose to the defense of slavery and rape, and not a single major media outlet—with the exception of a blogger on the Washington Post website and a brief posting on FoxNews—has said a word about it. The absence of outrage is not hard to figure out: Jonathan Brown’s defense was limited to Islam.

Brown, a convert to Islam, holds an endowed chair in Islamic studies at Georgetown. The Jesuit-run institution has a wealthy benefactor in Saudi Arabia, a nation which bans Christianity. How sweet.

What did Georgetown get from this arrangement? Money, and a lot of it. Twelve years ago, Saudi Arabia wrote a check to the Jesuit-run institution for $20 million; it went to support the school’s Center for Muslim Christian Understanding, run by Brown. And what did Saudi Arabia get from this peculiar “understanding”? Legitimacy.

The fruit from this decayed tree is now apparent. Georgetown now employs a tenured professor who defends slavery and rape, provided the slavemasters and rapists are Muslims. This is apparently Georgetown’s idea of diversity. It also shows how phony the school is. Why all the handwringing about Georgetown’s ownership of American slaves in the 19th century when it employs defenders of slavery today?  more

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  1. @Gladys:

    Psst! muslims want to rape and enslave black people – pass it around. (Actually, muslims did rape and enslave black people).

    Actually, mohammadmen still do rape and enslave black people. Today. Right now. Just for starters: Sudan.

  2. @Uncle Al – yes, you are right. I remember when Time Magazine was still relevant (or alive?) and the cover was of moslems snatching bread out of the hands of starving black babies (toddlers), whose bellies were swollen from starvation. They literally STARVED thousands upon thousands of people to death. I guess there was a time when most people thought that was unacceptable.

    I’d like to know what Maxine Waters and her fellow travellers have to say about that.

  3. There was a golden time, seems so long ago now, that miscreants like this were caned and ran to the edge of town, lest they infect the town with contagious idiocy

  4. So normalizing slavery and rape is okay when defending Islam but a white gay Brit working for Breitbart gets skewered for days until his life was appropriately ruined for discussing pedophilia a year ago. Maybe they both deserve to be skewered but this again is why no one believes the media and understands they have an agenda and have become unabashed political hacks.

  5. Georgetown University covered up the image of Christ, or a symbol of Christ to oblige Obama when he spoke there as POTUS. I guess the Jesuits don’t need Catholic benefactors anymore, what with all that muslim moola. I hope they live to regret their cockiness.

  6. We’ve got to start taking these freaks head on. We need to start Jailing them for any law they break, and never recognize their home land laws.
    For laws they disobey, especialy rape they have to be made examples of in the media. This is the problem, if Muslims are’nt mis-treated the media won’t report anything.

  7. Liberals work their way into being in charge of institutions and ruin them.
    The Catholic universities now almost promote every other religion, especially Islam, over conservative Catholic principles.
    To paraphrase Mr. Reagan – I didn’t leave the Catholic religion. The Catholic religion left me.

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