Multiple Level War

Nate Silver has a good article about the war between the remaining potential nominees in the Republican primary.

He goes through the various permutations, how strong Cruz states are proportional rather than winner take all, how Rubio would likely take more Cruz voters if he were to drop out and how Trump may have a ceiling.

Something in the article is lacking, however.

What if the eventual nominee goes on to lose the general election, will the supporters of the other 2 candidates claim it’s because their guy wasn’t in it?

I’m thinking mostly of Cruz or Rubio versus Trump here, not Cruz versus Rubio.

If Trump wins the primary and loses the general, will Cruz/Rubio supporters go ballistic and claim they could have won the presidency?

I’m pretty sure they will, and it’s because Trump has already been branded the non-conservative, and he will be seen as the impediment to the conservative purist revolution.

This would be the war to end all wars, and it will never be forgotten because of how far left the left has become. The stakes are so, so high in this election, and we are all so, so nervous that we get this right. A misstep and we are further left than at any point in out nation’s history.

The problem though, is that there is no credible evidence on head to head match-ups until it is too late.

Anyone that claims that they can predict a Trump versus Hillary match-up right now, with Sanders, Cruz and Rubio still in the race, is a fullofsh!tnik.

We have people on this site that are saying they will never vote for Trump (which would factor into the polls I’ve been reading), and I know there is a better than 75% chance that they will end up voting for Trump when staring down the barrel of a Hillary presidency.

The “I will never vote for Trump gang” will buckle when they are confronted with the reality of a “Hail To the Thief” Bernie Sanders presidency.

But, of course, if Trump does win the primary, and Trump doesn’t win the general, whose fault will that be, Trump supporters or Trump detractors.

I won’t take seriously the bitching and whining of a Trump loss when all I’m hearing are people on the right saying they will vote for Hillary if Trump is the nominee.

I’m not hearing much “I will vote for Hillary if Cruz is the nominee” chatter.

If Cruz is the nominee and loses the general…




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  1. Everyone that considers themself a conservative here should just chime in now: I WILL VOTE FOR THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE AGAINST WHICHEVER SOCIALIST THE DEMOCRATIC PART PUTS FORTH AGAINST US!

  2. I will blame the following:

    – conservatives who stayed home and did not vote

    – the usual Demorat cheating shenanigans of dead voters, D’s voting multiple times under names of people in nursing homes, the mentally handicapped, purchased votes, etc

    – people in certain areas, as in the past in Philadelphia, being intimidated and chased away from the polls

    – illegals being allowed to vote

    – as in Columbus with Somali voters, non-English speaking voters being bused to the polls and having a handy D translator tell them which button to push

    If the R candidate is dark horse Mustafa Mohammed Axeman I am voting for him. If it’s Chance the gardener I am voting him. If it’s Grumpy Cat who will push the mushroom cloud red button I am voting for her.
    If it’s someone named Pinko, AWD, Scooter Van Neuter, BFH, oh Hell, I am voting for him.
    If it’s a rank festering cat turd with R after the name I am voting for it.

  3. I prefer Cruz.

    Any republican nominee will receive my vote.

    Trump, I have a few misgivings, but I’d vote for him without holding my nose.

    The half-o-crat Rube, who appears to be the progressive establishment GOP chosen one, I’ll vote for him while holding my nose.

    I’ll never vote for or support radical socialists/communists….and that’s all the democrat party has become.

  4. OK, that said, Trump has major issues in the negative side. No front-runner has ever has such a stark positive vs. negative following. And I’m not talking polls. I’m talking reality. We all know there are many out there who are “Trump as candidate or I’m sitting home November 8th” Same with a large number of GOP establishment people against both Trump and Cruz.
    People, I am convinced Trump is a hack and you think I’m an idiot for thinking so. You are convinced Cruz is a lying sleazeball and I think you are an idiot for thinking so. But come general election Us “idiots” need to unite behind a candidate that will defeat socialist Hillary or Marxist Sanders. This is not a game anymore at that point.
    We know that writers and life-long pundits that we have may enjoyed have already committed to sitting home on Novemer 8th or going full crazy, e.g. Erick Erickson:

    They should be literally tarred and feathered at Guantanamo Bay, then water boarded. On the other hand, first water boarded. And it should be shown on national TV.

  5. Let’s see I either vote for a absolute assured socialist or roll the dice and vote for a authoritarian who has some socialist tendencies.

    Of course I roll the dice and vote the a chance it won’t be as bad.

    Very simple math, but I do wonder if Trump is not the Republican nominee and ends up running third party how many of the Trump supporters will jump ship and vote third party?

  6. Conservative here.
    I will vote for Rubio if he wins the nomination.
    I will also kick the ass of any friggin’ idiot on the right that says they won’t vote for Rubio if he is the nominee.

    Now, point me to the Trump supporters that have vowed never to vote for Rubio or Cruz if they are the nominees.

  7. Exit poll from SC says 44% of those who said they voted for Trump said they could not vote for any other candidate because only Trump can do what they want done.

    Maybe there aren’t any of them on this site, but they do exist and in large numbers at least in SC.

  8. I will not vote third party for Trump.
    I would vote for Rubio or Cruz.

    I am anti-leftist first and foremost.
    I am anti-GOP apparatus second.

    I am anti-third party.
    I am more for taking over the existing party with common-sense capitalist ideas and getting the engine we’ve all seen in action revving again that made America the envy of the entire world.

    I want immigrants to come here wanting to participate in the capitalist American dream, not the socialist American dream.
    I am a workaholic.
    I want to be rewarded for the human energy I expel, and I want other people with money to exploit my energy.

    I loathe whiney leftist losers whose energy output is capped by the amount of whining they produce.

    Third party will usher in the whiny losers.

  9. Woody.
    Point me to a pundit that rises to the level of an Erick Erickson that is broadcasting that they will not vote for anyone but Trump, or worse, vote for Hillary of Sanders in his stead.

    Also, are people forgetting Hillary’s negatives?
    Are you kidding?
    She invented the upside down polling.

  10. The Creed, sign me in!

    And add those that come here wish to become “Americans”. learn our language and respect our customs:

    “I will not vote third party for Trump.
    I would vote for Rubio or Cruz.

    I am anti-leftist first and foremost.
    I am anti-GOP apparatus second.

    I am anti-third party.
    I am more for taking over the existing party with common-sense capitalist ideas and getting the engine we’ve all seen in action revving again that made America the envy of the entire world.

    I want immigrants to come here wanting to participate in the capitalist American dream, not the socialist American dream.
    I am a workaholic.
    I want to be rewarded for the human energy I expel, and I want other people with money to exploit my energy.

    I loathe whiney leftist losers whose energy output is capped by the amount of whining they produce.

    Third party will usher in the whiny losers.”

  11. One thing that the 2012 election made very clear was how important voter turnout is. Polls, of people who may or may not actually show up to vote, don’t tell enough of the story. 0bama got surprising turnout in 2012 which the GOP did not expect. And Republican voters stayed home in far larger numbers than expected, which I think was because we somehow nominated the only GOP apologist for 0bamacare.

    i think Dems are going to stay home in droves. I worry that Trump will inspire right-leaners to stay home, but I think he may also get votes from the left. I think he will win, in fact I think he’ll win by a lot. But I’m still worried.

  12. I will vote for the Republican winner, no matter who, but in the coming SCOTUS nomination battle, one of our two Senators is not likely to cover himself in glory. This SCOTUS nomination has the potential to be a bigger disruptor than Trump.

  13. Voting for whoever gets the nomination. That said I am sooooooo happy it wont be Jeb! I dont think it will be Rubio. So I will be happy to vote for either Trump or Cruz

  14. If Trump is not the nominee because of dirty tricks, I’d vote for him as a third choice (there are more than two parties, of course). Trump, under the circumstances, would gather enough electors to force the selection to the House. Given enough Rinos have the majority, they’ll select the Repub nominee.
    If Trump fizzles out, then either Cruz or Rubio will get my vote. Crus, because he’s super smart constitutionalist, Rubio because his GOPe connections will allow the economy to get fired up. I don’t think either one of those two will do squat about immigration, Mexican or Muslim.

  15. As a registered member of the Constitution Party, I do not consider my conservative vote as ‘property’ of the Republican Party. I have not voted for a Republican candidate for President since 1988. That said, I would absolutely vote for Ted Cruz….I would absolutely NOT vote for Trump or Rubio.

    I realize this means Fur will level threats of violence against me, but thats okay. Everyone needs a good ass kicking every once in awhile. He just has to find me first!

  16. Fur nails it on third party.
    It’s not only throwing away your vote, but it’s a sure way to make sure the Republican loses. Just ask GHW Bush ala Ross Perot.

    Had Perot not run, Bush would have won, and Slick Willie never would have made it to the White House.

  17. We’ll be sorry of it’s a President Rubio, you can bet your ass. He’ll be the Paul “baked in the cake” Ryan/Mitch “We’re going to kick the Tea Party’s ass” McConnell running the executive branch.

    If Rubio is president, no doubt whatsoever the next SC nominee will place all 3 branches firmly in control of the Uniparty.

    You will see no halt to the moslim invasion, the “syrian refugees” will not be returned, no wall, no deportations, an expansion of H1-B visa program, higher & higher debt, trillions more in fairy dust money, more & more social safety nets to keep the natives from revolting, more appeasement, more persecution of Christians and traditional America beliefs and just about anything else that Tom Donahue wants.

    That being said, I’ll still vote for him. The slow drip death of the country that he’ll usher in might give me enough time to either die or get.

  18. I’m not a huge Trump fan, but if he’s the nominee, I’ll have a Trump sign in my front yard. Anybody but a damn democrat. Period.

  19. SSDD at IOTWR. There’s not going to be a third party run by anyone. I read Nate’s article this weekend — a fairly good analysis. Ceiling? I don’t think so. Only one poll out of Mass, but I think it points in the direction that Trump and some deep dive analysts have been recently talking about. Even a light bulb flashed in Rush’s mind the other day. Trump is going to pull into play states and large segments of states that Republicans have considered too blue to contemplate, like Michigan and NY.

    While Cruz and Rubio have been mauling each other over who is the “true conservative”, Trump — in his usual manner — has been picking the low hanging fruit in the middle who are just as fed up with D.C. as anyone else.

    I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now out of Mass (2/19-2/21):

    Trum:50 Rubio:16 Cruz:10 Kasich:13 Carson:2
    Trump +34

  20. Trump is my preferred candidate but I WILL VOTE FOR THE GOP NOMINEE, WHOEVER THAT MAY BE!

    The word “conservative” has been thrown around in so many different directions lately that it has lost all meaning to me, so I won’t say “I’m conservative”; I am anti-jihad and anti-invader (not the same as being “anti-immigrant”, BTW, my mom was a legal immigrant to the USA before she EARNED her American citizenship). Call it whatever you wanna call it, but I have been a registered republican for all of my voting life and I hate the GOP now nearly as much as I hate the DNC. Call it whatever you want, but I’m still voting for the Republican candidate for 2016 POTUS, whoever that may be, and even in the event of a “Donald as 3rd party” thing. I’m voting GOP whether I like the guy at the top of the ticket or not because the Democrats are openly hostile to everything I believe in and they are fundamentally dangerous to my family’s well being and the well being of my country.

  21. I love this site and all who post here, but IMHO:

    How can someone proclaim they will not ever vote third party and not abstain from voting but proclaim that they are angry at the GOP for disenfranchising them ??

    That’s like shouting to the kitchen that you’ll eat whatever they send out to you but whispering to the waitress that you never want to eat a shit sandwich again. (!)

    If you make enough “I’ll never vote ____” proclamations, you may as well donate generously to the GoPee, drop your pants and draw targeting arrows on your ass with lipstick.

    They could nominate Dole at their convention to demonstrate their contempt.

  22. MM, I strongly disagree. Whether it be Trump, Rubio, or Cruz, the candidate will no longer be a candidate. He will be the President of the United States of America. And he will have a legacy to live up to and also create. There is a lot of low hanging fruit out there with both a Senate and a House on your side of the aisle. And it will need to be done quickly with the media biting at your heals a la GW Bush.

    Do you really think that President Rubio will be Mitch McConnell’s Bitch? Forget about Obama, who you could replace with any one of these, but who do you think was in control day one in 2008: Valerie Jarrett or Nancy Pelosi? Joe Biden or Harry Reid? David Axelrod or Chuck Schumer? Eric Holder or John Roberts?

    Why do people think that Rubio or Cruz will still play the role of first term senator if elected? Don’t we already have an ongoing precedent set?

  23. Zilla, You said it.

    I don’t think in terms of “R” or “D” anymore. Maybe because I used to think I was a “D”, then did the homework to understand why I really wasn’t. Now I understand that there’s no difference at all between the crony capitalists on the left or the right. No difference between tax and spend between them. No difference between their policies affecting sovereignty, either. The only person who makes no bones of illegal immigration, anchor babies, deficit spending, trade deficits, debtor status and dealing with ISIS is Trump. Strange, isn’t it, that he’s also the only person coming from outside of the “R” and “D” camps who is also not taking a red cent from “sponsors”? He’s the only one who doesn’t have dollar signs in his eyes at the prospect of getting rich as a politician. He’s the only one who has any real wealth to lose if he fails. The rest will only be losing OPM — Other People’s Money.

  24. In 1992 I had a co-worker and good friend that I could not convince not to vote for Perot. “It’s a vote against the lying in establishment Washington!”, he would say. We loved to talk politics until after election day that year. Whenever he would bring up Clinton, I would simply say, “it’s your fault”. And it was his fault, right through Lewinski and all the awful foreign policy and lying weasel misery.

  25. Abigail, really? “Strange, isn’t it, that he’s also the only person coming from outside of the “R” and “D” camps who is also not taking a red cent from “sponsors?”

    He has lived a lifetime of BEING A SPONSOR! You people really confuse me!

  26. Meerkat — Sorry, friend, but you are confused for the wrong reason. Big, obvious difference between supporting pols for what they can do for your business interests versus not allowing those same sponsors direct (purchase) the policies of your candidacy. Trump frequently states that he has given a lot of money to all political persuasions — that’s because he knows that is an effective way to grease the skids. He says it all the time because he knows how corrupt and corruptible the current system is. That is why he is self-funding, because he does not want to be the pol that has been bought off. If you don’t see the difference, it’s because you don’t want to see the difference. It undermines the “man of the people” narrative the other candidates claim, because they are taking most if not all of their campaign dollars from people who want an, often, specific return on their investments. See: Robert Mercer and Tony Neugbauer Keep The Promise PACs for Ted Cruz, for example.

    Don’t mean to insult or embarrass you, but your dissembling on this point is inelegant and fooling no one.

  27. Regarding this Trump “ceiling” – why wasn’t this brought up about Romney 2012?

    The “pundits” say that Trump can’t get above 35% but fail to say that Romney only got 25% in Iowa in a 7 person race to Trump’s 24% in a 12 person race, 28% in New Hampshire in a 6 person race to Trump’s 39% in a 9 way race and Romney got 28% in a 4 way SC race vs Trump’s 33% in a 6 person race.

    Nate didn’t do such a great job predicting the NH and SC as I recall.

  28. Meerkat – are you aware that the “evil conservative Koch Brothers” (Harry Reid’s words, not mine) have donated to dozens of democrats, too?

    It’s what you have to do when your business operates in a democrat controlled area.

  29. pageoturner — Thanks for this comparison. Trump’s win in SC, though, was a solid 10% over second place, at 35% wasn’t it?

  30. BB — I made it through 1:09. Gaah! Hipster boy was talking in that feminsta croaky voice (I used to think only 20-something wymen did that).

    Point taken. You forgot to include Levin’s Conservative Review and EE’s Resurgent. There are too many anti-Trump sites to count. Best way is to start at BadBlue — I strongly suspect them as well.

    And did you watch the compilation of Sunday shows at CTH? Too bad Trump couldn’t have arranged a Skype with all of them at once — All the same questions and in the same order!

    And speaking of CTH, I think it’s about time someone gave them its due. How can anyone blame Sundance and his commenters for going full-tilt Trump when they are about the only (maybe THE only) blog on the internet that is? Besides, at least his stuff isn’t a bunch of holographic crap that is picked up and recycled as is the case with the ones mentioned, above.

    No matter, no matter. They just don’t realize the best way to alienate and grow stronger Trump support is to keep bleating away.

  31. AA, I occasionally visit the Tree House. I tend to avoid places that are totally in the bag for one candidate or another. I’ve reached the conclusion though the Tree House is right on the money. What’s going on here is an organized character assassination. You can read almost verbatim on any of the other sites mentioned what Fag Boy was saying. So the Left and the GOP have joined forces against Trump. That’s enough right there to make me vote for him.

  32. BB — Two things:

    1) It’s only ever been about the money in politics. Who gets it, who leverages it, who profits by it. I shake my head in disbelief that anyone doesn’t understand that, internalize it or take such a simple axiomatic truth to heart.

    2) Your last sentence, “That’s enough right there to make me vote for him.” It is the very reason I am voting for him. Those who will vote for any other candidate who has a super PAC or is in any way, shape or form connected to the “R” and “D” camps are deluded to think anything will change in the running of this government. Period.

  33. I don’t believe I’m mistaken Meerkat about Rubio. He is the most dishonest pol in may lifetime that is running for president.

    I heard him promise Levin and everyone listening that he would not support amnesty. He went from 3% to getting elected because chumps like me believed him and sent him money. The first thing he did was join the Gang go Eight-THE FIRST THING!

    Most recently he told us English speakers that he would repeal Obama’s EOs and the very same day turned around and in Spanish said he wouldn’t.

    You are sadly mistaken if you think he won’t push for open borders right along with Ryan and McConnell. Rubio has two huge open borders for donors. You think he’s going to blow them off?

    His own man? HAHAHAHA Give me a fucking break. Couple his lying with his support from the GOPe and the CofC and you have the makings of a lock, stock repeat of the way conservatives have been treated after 2010 and 2012. I guarantee you there will be no repeal of any of Obama’s immigration EOs, there will be no wall and the “syrian refugees” are here to stay with millions more a coming.

    On top of his lying, what in world gives you the impression from him that he is in any way qualified to run the executive branch? He’s not, not even close and bet your last donut there’s gonna be a ValJar in the wings for him with his hand up Rubio’s ass working his lips.

  34. AA, not embarrassed in the least. You should go back and reread your comment, you agree with Donald Trump for actively, knowingly, and strategically contributing and acting in political corruption.


    You still confuse me!

  35. AA,
    My attraction to Trump is not what’s been coined the “FU” vote. In my opinion he’s the ONLY guy for the job. We need a huge reset in this country and he’s the only guy running that can get that done. Actually maybe the only guy in the country that can get it done. In order for our kids and grand kids to enjoy the same prosperity we use to have those trade deals need to be fixed. We need the immigration problem dealt with. Don’t think those trade deals don’t eventually have a harmful effect on everyone’s potential to earn. They do.

    There was a debate on Gretta the other night and a Navy Seal just nailed it. He said he’s voting Trump because Trump knows how to assemble a winning team, identify the objective, and execute. That’s what we need.

  36. {HEAD DESK}

    Are we gonna have this infighting all the way to the RNC Convention?

    Hillary is doing her witch cackle and rubbing her hands together watching the opposition fight amongst themselves.

    There is no opposition to Hillary within the party, the superdelegate scam renders Bernie moot, after the nomination it’s all up to the democrat vote fraud machine.

    Only the Right Wing specializes in the circular firing squad.

    “I’ll never vote for X!” “I’ll never vote for Y!”

    Enjoy your principles in the bread line, sucker.

  37. BB — Thanks for bringing this important aspect up. I guess I assumed I’d made those points clear at other times, too. The guy is a walking problem solver if I’ve ever seen one. And I’ve seen a few. It’s why he doesn’t even take the time to finish his sentences. I am so jazzed about that level of competence at the head of our government, it’s the first time I’ve ever looked forward to pulling the lever with no hesitations, no reservations, no dark clouds.

    We had dinner last night with friends who have been decimated by the economics of the last 8 years. The gentleman had a great business, everything went south, they are underwater on their house, he is incredibly qualified to run a medium-sized company or the division of a large company and he can’t find work. I have been basically in the same position for the same amount of time — picking up lesser paying jobs here and there. We’ve both got kids in college (juniors), we all have smarts, talent, ambition and incredible work ethic. For the first time in what seems like a lifetime we talked with them about “plans” for our financial futures like back in the salad days! We’re inspired at the prospect of having a president who gets us, who knows starting and running a business hangs on how much we get to keep at the end of the day; how dejected and deflated we all are at the prospect of punishing regulations and taxes, and how we’ve all but thrown in the towel, trying to figure out just how to keep ahold of what is left of our lifetime of hard work. The thought that our best income earning years were gutted by the evils of this corrupt, indifferent government makes us so angry. It was theft, straight up.

    But now we’re beginning to see a light at the end of this miserable tunnel and it feels wonderful. We know it will take time to implement some of the changes Trump proposes, but he assures that it won’t take long and I believe him, not because I believe in tooth fairies, but because I’ve seen what he can do. I see the optimism of his own kids in their work, I see how he’s raised them and how he empowers those around him to strive. No one can say that about any other candidate.

  38. AA,
    Everyone in the manufacturing world is sucking wind financially and have had to re invent them selves to survive. Including us. There’s a lot of anger. I don’t personally know anybody not voting for Trump and excited to do so.
    I’ve quoted these numbers before but I’m not sure the average Joe gets it. At the peak of the Reagan economy manufacturing was about 25% of GDP. It’s currently less than 8% of GDP. Adding value to product IS where the economy starts.They use to teach that. No more.

  39. BB — I’m surprised GDP is even that high. Food processing is now taking a big hit as it heads south to Mexico, leaving a skeleton crew of functionaries of the back office here in the states. I don’t know how that is going to work if foreign-located U.S. companies will be hit with trade tariffs. Never thought about paying an import duty on Oreos. And what about FDA regulations on this stuff? We don’t eat a lot of produce from outside the U.S. because of this, now.

  40. Kind of make you wonder about the Agenda 21 implementation doesn’t it. The local Farmers Markets are a big hit with us.
    That 8% figure is probably 6 months old. In Northern Cali it’s about 3%. And it use to be huge.
    The Bay Area economy is all 22 year old app writers for cell phones. Great. That economy is dependent on texting 12 year old girls.What could go wrong?

  41. BB — Tell me. Seattle is growing increasingly communist by the hour — the collective motto is “We’ve never met a tax we didn’t like.” All those 22 yo’s don’t mind being cooped up all day at Google, then going home on their bikes about 4 blocks away to their Belltown lofts and ordering take-out delivered by third world illegals. I don’t know what they are spending their money on, but it’s not real estate, real houses and their real contents, and it’s not really trickling down to anyone but the Uber drivers, pot stores and cheap Chinese merchandise on the internet. Cripes! Sounds like I just described any big city in India.

    Are you guys still working on the state of Jefferson? Let me know so I can get our house on the market.

  42. I vote Klingon.
    My Enemies the Progressives vote Democrat.
    I will vote for Barney Rubble if it denies Hilary and her ilk the White House

  43. So the choice is:

    Bolshevik or Menshevik.
    Quick collapse or Slow collapse.
    Collectivization or New Economic Policy.
    Starvation or Gas Chambers.
    Totalitarian Statism or izlamic totalitarianism.

    Gee … sign me up.

  44. Bad_Brad – “Adding value to product IS where the economy starts. They use to teach that. No more.”
    That and harvesting natural resources like wood, oil, precious metals, etc. then creating finished products.
    I AM getting old, dammit!

  45. AA,
    Yes, the appeal for Jefferson has been filed. From what I’ve read they’ve made a pretty compelling case. However th big deal has always been we have all the water.
    Our county is so conservative our Sheriff has taken away all the Law Enforcement authority from the Forestry Department. LOL

  46. I was intrigued by another poster’s claim that said 40% (‘4 out of 10’) of Trump voters in the exit polls in SC said they would not support another candidate ……sooooooo

    I went & looked at the actual question posed by the pollsters. it stated, “who would you be satisfied with as the nominee: ‘only my candidate’, or ‘more than one candidate’?” 49% of Trump voters said ‘only my candidate’ & 28% said ‘more than one candidate’.

    now, you may conclude, as the original poster did, that this meant Trump supporters would only support Trump ….. but that is not what the question asked. The question asked if you would be ‘satisfied’ if someone else was the candidate. The Oxford Dictonary defines ‘satisfied’ as ‘pleased’ not ‘I’m taking my ball & going home’. that’s a far cry from saying the Trump voters saying they will not support any other candidate.

    another thought ….. 28% of Trump voters said they would be ‘satisfied’ if someone else was the nominee …..only 23% of Cruz voters said they would be ‘satisfied’ if someone else was the nominee

    link to poll … … for inquiring minds

  47. …& as far as ‘third party’ is concerned, I seriously doubt that there is enough time to get on all 50 state ballots in time for the election

    heck …. even the Green Party is only on the ballot in 21 states & DC

  48. I have frequently voted for third party candidates. This time, however, the stakes are too high not to vote Republican. After eight years of Bawwy and the possibility of a whiny, overentitled leftist brat like Hillary being elected, I just couldn’t go the third party route this year.

  49. I’m getting so tired of trying to mollify certain people here. I have said that I will vote for the Republican Nominee many times. Stop asking this question.

    You aren’t going to change anyone’s mind that have already declared they won’t – especially with your attempt to shame or berate them.

  50. AA, I don’t need your help. You need help. Take off the goggles. You said that Trump is fine donating to democrats, but republican special interests disqualify Cruz? Really? What are those HAZY special interests? Are there any? No!

    We already know that Trump has donated to Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Dinkins, Schumer, DeBlasio, etc… Oh, but he was “just greasing the skids” (your words). But in other words, he is corrupt. But CRUZ ACCEPTING DONATIONS FROM CONSERVATIVES, NO! NO! NO!

    Accepting political donations from conservative PACs is a good thing, deary! You still confuse me. You really need to re-think your position, Abigail.

  51. First, anyone who stays home and doesn’t vote for the Republican nominee, or votes for the Democratic nominee, because their candidate didn’t get the (R) nomination, is in my opinion a traitor to his nation. Human debris that need a baseball bat to the head.

    Second, I don`t buy the polls that say Hilliary could beat any (R) nominee. If they say Rubio can beat her, it means they want Rubio, because they feel he is the weakest. Remember who the scum are than control the media, They aren’t on our side.

    When was the last time you saw a Trump size crowd greeting Hilliary? You didn’t, and if you did, it is because they bussed in folks. The dem primary participation is down, and I expect the general will be the same. The scrunt is unelectable.

  52. “I don`t buy the polls that say Hilliary could beat any (R) nominee”

    Democrat voter turn out is at or near an all time low right now. So I’m thinking the polls are stupid.

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