Murder Charges for mother who drops baby on head in order to free-up her hands for street brawl

This story is horrible. To compound this disgusting act, the mother lied and conspired with a family friend in order to weasel out of what she did.

Metro- video

A mother has been charged with murder after allegedly dropping her baby son and killing him during a fight outside a beauty store. Karen Lashun Harrison, 26, was allegedly seen squaring up to the other woman while toting her infant in the parking lot of Thomas Beauty Supply in Moultrie, Georgia, on July 19.

Disturbing surveillance camera footage shows baby fly to the ground as the two women fight, with the brawl continuing even as he lies on the hard surface. A bystander swoops in to pick up the infant moments later. The fight broke up, with both women returning home, WTXL reported.

Police allege Harrison took her baby to the hospital the next day, claiming he’d fallen at home. The infant, who has not been named, died shortly afterwards.

Officers quickly established that her story was untrue, it is claimed, but were stunned when they discovered how the baby was fatally injured. Lieutenant Freddie Williams from Moultrie Police Department said: ‘This is very disturbing, that two adults would fight in public place. ‘Especially while holding a three month old child in her arms.


One can only imagine what this very important dispute was about. And what about the one who swung her pocketbook at the mother holding a baby?

She should get some charges leveled at her, as well.

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  1. When blacks complain that the short life expectancy of their race is the result of systemic racism, this woman and others like her is the real reason.

  2. This is a horrible story. I don’t want to take anything away from the tragedy of what happened to that poor baby.

    The obvious ‘however’ is that there MUST be consequences for actions like this. Whatever the dispute, it was the value … I mean NON-value … on human life that these women displayed when they put their dispute over the welfare of a child. That is criminal as well as morally incomprehensible.

    I, again, refer to God’s word about what happens to people when they reject him: Romans 1:28 “Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.”

  3. To add sad onto sad; what she did does not even come
    as a surprise in our culture of narcissism and death.

  4. The Afro-American population in the city I live near is the majority. When I go there, I limit my time, remain hyper aware of my surroundings and conceal carry. Many in that group are great people, but way too many are no more than vicious, feral predators who are waiting for an opportunity to strike at a perceived victim. If I make eye contact with them, it’s only to project an air of confidence so that they will know that I will not be an easy target. I would never get involved in a dispute between them as both would immediately turn on me. Too many of them have the propensity to switch into ‘Travis the Chimp’ mode at the slightest provocation. I carry a large caliber pistol with special ammo that would stop King Kong on crack. I pray I never have to use it, but I’m more important to me than they are.

  5. I am positive she has 10 other chillings at home with 9 different baby daddies of which 7 are locked up in jail…..but let’s talk about TRUMP ok?

  6. Somewhere in the IOTWR archives is a video of a similar incident where a mother just drops her infant from her shoulder onto the cement head first so she could take a swing at another woman. We never found out the fate of the infant.

    I hate to generalize, but experience has shown me that many black women has serious anger issues.

  7. If obama was a mother….

    Altough, he’s too much of a pussy to fight.

    Anyway, one less obama son to put in prison.

  8. Wait for it. Caring for a 3 month old baby impacts the mother’s health. Late term abortions up to 2 years of age are a women’s right.

    I agree that she will likely walk away without penalty.

  9. @ Gladys
    Not sure if it works like that?
    Children are under the parents covering in the Bible, so if the parent or parents don’t know Jesus no covering. Not Gods choice it’s the parents choice.
    I know people won’t like that but read for yourself and believe what you want.

  10. Notice these brawls are often outside of beauty supply stores? Those weaves and extensions ain’t cheap….well not as cheap as the value of her baby’s life. Her attitude is likely, so what, I can always have mo babies.

    Hair extensions, fake nails, gold grills and weed. That’s what is important to these babies having babies.
    Marrying the father of your children, raising them intact family unit with an emphasis on education and self respect is not even on their radar.

  11. In her defense she was smashed in the face with a big pocketbook first. That had to knock the snot out of her and the reply was instinctive.

    No excuse for the animalistic behavior tho.

  12. Watched twice. Baby dropped, then stepped on. Bystander picks up child, then child disappears again.
    The first attacker hits the mother while she’s holding a baby, she is culpable,too..
    This is just too sad for more words.

  13. As seen in and outside of any beauty supply store in America.
    They all have security guards and signs that say, “No bags allowed in stores- CASH ONLY”. lol
    it’s probably dangerous to shop online, too. 😀

    God bless that poor baby. He didn’t deserve any of this.

  14. Thomas Beauty Supply, hummm, seems we have recently seen some of this behavior, by a Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas.
    Coincidence? I think not.

  15. The other woman swung first. All she had to do was say the baby was knocked out of her arms by her attackers, which may actually be the case, since the video does not clearly show how the kid wound up on the ground. There was no need to fabricate a cover story. IMHO the worst thing she did was wait until the next day to seek treatment for the baby. That’s child endangerment right there.

  16. Should have been sterilized at first pregnancy if she went on welfare or the public paid for her abortion.

  17. This is why some southern slave owners got such a bad rap. I mean, how would you manage behavior like that?

  18. Not only does the black community tend to largely participate in criminal behavior, there is also
    denial mental illness and spiritual corruption are also factors in such heinois behavior.

    No mother in her right mind would endanger their child let alone have absolutely no concern for their child’s life. A woman who chooses to drop and stomp a child she carried for 9 months, then giving birth is psychotic and demonic. God help such a sick, heartless, evil individual.

  19. 25 Years for “mom” and I use the term solely to identify the primary person responsible.

    5 years for the other “female” degenerate who wanted to fight.

    Watch a Tommy Sotomayor video if he hasn’t been banned from You tube. This is a very common type incident esp. when buying weaves.


  20. Black Lives Matter!!!!

    (except when they don’t… “But shut up, you! We decide when it does! Racist!”)

  21. Life has no meaning in the ‘hood.

    WHITE FLIGHT happens because white people value life, their own!


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