Murdering Babies for Profit?

Will We Let a Fraudulent Alibi Justify Murdering Even More Babies for Profit?
When he died at 101 years old, David Rockefeller held the world record — and still does — for having more heart transplants — seven — than any other human being who has ever existed.

If he could, he might tell us the market for body parts is big business.

But then … some people at places like Planned Parenthood already know it.

In 2015, one PP executive was even videotaped joking about selling baby organs to get a Lamborghini.

But was she really joking?


6 Comments on Murdering Babies for Profit?

  1. If money was no object I would become the modern day financier of modern day John Browns.

    I mean, I personally would not choose to pull the trigger on these degenerates but who am I to cast morale judgement on those that would?

  2. It’s all about the money or connecrions to it.

    Thats why bums enter politics.- where else can they make money?

  3. It’s a huge business because there are plenty of people with deep pockets, and these people are egotistical enough to think they should live forever, and they think they can if they just had another heart, or liver, or kidney, or….whatever. Next, these people will pay big bucks to generate their own mini-me bodies to use for spare parts. That avoids the matching and rejection problems from donors. That’s where transhumanism is going.

  4. There was once a story written about a wealthy man luring a man to his island so as to obtain his heart. Being able to get seven hearts for transplanting seems highly suspicious. I have read of needy persons selling their kidneys to get money. Body parts selling is illegal in the US, but organ donating is legal, providing the donor is allegedly dying. The truth is the organ has to come from the donor while he is still alive, so there could be a tendency to operate to extract too soon. Best not to have “organ donor” be on a driver’s license. BUT selling baby body parts is NOT illegal. Human adult body parts actually have value, whether donated or acquired by forced criminal means,such as taken from prisoners. This could be actually happening.
    How Much Are You Worth On The Black Market?
    July 11, 2018 at 9:08 pm by Sheeraz Raza


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