MU’s Road to Hell… – IOTW Report

MU’s Road to Hell…

…was paved with multicultural good intentions.

Jack Cashill weighs in on the University of Missouri fiasco and provides some valuable context on how a few scattered and possibly apocryphal incidents lead to a near campus shut down.


Cashill demonstrates the reverberating effect of leftist state government, media and education that turns a mere whisper of racism into a full blown outrage. 


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  1. The fiasco at Mizzou should be educational, because it is going to be repeated at as many campuses as can be arranged in the very near future. This was an enormous victory for the extreme far left black activists.

    What I hear is a national effort by these people to target all of the Greek fraternities and sororities in this Country because they all represent the pillar of White Privilege.

    Plan on seeing them in a college near you very soon.

  2. Woman on a talk show said her daughter left Mizzou and came home because she’s in a sorority and felt she’s in danger because of the “chatter” on social media.

  3. Personally, I am enjoying the show. We are getting a glimpse of how a progtard world works. I say step back and let them eat themselves!

    Let the colleges prove that their Utopian world cannot exist in reality before they become our new SCOTUS.

  4. I think this shit has to help the conservative cause.
    It will be time to CALL THE MAN!

    On another note, we should advertise to college kids that is a ‘Safe-Space’.

    Hehehehehe! 🙂

  5. It looks like Mao’s Cultural Revolution on the local level. States have to get control of their campuses or refund tax payers for the expense.

  6. These little kids think they are mature enough to decide what can be said, who can say it, who can be where, at what time. Who can think what, and who can be destroyed for disagreeing
    Fine. You’re ‘adults’ you can manage things on your own.
    All colleges should adopt the Japanese method.
    Students should take over.
    Take over the maintenance and landscaping of the Campus.
    Help bring the costs down by volunteering your energy and expertise in helping the College become more efficient, cost effective, and a true modern College Community you say you aspire to.
    You have time to protest, you have time to paint.

    These Ladies Blouses NEED a Village. In fact they cannot operate without one. These little snowflakes could not accomplish jack shit alone. Alone they are as worthless as they appear.
    If these moral sissies were around in WWII we would have lost.

  7. Tribute to the Poop swastika. Finishing something I saw over at Aceofspades

    Hello feces my old friend
    I’ve come to work with you again
    Cause a hoax that I will commit
    Came to mind as I took a shit
    And a movement that was started
    In my bowels .. still befouls
    Became the sign of racists

    At 2 AM I pinched alone
    Pass a stool upon the throne
    Neath the glare of a bathroom light
    I made a symbol that truly did indict
    As my nose was stabbed by the stench
    Of a fecal cross; it made me toss
    And showed the sign of racists

    And in the morning light I saw
    Ten thousand students maybe more
    Children shouting but not thinking
    Students talking but not listening
    People stating facts that simply didnt square
    No one dared
    Disturb the hoax of “Racists”

    Fools said I you do not know
    PC like a cancer grows
    Use my hoax so it might teach you
    Go apeshit and it might impeach you
    But my words, like silent shit stains fell
    And echoed in the yells of “Racist.”

    And the students bowed and prayed
    To the fecal cross I made
    And the Pres flashed out his warning
    To the lynch mob that he was forming
    And the pres said the sign of the racists
    Was encrusted on the dorm room walls
    And bathroom stalls
    Attesting to the signs of “Racists”

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