Music To My Ears

It seems at the recent campaign rally held by the president in North Carolina, a group of teens got together to musically express their feelings towards a cable news network. Here

I’m not sure if this recording was done by the same young men, but it sounds better on YouTube. Here

7 Comments on Music To My Ears

  1. I’ve been through diamonds, I’ve been through ducks…. all I can say is cnn sux!
    with apologies to J. Geils Band……

  2. Hard to believe, CNN was the voice of news in the “80s”, now the voice of the democratic party.

  3. ALREADY removed from Screwtube. 😡

    I guess da’ democraps sent Frankie, Tic-Tac, & Three Fingers Vinnie over, to reminds ’em that life is short & precarious, when youse threatens da’ democrap cheerleaders! 😳


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