Musing on Olympics, Writer Asks “Why Isn’t Blades of Glory a Reality?”

You know you cannot parody the libs, right?


A sports writer for USA Today says it is time for the Olympics to allow gay couples to compete as pairs in Olympics figure skating competitions.

For the paper, writer Martin Rogers

wondered why same-sex figure skating pairs should still only be the stuff of comedy movies and not a real, Olympics category.


I guess it would be a step towards honesty. Who buys that these male skaters are into their female partners when they do these romantic sessions?

21 Comments on Musing on Olympics, Writer Asks “Why Isn’t Blades of Glory a Reality?”

  1. They tried naked figure skating, but when the Gals did certain moves, every dog in the world started to howl….

  2. Yeah, okay. Sure. I love comedies.
    Oh, and nothing stops gheys from dancing by themselves or together as a conga line- we already have that on broadway, don’t we? lol

  3. By the way, the reason why the olympics pair male and female is because
    1. It’s natural.
    2. It’s to show the male-female working together as a team and how the TWO opposite sexes compliment each other.

  4. Only if the compete as husband and wife. The libs will eventually destroy Western Civilization. Due to political correctness, nobody will object. I just heard from Dr. Sebastian Gorka on FOX, that the Army was aware that Major Hussan, of Fort Hood infamy, was a dangerous man, but they, the Army, FBI, etc. did not push it because “it may have damaged his career.” Areyoufuckingkiddingme?

  5. I’m so GLADD that this year the Olympians from the US are all gay.
    It’s about time the rest of the world sees that the US is almost all gay people.
    It’s too bad we aren’t winning many medals.
    Maybe it’s time all Olypians are gay, just to make it fair to the US.

  6. It isn’t all about romantic partners, dumbass; some of the pairs are brother and sister.

    Liberals: sexualizing everything.

  7. That would be Major Nidel Milek Hasan, Army psychiatrist who killed 13 and wounded 30 at Fort Hood. But the brass didn’t want “to ruin his career,” by looking into his conduct. Are we ever in trouble my fellow Americans?

  8. Judging by what I’ve seen in past Olympics, I thought that they already had.
    Caveat: I haven’t watched a minutes worth of the Olympics this year.

  9. Nobodies caught on yet. There are no metal ceremonies broadcast in the US. I’m guessing pride in America is now a terrible thing.

  10. For starters, allowing MM skating pairs would be grossly unfair to MF or FF skating pairs because they could do unique tricks like side by side triple axels. Ain’t no female pairs skaters doing triple axels.

  11. Well, let’s take a look at the Neilson ratings for the current Olympics and ask NBC if they think it’s a good idea.

  12. Gay Olympics will be here soon. Some anticipated events-
    1. Bi-Biathlon
    2. Ski Humping
    3. Guys Figure Skating
    4. Giant Sodom (giant slalom)
    5. Down Hole Skiing
    6. 2 man Luge (already an event and incredibly gay)
    7. Kneel and Bob Sledding
    8. Olympic Butt-F*cking (thanks for the laugh anonymous)


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