Muslim Hospital Worker in Ohio Calls for Beheading of US Soldiers

FreedomOutpost: While the Obama administration’s unconstitutional Attorney General Loretta Lynch is making threats against those who speak truth to power regarding Islam and jihad, in a similar manner to federal attorney Bill Killian, one Ohio Muslim is finding out the hard way that promoting jihad, especially against American soldiers, is a sure way to get your behind handed to you on a platter.  more here

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  1. Not surprising because every major city in Ohio has radicalized terror units/mosques.
    In looking up info on this ass wipe I can’t any source that says what hospital he was employed by. There are images of him in scrubs and a mask in what appears to be an OR.

    Also can’t find which terror club mosque he attended.
    He posts a list of 100 service members, names, addresses, pictures. Where did he get this information? No mention on that.
    I’ll be following this story.

    Sometimes I shop in Akron suburbs, Fairlawn and Montrose, but not so much any more. I see to many characters in black Glad bags. 3 times recently at Aldi’s I didn’t get out of the car and left. There were walking trash bags going in the store and I couldn’t tell if they were female or male. Makes no difference as all are deadly.

    September 11th a Pisslamist doctor at the Cleveland Clinic was dancing and celebrating the attacks. His coworkers reported him. He lied and said he didn’t do it except at the main campus of the Clinic there are many everywhere. He was caught on camera dancing, singing, praising his devil god and fired. He was not deported back to his Paki shithole.

  2. Now, since we haven’t heard too much of these types of incidents in the DeMSM (seriously, it’s been crickets out there), let’s play a little thought game experiment:
    Let’s swap identities.
    Instead of a muzzie quoting the Quran to incite fellow muzzies to riot and kill the infidel – – – –
    Make “him” a devout church-going-three-or-more-times-a-week MORMON, quoting from the Book of Mormon, to incite his fellow Mormons to riot and kill – – (wait for it. . . . ) muzzies!!
    How loud do you think the DeMSM presstitutes would scream this news all over the media, and the Left Coast Libtards would call for ALL Mormons to be rounded up, interred, their property, lands, and churches seized by the state, and (probably) thrown out of the country? All without due process of law?

    The Left Coast Libtards should be careful what they wish for. . . . they may get it. . . and The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences will arrive.

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