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  1. Time for the villagers, pitchforks and torches.

  2. I read about this at Jihad Watch earlier- very disgusting what the city council said and the very very slow response by e police- he high five by the father to his 13 year old son really pied me off. curse and piss be on them all. šŸ™

  3. There’s going to be blowback-bloody blowback.

    Boise and Twin Falls are being seeded with “syrian refugees” And the results are identical to what’s happening up the road from me in Amarillo.

    If theres one thing I’m going to hold Trump to, without any concession or doublespeak, is that “they’re going back”

    I know I would go white hot if that happened to someone I know-I’m fucking mad enough now-a scumbag, inbred moslim is going to rape a developmentally challenged young girl & live?

  4. That was such a nice city before 0bama sent his brothers in jihad there. It looks like the people are going to have to handle this themselves. The traitors are in control.

  5. Be careful people. The Uniparty wants to take away the constitutional rights of people who discuss violent solutions to problems on the internet.
    Both Punch and Judy are on board, so just like the perverts in bathroom laws, this is something that is going to happen.

  6. The lady gets up to address council about the refugee issue and she is accused by one jackoff of being in a supremacy group for the preservation of the white race. Just… wow. The same jackoff later on states the Orlando shooter was an American citizen when someone brings up profiling and relates all Americans to descendants of refugees and uses his personal family as an example. The difference, you prick, is assimilation.

    I recommend watching the citizens address council for the first 30 minutes of video. The whole council needs to be thrown out and replaced. Concerned upstanding citizens be damned, they better start voting with their feet, and fast.

  7. JohnS you mean, The Uniparty wants to take away the constitutional rights of Conservatives who discuss violent solutions to problems on the internet.
    Everybody else gets a pass.
    Especially terrorists.

  8. Have never researched this shit, but are those ‘religious’ groups REALLY the ones that are doing the damage for the millions in money they make ?
    Or is it just another money laundering operation that ultimately smears most religious groups by defining their traitorous efforts as compassion ?
    Whip up the hatred for all Christians, Cs & Ps, etc.
    A real Demoncrunt two-fer-one.

  9. the first instance of “blowback” against the illegal invaders will be dealt with harshly by the state.

    those that
    “remember the Alamo”
    “remember ruby ridge”

  10. BFH, I am trying to up vote several comments here, and I am getting the notice that I have already done so when I certainly have not. I also noticed it on another article, but couldn’t remember whether I had clicked or not. Glitch or Gummint, I dunno.

    This article, as sickening, disgusting, and infuriating as it is, is a sign of what is coming for every state. The “resettlement” business involves BIG money, big payoffs, these people have sold their own souls, and will sell the souls of every American to keep their gravy trains of savage “refugees” rolling into every state. My state of Alabama is being threatened with 2,000 of these predictable creatures of heinous habits. I don’t believe it will go over so well here.

  11. I’m a little suspicious about this one. Even if the school had called the parents and not the police, certainly the victim’s parents would have gotten the police involved and there would be a police report, ongoing investigation etc.

    Without that it does make the incident, while plausible, look suspicious.

  12. Slopes calls this story mostly false….they are still carrying Obama’water I see……

  13. Snopes… fucking auto correct

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