Muslim migrants being trained as prison guards

Pamela Geller:

Does Europe have a death wish? Has the all-but-destroyed Sweden lost its mind?

Across the West, prisons have become hotbeds of jihad terror activity. This is not new. A few years back, one prisoner in the US wrote to me and said while priests and rabbis made obligatory weekly visits to the prisons — merely as a matter of form — imams  were aggressive,  coming numerous times a week. They worked feverishly to convert inmates, engaging in all sorts of extracurricular activities and making sure that Muslim prisoners got special accommodations and perks. The writer told me the most violent and broken of the prisoners were easy prey. Prisoners would convert, at first, for the special privileges and the protections that Islam in the prisons provided them. But the lure of an ideology that gave their violence and hatred the imprimatur of  religious sanction was powerfully seductive. Many of those converts would wage violent jihad upon release.


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  1. Liberal do-gooders are absolutely out of their minds. Next, they will give them guns and badges and make them honorary policemen. That will make everyone involved feel better about themselves.

  2. That muslims troll the down and out in prisons isn’t news. Muzzies require their base to be the dregs of the earth. That’s how they work.

    Enjoy your 72 vegans, dumbasses.

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