Muslim migrants living in Buchenwald memorial site

From Pamela Geller: This is sickening. Those barracks are a memorial — the memory of the dead is sacred. Hallowed ground. It’s like the Ground Zero mosque.

Why don’t they house them at the Louvre?

Adherents to a viciously anti-Semitic ideology housed at Buchenwald. It makes your skin crawl.

The burden on the average German is enormous. Here is but one missive I have received from a German reader:

Here in Germany it is out of control. The government invites and welcomes the muslim refugees. But the most are not real refugees. It is a muslim invasion and nobody says “stop”. The media in Germany and the official political side speaks about a big chance for Germany, everybody who dares to give only a little bit of critic and everyone who asks about future costs or risks or even a change of the society is called a racist, inhuman, and a Nazi. It is nearly not possible anymore to criticize this policy, the media works like inquisition. But many people (I am sure it is the majority!) has a completely opposite opinion. They asked (but nobody tells in television, no newspaper prints it) what will happen. How will the society change? Why nobody controls the invasion? How many terrorists or possible terrorists are already coming in? Who will pay this mess? the rest is here

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  1. LOL! The chinks in the programs on how to deal with undesirable minorities were worked out a long time ago, over many centuries, by the Germans. It just a matter of time.

    I never noticed much love for the Turk guest workers when I lived there in the Mid-80s.

  2. It’s easier to keep em out than it is to expel them.

    Europe is fucked.

    America is fucked.

    Hell, civilization is fucked. We’re descending into a Dark Age with the advice and consent of our “leaders” whether in Europe or America. It’s gonna be a hard row to hoe.

  3. Whenever there is a church that becomes defunct, the muslims buy the property and then create a mosque. After a few years, they say that it was never a house of Christian worship there… it was always a mosque.

    At Buchenwald, they will eventually say that there were never any mass killings of Jews there. Disappeared down the memory hole, just like General Eisenhower predicted.

  4. Actually, it’s a good idea. Electrify the wire. Add concertina. Add armed Guards. Feed em 1 strip of bacon and a cup of gin a day. Anyone who complains is executed, on the spot, by being sewn into a pigskin and hanged, then dumped into a pit of pig offal.

    After a year or two, invite them to go home.

  5. God has a longstanding debt to settle with Europe and with Germany in particular and is using the Muslims to do it.

    I find it interesting that the most prosperous of the European nations is the most adament about its societal suicide–the financial, politcial and societal dominos are going to fall fast and hard.

  6. The elites that control our government (both parties) also control the governments of western Europe. This crisis was created to help destroy the nationalism of countries to further the cause of one world government. The end game of course is power, not only economic control through fascism but also thought control through both political correctness and sharia. The same game is being played out in our country with Mexican immigrants as well as islamists. If you don’t realize this already you need to get your head out of your ass. Now, what to do about it? Lose your fear and stop complying.

  7. RG, I see that debt as about 60 years or more in coming due to all the Nazi killings. Most people won’t see it this way, but the Lord does not forget.

    But for heaven’s sake, to put them in Buchenwald? That is very sacred just like Auschwitz.

  8. I am generally not uber religious but all I see in this world is pure evil. Prob since we have forsaken Him, God has forsaken us.


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