Muslim Trash Pledged Allegiance To ISIS — Knee Takers Nod With Understanding


35 Comments on Muslim Trash Pledged Allegiance To ISIS — Knee Takers Nod With Understanding

  1. Levin’s on Hannity right now & said this scumbag came in under the ‘Diversity Visa’ program that picks 50,000 people from ‘underrepresented’ countries in a lottery (ffs!) & it was expanded in it’s present form in 1990 by a bill authored by ………..

    …….. wait for it ………….

    Chuck Schumer ………. go figure

  2. Two things:

    First a question. Who was president in 2010 when uzbuttfuckistan dumbass was given the all clear to invade America?

    Second, why Would you brandish a paint ball gun and a B.B. gun unless you wanted to appear menacing and were hoping for suicide by cop? I’ve got a RWS Diana that is pretty bad ass looking that could cause cops to fire on anyone carrying it.

  3. “Investigators believe he was acting alone, and was not part of some wider plot, according to sources.”
    Yes, this is clearly something new. Now just move along, nothing to see here.

  4. If this country had fought the Japanese and the Germans like it is fighting the Muslims, we would all be multicultural, multilingual, and multiscrewed. How many more of these attacks by misunderstood, unmotivated lone wolves will it take before it gets through to politicians that we want our country back?

  5. Shave his beard, stuff in him in a sewer manhole with only an 8″ pipe at the bottom, somewhere in an industrial end of town and park a truck with a tire on the manhole.
    Come back for the truck in two weeks.

  6. The only reason I erased my last thought before posting it was to protect this blog. But you know what I’m thinking.

  7. leftist Communist ‘judges’ telling us that we should welcome these troglodytes with open arms
    leftist Communist politicians telling us that we should welcome these troglodytes with open arms
    leftist Communist ‘journalists’, ‘entertainers’ & our ‘betters’ telling us that we should welcome these troglodytes with open arms

    … we’re just human speed bumps to these people … nothing more, nothing less


  8. Put them in a Pig Zoo Permanently stuck cleaning pig crap, all day every day. Meals are Pork and chicharrones for snacking, Habib will love the Pig Milk !!!

    and nobody listened… Europe didn’t concern them.

  10. 28th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
    The murderous cult that calls itself Islam, or any adherence to the satanic organization that assembles under the cloak of the false prophet muhammed is hereby illegal in this hemisphere. All protections enjoyed and exploited under the First amendment are not to
    Apply, as these protections are formulated under the construct of a religion. Islam is not a recognized religion due to its exhortations of violence.
    All adherents will be given exactly 30 days to dissolve their holdings and ordered to return to their native lands.

    Any mosques built in America are to be razed within 60 days.

  11. It’s just so important that this piece of shit was allowed to immigrate to the US, because, God knows, it’s just impossible to find anyone already here qualified to drive a fucking truck. Jesus H Mofoing Christ… WTF is wrong with this country?

  12. I thought this quote in the Daily Mail story was, um, interesting.

    “Mohammad Hamza Amzher, another witness, said the suspect looked Hispanic and strongly denied the man hearing him shout ‘Allah Akbhar’. He saw him walking down the street wearing a hoodie and holding a gun.”


  13. You know what we’ve been reduced to.
    NY Strong
    Las Vegas Strong
    Boston Strong.

    Yadda yadda.

    Yeah. You’re so strong that a muzzfuck can mow your Strong asses down like fescue.

    Don’t tell me how strong you are. You’re not strong.
    You’re little lambs ripe for slaughter.

    How’s the latest teddy bear pile going?

    When are you going to get pissed off enough to do anything about it? Perpetual victim hood without proper response is nothing but pathetic.

  14. His picture is white washed. He’s really fairly brown as pigment goes, but the media lighted his skin and lowered the resolution of the original picture. Frauds, all of them.

  15. OK I’ll say it. Maybe now that a bunch of left wing, pony tailed, Trump hating bike riders in lower Manhattan were mowed down by a “lone wolf” member of the pack, the left may come around. Asshole Congressman Jerry Nadler, Mayor Che DeBlasio, and dick brain Governor Cuomo may come to realize that sanctuary cities and open borders are not the answer to our problems.

  16. Obama would have been proud to have him visit the White House during his regime. All about Muslim diversity.

  17. The Muslim Pig Pile of Shit came in on an Obutthole visa! Yeah, like we need a bunch of Muslim taxi drivers in this country in the worse way possible!

  18. Mohammad Hamza Amzher was undoubtedly a “moderate” muslime Illustr8r.

    islam is incompatible with Western Civilization, never was, never will be. The only way we can coexist with them is if they stay in the Hell holes they come from and are not allowed into our country. Just about every ethnic group that has legally immigrated to the United States has done so over time. muslimes never will. Their cult does not allow it.

  19. Thanks to president Oblowme and senator Suckie Schumer. The face of diversity! Damn right I am a white male from the line of people who built America. By the way, picking tobacco and cotton did not build America.

  20. From your friendly neighborhood one-time Arabic linguist and Islamo-analyst for the 4th PSYOP group

    “Sayfulla” is a Russianized, bastardized version of “Saif Allah” which is about as militant a Muslim name as you can have. Which means his parents were militants or he changed his name somewhere down the road. And yet, they allowed this fuqir, whose name is basically a neon red flag for future terrorist to stay in this country, even overstay his Visa.

    Why there hasn’t been anything this wacky since they allowed a guy named after Abu Nidal to be a hack psychological counselor at Fort Hood

    I’m not saying we have actual members of Islamic militant groups in our bureaucracy. I’m just saying that we’re getting the same result as if there were actual Islamists

  21. Actually we may be getting more idiotic results from mere bureaucratic stupidity

    If I were an Islamist, I wouldn’t dare allow someone with the name of Nidal Malik Hassan to remain at his post for fear that I would blow my cover. Same goes for Sayfella

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