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Muslim Woman Burned to Death in Bangladesh for Reporting Sexual Assault

BA: A 19-year-old Bangladeshi woman was soaked with kerosene and then lit on fire after filing a complaint against the headmaster of her Islamic school for sexual assault.

Nusrat Jahan Rafi reported that on March 27, the headmaster of her madrassa, Siraj-Ud-Daula, called her into his office and touched her several times in a sexual manner, at which point she fled from the office.

Ms. Rafi reported the assault at the local police station she gave a statement. According to a BBC report, the officer in charge recorded a video of her statement on his cell phone and the video was later leaked to local media.

The video shows the teenager trying to hide her face with her hands as she gives her testimony, while the policeman can be heard telling her to take her hands away from her face and insisting the incident was “no big deal.”

After Ms. Rafi had filed her complaint, police arrested the headmaster, but shortly afterward a group of people assembled in the street demanding his release. The demonstration was allegedly instigated by two male students, but local politicians were reportedly present as well.

On April 6, Ms. Rafi returned to her school to take her final exams. According to her own testimony given before she died, she was taken to the roof of the school by another female student, who told her that one of her friends was being beaten up.

When she reached the rooftop, four or five people wearing burqas surrounded her and tried to persuade her to retract her complaint against the headmaster, she said, and when she refused, they doused her in kerosene and set her on fire.  more here

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  2. You can take the savages out of the 7th century…..but you can’t take the 7th century out of the savages.

  3. Just think of it as a post-partum abortion, and it’s OK.
    Even though the murderers weren’t her mother … that’s just a technicality.

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  4. Death cult. They can’t even surprise us with their throat cutting, stabbings, bombings, acid thrown in faces, arson, man burnings, vehicle murders, shootings, rapes etc. etc. anymore.
    What they do is what they are and the
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