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Muslims Behead 2nd Canadian Being Held Hostage

Abu Sayyaf,  another of the myriad of Muslim terror groups (Islam being the top of the pyramid) demanded 8 million dollars for the release of a kidnapped man from Calgary. John Ridsdel, another Canadian, was beheaded in April. Next up are his girlfriend and a man from Norway.

Trudeau said he won’t bargain with terrorists, probably the manliest thing about the effete poofter, and that’s not saying much because it’s not his own goofy head ‘neath the scimitar. Oh, wait – “sword.” (Can’t say scimitar, that would reveal that these “terrorists” are Muslim. You can’t have that!)

National Post-

Trudeau said two weeks ago at the G7 summit in Japan last week that Canada would not pay ransoms to win the freedom of kidnap victims, because to do so would finance terrorism and encourage further abductions that would put even more lives at risk. This policy was the same as Trudeau’s predecessor, Stephen Harper.

Ridsdel, Hall, Hall’s Filipina girlfriend Marites Ford and Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad were abducted by masked gunmen from a marina on the same island near Davao City last September and taken by Abu Sayaff on a 500 kilometre sea journey across the Celebes Sea to Jolo Island.


The sun never sets on Muslim savagery.

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7 Comments on Muslims Behead 2nd Canadian Being Held Hostage

  1. Troudeau, though the little poofter probably has nuts the size of poppy seeds, is right about this. At least in my opinion. If you know that there are terrorists out in the world that want to do evil upon you, why in the hell would you visit a high risk nation if you didn’t have to? If they were on business, then the business that they work for is responsible for the ransom, if they were on vacation, it’s their own damn fault for not paying attention to their surroundings. The same goes for any non muslim traveler, whether Canadian, American, or whatever-ian.

  2. Wake me up when we can start shooting these bastards. Everyone’s bad ass until you start getting hit back.

  3. welcome to the party

    i laughed at the isis “hit list” of 8,000 americans

    wakey wakey eggs and bakey, we are all on the hit list, i am proud to be a member

    we are so far from awake it is unbelievable

    arm up

  4. What JMV said.
    And furthermore, why let terrorists in your country??

  5. If I were in command of a powerful
    military I would give ’em 48 hours…
    100 troops 1000 troops 10,000 troops.
    What ever it frickin’ takes.Pay the
    ransom and it never ends…

  6. “how many machine gun bullets fired from an automatic AR-15 military assault rifle with flash suppressor, with multiple “clips” and “pistol grip”, fired at 5000 rounds a minute did it take to behead these poor souls and did the ones who held the “guns that killed” have to pass a “background check” to purchase said weapons or did they skip through the “gun show loophole”, because everyone knows the only “guns” and lack of “common sense gun laws” (and “white privilege”) kill not mooselimbs.”?

  7. If I were president I’d take to national TV and pull out a map. On the map would be every savage muslim city, country, and mosque – starting with Mecca. Then I’d say, every time ONE single American is harmed in any way I’m dropping a nuclear bomb on the first TEN targets on this list. The next time, the next 10 targets. In a week we’d be done with these filthy savage, disgusting psychopathic Friends of Obama for good.

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