Muslims Molest German Girls at Refugees Welcome Event

Moonbattery: Even now there are moonbats clueless enough to support the invasion of Europe by many hundreds of thousands of fighting age Muslim men posing as refugees who are openly hostile to Western Civilization, and who regard non-Muslim women as fair game to be raped.

muslim refugees welcome GE

Some of these useful idiots are female. If ever women could be said to be asking for it…

The ‘Refugees Welcome’ movement in the former West German capital Bonn attempted to hold a welcome-wagon type event in order for the community to mix with the new -mostly Muslim- arrivals last weekend… what could possibly go wrong?

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13 Comments on Muslims Molest German Girls at Refugees Welcome Event

  1. Didn’t Bernie Sanders once say; A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 smelly goat ropers simultaneously.

  2. In all those History Channel post-WWII docufilms, there is always one segment of how horribly the Russians behaved toward the German women and girls — obstensibly in the same way as muslim men toward non-muslim females. And I always was very troubled by it until I came to understand (which these programs never bother to say) that the Russian soldiers looked upon these women as loyalists to the German soldiers who raped, killed and destroyed the Russian people. The German women were, therefor, spoils of their conquest and viewed as such. Further, the defilement of German women was the last insult given by the victors. This is what is happening in Germany, Sweden, Holland, et al. Idiot progressives do not understand this at all. What’s a few destroyed lives when the narrative “Coexist” is on the line?

  3. They deserve to be raped. And killed. How can you say such a thing you ask???

    Simple. They are enabling these savages and embolening them. They are putting my children in danger. They are helping these savages advance toward America. Their idiocy and arrogance does not deserve my sympathy or concern. They get my hate along with the muslime rapists they invited.

    They are not innocent victims. They are guilty leftists that rightfully are rewarded by being raped and mauled by the diseased stray pitbulls they adopted. Fuckem.

  4. Consider this:

    If a couple parents bring a half dozen pit bull dogs into a home with toddlers and infants living therein – would I feel sorry for those same parents when the dogs kill and or maim their offspring?

    Of course I would feel terribly sorry for the innocent children, but the only thing I would feel for the parents is contempt. So it is with these morons. Whatever suffering that befalls them, they asked for it.

    I keep going back to my contention that the progressive movement is all about increased innocent human suffering, misery nad death and that it is a grave mistake to concede good intentions to progressives.

    In fact any rational survey of the history of the last century simply does not allow for “good intentions” as a mitigating factor in the evil that progressivism is directly responsible for spreading and has not for a half century. There was not a single genocidal movement or regime that the American and Western European progressive movement did not fawn over and support as they rose in stature and consolidated their power.

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