Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” refuse to enter Temple Mount because of metal detectors

Why are metal detectors a problem, unless the Muslims want to be carrying weapons?


8 Comments on Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” refuse to enter Temple Mount because of metal detectors

  1. That’s phooking awesome! Bwhahahahaha!

    The guards said, “show me your red ass and you can pass!”. They obviously didn’t understand them.

    Then they said “make like a goat!”, and you get this.

  2. I think they need to, Screen these Muslims Before they even get the far.
    Just Consider them Armed at all Times, ban them approprietly ! If Israel put the Money they Loose through Terrorism, in’to Metal Detectors in every store… They Might Save Money . And Keep them away !

  3. Mohammed: “We must protest this because we know what this will lead to!”
    Achmed: “Ummm… metal detectors on the door of the Mosque?”
    Mohammed: “Yes Achmed”
    Achmed: “Then we’ll never be able to get all that metal out!”
    Mohammed: “Exactly!”

  4. Note that “prayer” is used as an obstruction tactic…. they should whack em, and force them out of the entry. Send them into a nearby field to pray. Preferably an old mine field.

  5. I think it’s in the 24th Surah … “the Sword of the Faithful shall not be denied admittance to the body and blood of Jews, apes, Nazarenes, faggots, and other assorted infidels …”
    (I made that up, actually)

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. 💣 The Insanity of Islam 💣

    Follow the logic: if Jews are so filthy and dirty, then why would muhammad ascend into heaven on a Jewish temple? Why have anything Islamic on there?

    I say, remove that damn rock to Mecca or some other safe muslim place and return the Jewish temple to the Jews. Maybe if they rebuild it, it will finally trigger the End Times and we can end this shit-show.

  7. seems like the Israelis have the right idea. Plus, it got all the men in one place with their faces to the ground.

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