Must See: Counter Protester Stands Up to BlackLivesMatter in NYC: “You Pull a Gun on a Cop, You Die”

Video taping a rally at 14th Street and 6th Ave, a counter-protester stood up to Black Lives Matter protesters in New York City.

For the first two minutes of the video, protesters are shows walking around, some wearing Guy Fawkes masks, chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” and holding signs like, “Angry pacifist.”

The counter-protester eventually starts yelling at the protesters that “you pull a gun on a cop, you die” and that if you don’t want to be shot by police officers, “stop being a criminal.”

Black Lives Matters took extreme exception to him, and a number of protesters countered by screaming at him.

Several shrieked the f-word at him and told him to “shut his ass up.” When the man asked why Black Lives Matter wasn’t protesting the criminals who have murdered police officers, one member of the group told him that, “They have a lot of information on everywhere.”

Another protester claimed that the United States was founded on slavery. She continued that she has been in school for twenty years and was flabbergasted to hear that there have been white slaves. She then asked where she could research that.

The video cuts out after socialists in the group started chanting, “Workers of the world unite!”

You can watch the video below:

24 Comments on Must See: Counter Protester Stands Up to BlackLivesMatter in NYC: “You Pull a Gun on a Cop, You Die”

  1. She’s been in school for twenty years!! Whoa! Another ‘full-time student working the gravy train system.
    Gee, I wonder how many ‘degrees’ she’s ‘earned’?!

  2. Not only were there white slaves, the first slave owner on American soil was black – Anthony Johnson, former indentured servant who demanded that the Virginia Court find another black man was not an ‘indentured servant’ but Johnson’s ‘servant for life’.

    It should also be noted that fewer than 1% of white Americans owned slaves but 28% of freed blacks did. According to the 1860 census, two of biggest slave owners were black – Richards in Louisiana and Ellison in South Carolina.

    History conveniently forgets.

  3. Here is an assignment. Ask your circle of friends, coworkers, etc how many of them have had a bad encounter with a police officer.
    I bet you will be like me and get ” never” as a response. Which proves it is possible to live your life so that cops aren’t going to pull a gun on you.

  4. Well….let’s see what questions should be asked about that video…1. How many of those people were paid to be there? 2. How many have an I.Q. larger than a kumquat? and 3. How many have bathed in the last month?….quarantined a lot of those same miscreants were the same social stains on society at the Occupy Wall Street protests

  5. yeah I had an encounter just the other day with a cop. Pulled me over to tell me I had a headlight out.

    Nice and cordial, no-one got shot or anything.

  6. This would be funny except it’s real. “Workers of the world unite!” In normal times, so-called “Black lives matter” would be investigated as a communist front group — not propped up by the president, the DoJ and the media.

  7. More important than their lies – how much does that building first seen at 42 secs look like the album cover of Physical Graffiti?

  8. “The video cuts out after socialists in the group started chanting, …” What, no lesbians? No anarchists? No environmentalists? No PETA? No anti-GMO? Man what a dude of a Prog party.

  9. those blacks who owned slaves were probably Filthy Moslem Savages. Arabs invented slavery, a fact that leftists conveniently ignore.

  10. what gets me is that once these useful idiots protest our God given rights away to big government their usefulness is over. it’s the whites with jobs who make things and pay taxes who will be held in perpetual slavery by the big government these idiots wanted while these idiots rot in the earth.

    history proves this to be true.

  11. When investigating their funding, don’t forget to credit the Grand Dragon of chaos and economic collapse, Soros. He cannot WAIT until we are in complete ruin and race war.

  12. Muslims have operated the slave trade since the 16th century. Their methods have not changed. With ports in the Barbary coast they would attack ships in the Mediterranean and hold the sailors hostage for ransom or raid the coastline of Europe as far north as Ireland. The raids were so numerous that many coastal towns in Italy, Spain and Portugal were abandoned.

    The women were sold into white slavery in Muslim countries if ransom wasn’t paid.

    The raids on American ships were what caused President Jefferson to declare the first Barbary war. That was the ‘contribution’ Obama referred to when he said Muslims were part of the early days of our country’s history.

    It’s estimated that 1530 and 1780 there were almost certainly 1 million and quite possibly as many as 1.25 million white, European Christians enslaved by the Muslims of the Barbary Coast. Robert Davis, an OSU professor, recently released his book on the subject: Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800 (Palgrave Macmillan).

    Media didn’t review it. Wonder why?

  13. You have to wonder how many of the protesters are on his $5,000/mo payroll. We know he sent them to Ferguson and Baltimore because some protesters got stiffed and were very vocal about it.

  14. Every day it becomes more and more obvious that this is all driven by Communist rabble-rousers!
    “Workers of the world unite!”…. puuuuulleeeze!!!

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