Must they take EVERYTHING from me???

It’s official: Raw cookie dough is a no-no. 

—USA TODAY: INDIANAPOLIS — Put down the spoon or spatula from the mixing bowl.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it is no longer safe to eat raw cookie dough or batter — even if you’re using a recipe that doesn’t use raw eggs.

In fact, the administration said in a new consumer update posted Tuesday, it’s not safe to eat raw flour in any form. Not homemade “play dough,” not licking the spoon of brownie batter. Nothing.

Here’s the deal: You know that raw eggs can carry salmonella, which is no good, but it turns out flour can harbor E. Coli, which also is nasty. The FDA says dozens have been sickened by the Shiga toxin-producing E. coli O121 after they ate raw flour. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 38 people were infected in 20 states with illnesses starting in December.  more

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  1. This is not news. Raw cookie dough has been a no no (raw eggs) for decades. Yes, we used to eat raw cookie dough when I was a kid, never had a problem.

    I have to admit, that now when I make cookies, I limit my intake of dough, ’cause just the thought makes me kind of ill.

  2. How many idlers draw a paycheck from the FDA these days, I wonder? So many useless people trying to prove that their lives have meaning and they’re serving a useful purpose.

    They don’t.

    Every agency created since Woodrow Wilson should be abolished.

  3. Tough shit, FDA.
    I’m gonna lick the spoon/spatula/beaters, whatever I want and you can’t stop or monitor me. Oh, and guess what? When I have kids, they’re gonna get a lil spoon of dough bc I love my kids and I know it isn’t gonna kill them if they have chocolate chip dough or brownie batter in small amounts. /middle finger/

  4. I think I’m going to eat cookie dough, lick the spatula from the cake mix, mow the lawn, and then sneak into the homes of senior FDA bureaucrats and spit on their toothbrushes.

  5. You can buy heat treated flour in specialty shops. It kills the bacteria. It’s commercially available for breaded coatings and other food. Can’t remember the brand name and it may have been through Amazon. That said, I’ve been eating raw dough for 40 years and haven’t dropped dead yet.

  6. @Uncle Al, Great idea! Better yet stick that toothbrush where the sun don’t shine then put it back in the holder. That should fix the bureaurats.

  7. Whatever happened to the old expression “you eat a peck of dirt in your lifetime”? It was just good old common sense that even if you wash everything and take precautions something unsanitary will get through your dragnet.

    That’s why I wasn’t overly concerned when I ate that hot dog that I found on the floor of the stadium the other day.

  8. Yes they must take everything to save us from ourselves. They know best.
    This goes perfectly with this article about the nanny libs in Boulder, CO that have removed ice cream vendors from pool areas because ice cream is too fattening. Pools are only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day but you will not indulge on their watch. Not even a few times over the summer months.

  9. ok, so someone has to say it:

    Eating raw cookie dough is bad for you but

    Smoking dope, having abortions and engaging in gay sex will not harm you in any way and is actually good for you.

    George and Thomas and Ben are either shaking their fists at us or saying haha I knew them dumb bastids would blow it!!!

  10. Uncle Al, your comment made me giggle, and I was thereby unable to properly aim my feeble jab at the ‘up’ button.

  11. Nothin’ like a little e coli and salmonella to keep the your immune system workin’. That’s why there’s so many sick people today – – not enough bacteria.

  12. Screw it. I’m no longer picking up my dogs crap. If raw cookie dough is bad (which I’ve been eating for years), putting dog poop in a plastic bag could lead to “God only knows”. Of course living in the SF bay area the only people who will be annoyed will be liberals. I need to move.

  13. Liberalism: where fun goes to die.

    The thought of eating raw cookie dough has no appeal to me at all–but that could be because I don’t have a sweet tooth. Still, the FDA should just ESAD. Government micromanagement appeals to me even less than raw cookie dough.

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