Mwa Haha – Dem Pols Are Perceptively Caving on Border Wall

15 Comments on Mwa Haha – Dem Pols Are Perceptively Caving on Border Wall

  1. There’s about 10 of them that are now saying the wall has to be part of Border Security. Including, drum roll please, Eric Swallowswell. If Trump can bust up the Libtards party, I’ll be infinitely impressed.

  2. It’s all War Business NBCNN Style.
    LIVE EVIL War Mongers.
    For all the World to See.
    See Them.
    The Song remains the same.

    Woke yet?

  3. The democrats have shown their hand. The want the US to be a turd world shithole, provided they get to be in charge of absolutely everything.

    Seriously, 50 years ago, we were on the cusp of a true space age. Now, were a society of semi-retarded sociopaths who can’t find their own country on a map and think there are 100 sexes and anyone can change into one at anytime they want. It’s an ugly and frightening truth, but if human civilization doesn’t find a way to control the shit people and mitigate their damage to modern society, humanity is never making it to the stars… ever. We’ll be far too stupid, undisciplined, and indolent to pull such a magnificent feat off. And those who are capable of such feats will be constantly undermined by the moronic shit people who only want free shit and easy sex on everyone else’s credit card.

  4. I’ve never been able to stand that Erin person. Also about being a society of semi-retarded–why do teachers not have writing charts in their classrooms anymore? Or wall calendars? Two simple things that would help us not be so retarded in the future. Oh and a nice globe so we know where all the countries are as there’s only a couple hundred of them.

  5. Take note, these are top cadre and elite of the Stalincrat Party caving to a “fence” security.

    The wall is a done deal with the leftist House members soldered to it. Great job, President Trump!

  6. A growing chorus of “cover your ass” coming from the ranks of the dimwit party. Nancy is on a shaky perch.

  7. I always find it interesting to listen to the language people use. Note their use of the words: barrier, fence, fencing,barricade instead of, wall. This harkens back to when Clinton said”it depends on what you say the definition of is,is. They will use names other than the word wall so that they can change their position and still be able to tell their constituents they didnt give into the President to build a wall. It’s a distinction without a difference but one that idealogues will accept to make it ok to still support people who caved and still call the President a loser in the battle.

  8. Call it a curtain, a shade, a picket fence…anything! If dems would agree to get the job done, I would give them the win under any name.

  9. I have zero doubt the RINO’s will charge in at the last minute to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The left wants illegals for their votes. The right wants them for cheap labor.


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