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My Client Was Drunk And Super Sensitive, Your Honor

Firebombing Attorney Begs for Light Sentence, Citing Inebriation and ‘Unprocessed Trauma.’

WFB: A left-wing lawyer who pleaded guilty to firebombing a police cruiser is asking for a commutation of her sentence, pointing to the fact that she was inebriated at the time of the offense and coping with “unprocessed trauma,” according to court filings.

Attorneys for Urooj Rahman argue the self-described human-rights activist was “numb, disassociated, and inebriated” when she threw a Molotov cocktail into a New York City police car during the George Floyd riots in May 2020. Lawyers say Rahman was also reeling from her many “abusive partnership relationships” and processing “early trauma” from being taunted as a Muslim after 9/11.

On the night of May 29, 2020, Rahman “became quite drunk” after drinking vodka on “an empty stomach” with fellow lawyer and later getaway driver Colinford Mattis. Rahman’s attorneys say the pair’s decision to firebomb an NYPD cruiser was an “aberrational” act meant to protect others from future police violence.

“Tossing the Molotov cocktail was a way of expressing anger at those police officers around the country for whom Black lives did not matter,” Rahman’s attorneys wrote in a September memo to U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan. “It was an act of protest intended to avoid exposing others to harm.” more

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  1. MJA , They can say what they want but it looked like jihad plain & simple , even with that keffiyeh the “lawyer” was covering her face with . Both should be dis-barred.

  2. She also short sold Vandelay Industries based on a recommendation by her financial adviser George Costanza….Resulting in her financial ruin….Instead of yelling ‘SERENITY NOW’ she chose to throw the molotov cocktail at the police cruiser, thinking it was a festivus pole…
    Episode 6, season 3 of Seinfeld…..

  3. I say 120 years lockup followed by 10 years supervision, revocation of law license and 100k fine. Seems fair.

  4. Thinking of consequences is hard for Liberals. It’s why they keep doing stupid things over, and over… And over.

  5. And …. nearly two years, the J6 defendants remain in jail awaiting severe prosecution for being at the rally, all the while being encouraged and led by confidential informants and FBI agents.

    The Judicial system is as Broke as the DOJ and FBI.
    Not my America !

  6. I thought Muslims didn’t drink. Good thing for her this isn’t sharia court.

    (BTW: Your politically correct autocorrect capitalized muslims for me.)

  7. It’s not about her anymore. It’s about how to protect society from people who cannot control their drinking or actions caused by her drinking. Protect society, not the criminal.

  8. How’s this for a defense:

    Your Honor I hated his guts and was really pissed off at him when I shot and killed him and his family…also, his voice really grated on me, his wife is ugly and his kids steal. Surely my emotional state should be considered during this trial and the jury will understand that I am not guilty.

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