My Daddy Is the Best

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2 TennDon (Daddy pileated woodpecker feeding his little ones)
4 riverlife_callie (Lily Blanca and MacDuff)
5 sTevo

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12 Comments on My Daddy Is the Best

  1. Happy Father’s Day to every father today. Even the ones with fur and feathers!

  2. My Dad’s been dead 20 years now. Doesn’t seem possible.
    Time sure is a funny thing.

    Happy Fathers’ Day, all you Fathers out there!
    Enjoy your Fatherhood!

  3. Happy Fathers’ Day to Geoff C. The Saltine and all the dads at IOTWReport. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. @ .45 and Tim – my pop gone now 30 years. Heart attack in Radio City Music Hall of all places.

    He and my mom raised TEN of us.

    He also had a full time job, part time and a couple of weekend gigs in the early years. I CANNOT IMAGINE.

    My ultimate role model and has helped me to be the father (of two boys) I try to be…Never will be as good as dear old dad though!

    Miss ya Dad.

    Happy Father’s Day to All if ya either have, had, or are one…


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