“My Dad’s the Owner, Bro”

A Del Taco manager gives a couple a hard time for requesting extra sauce for their tacos.

His idiotic rant included him saying, “put it on youtube, nobody’s going to see it.”

By the way, the son was fired.

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  1. Guess his dad must’ve explained to his stupid son by now exactly how a franchise operations works in terms of customer service standards. Being a franchise owner’s son amounts to exactly dick in terms of job security if you act like an ass to a customer.

  2. Sounds like an internecine hispanic problem.

    I see the Cruz connection, but …

    What did this have to do with Donald Trump?

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I once learned a lesson from my sister-in-law (bless her heart), for all her education and faults.
    “Give the man a pickle.”
    When the customer asks for that ONE LITTLE thing, that one little thing, that in their mind, will make their buying experience complete and satisfactory – just give it to them – with a smile.
    A double layer shopping bag. An extra pickle, or olive, or sauce packet, or. . . . (you get the idea).
    The COST of the item is very very small (especially when you consider that you have bought it in high volume bulk). But the VALUE of that same little item, in terms of customer relations, and positive word-of-mouth advertizing is PRICELESS.

    So, “give the man a pickle.” It pays priceless dividends.

  4. @B Woodman: Your sister-in-law gave you gold – solid gold. Here’s an example: I used to buy a breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s every day when I went to work, and sometimes several of them on weekends. I would always ask if I could have a hot mustard packet with my Egg McMuffin, because I like it that way, and they would always give me one. One day the manager informed me that the hot mustards (which probably cost them less than a nickel apiece) were only for the Chicken McNuggets, and if I wanted any, I would have to purchase them for 25 cents apiece.

    Guess who no longer buys breakfast sandwiches at McDonald’s?


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