“My Daughters Have a Tall, Gorgeous Mom With Curves I Appreciate” – Our First Gay President

Daily Caller


In an interview published Monday, President Barack Obama talked about his daughters dealing with body image and how he appreciates his wife’s “curves.”


“When you’re a dad of two daughters, you notice more … the enormous pressure that young women are placed under in terms of looking a certain way. … And that pressure I think has historically always been harder on African-American women than just about any other women,” said Obama in a joint interview with Essence and Time Magazine.

He continued to say, “And the fact that [my daughters] have a tall, gorgeous mom who has some curves, and that their father appreciates, I think it’s helpful.”


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  1. His daughters? I don’t think so. He’s never told the truth about anything else, why should he be telling the truth about who the parents of those kids are?

  2. Gag me with a skunk – this filthy fuckin pusillanimous liar makes me wanna puke … he was dreaming about the curve in Reggie’s cock …

  3. Michael aka Mooch worked long and hard and spent mucho pesos to fine tune his male muscles into sold globs of fat and pus or as Obutthole states “curves”!

  4. Sachmo and Malaria are both out of central casting.
    If you check out the pictures of “her” pregnant, they look no different than how “she” looks now when slouching (in other words, most of the time).

  5. @ ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ-
    “…both spend taxpayer money like drunken sailors.”
    Or like Reagan said: At least drunken sailors spend their OWN money.

    Black men universally prefer “da ass.” I know because I watched “Barbershop” last night and the vote was unanimous.
    Now, Barry likes Brother Love’s ass, but ass is still ass.

  6. “All The Presidents’ Girlfriend”.

    It’s almost like God saw what Obama was gonna do in the future so he made him marry Michelle. For our amusement.

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