My Democrat Friends are Getting Very Embarrassed

American Thinker:

By John Green

Now that the implications of the Harris/Biden administration are setting in, my Democrat friends (yes, I do have a few) are becoming very embarrassed.  They bought into the propaganda that all the turmoil in Washington was created by the erratic and immoral behavior of Donald Trump.  Their vote for Harris/Biden was a vote to return to normal.  They didn’t realize that the Democrats weren’t offering a return to normal, they were offering the establishment of a “new normal.”

The “new normal” includes restricted energy exploration and cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline.  This has caused a loss of well-paying union jobs, damaged relations with Canada, and triggered skyrocketing gasoline prices.  It also threatens to return us to dependence on the most unstable region in the world.  To those who would like us to leave the Middle East to resolve its own problems — we can’t now.

We’ve implemented more “humane” immigration policies, creating a flood of illegal immigrants across the border — wearing “Biden” t-shirts.  Our humane policy has given us men, women, and children sacrificing their lives pursuing the dream promised them by the Democrats.  Thankfully, we’re no longer keeping illegal immigrant children in cages.  Now we’re keeping them in Conex boxes.  I guess we can feel good about that.

Those arriving illegal immigrants are putting more pressure on a struggling job market, decimated by COVID lockdowns.  Rather than help struggling small businesses, the Democrats seek to impose more economic distress with a $15-per-hour minimum wage.  As small businesses close their doors, the dreams of their owners are dashed, and entry level job opportunities disappear forever. MORE

Should any of our transsexual soldiers be captured, I’m sure our enemies will continue their therapy.  They need their “wokeness” boxes checked too.

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  1. …factually inaccurate headline.

    No TRUE Democrat EVER gets embarrassed.

    They just blame someone ELSE.

  2. …do “transgender” “soldiers” get a cock holster in their kit?

    Asking for Steven Colbert.

    …and “Michelle” Obama…

  3. Probably one of the few here that have many democrat acquaintances (tennis buddies, certainly not what I consider friends)I get it straight from the horses mouth.

    The consensus opinion of those is such; Of course Biden is an old feeble not all there president, we knew that already. What matters is what he isn’t, he isn’t the Bad Orangeman. Biden has handlers that will tell him what to do and what to say and those handlers are on our side, they believe like we do. The handlers will make our nation better, better by undoing everything that Trump did and make our nation more inclusive, more fair, more welcoming to all. We will be respected worldwide not as a bully but as a friend. But most importantly, we have a prescient that is not a racist, one more empathetic and one much more “presidential”

    Needless to say, they know my political persuasions and since the election have decided it is safer for their well being if we don’t talk politics.

  4. None of this should be news to anyone that cared to pay attention.

    They said exactly what they were going to do and these effn morons still voted for them.

    The only thing I feel bad about is that it is affecting me and not just them.

  5. I used to have friends that are democrats. I can’t think of any right now. If I do they are closet democrats.

  6. Democrats don’t have the sense to be embarrassed and most of them are so ill informed they wouldn’t even understand what ‘maternity flight suits’ referred to. They are still stuck on their TDS, while both hating and fearing Trump supporters. Most of them are still so engaged with the daily covid fear / panic porn they are too busy obsessing over forcing healthy people to wear masks and take experimental vaccinations from global corporations than see any of the damage being done. At least the world isn’t laughing at us anymore, right?!

  7. When do we get to the point that we no longer have to pretend that (d)s are either NOT stupid or NOT enemies of the United States Of America/Western Civilization who know exactly what they are doing? Seems to me that we passed that point quite a few years ago. Twenty years ago, most of my “friends” and acquaintances were (d)s or proudly self described “progressives”. Nolackaloonies is, after all, the State Capital. Same for my bride. When they learned that we had voted for GWB they dropped us like hot, messy feces. We haven’t spoken to or even seen any of them since. We’re pretty lucky that way, living in such a small town…

  8. It would be good to track the, “Biden, please let us in!” shirts. Did they come from Harris, Clinton Foundation, or straight from Soros?
    Make up some more that say, “I went all the way to America, and all I got was this stupid shirt”.

  9. rich taylor

    I’ve had those discussions with a few old losers at the gym. Force them to talk about policy. They won’t do it. And today they we’re talking amongst themselves and panicked.

  10. “As small businesses close their doors, the dreams of their owners are dashed, and entry level job opportunities disappear forever.”

    …well of COURSE silly! How ELSE do you think the fascists’ pet megacorperations can take over EVERYTHING you need to buy to live?

    …it’s hardly an ACCIDENT that they’re destroying small businesses and the middle class WITH them…or should I say, “the bourgeois”, as the Communists used to call us…

  11. Brad, the crowd I hang with doesn’t even think about policy. They virtue signal with their mask wearing and pesky invasive questions about when I will finally get the vaccine, they all got theirs long ago.

    They like the free money without a care in the world about the national debt. They collectively believe that $15 is still not enough, that the rich need to pay more in taxes, that our nation can just absorb the thousands of illegals coming across the border, that we need to stay closed for just a few more months-just to be sure and that the election was squeaky clean, no irregularities whatsoever. I doubt any of them have even heard of HR-1 but they all hang with the notion that Trumpters are dangerous and should not be afforded any 1st Amendment protections, hate speech and all that.

  12. The worst part about any of these type articles/op-eds is the premise that biden won the election. It doesn’t matter about the few dems that voted for the embarrassing ticket because he didn’t win. The election was stolen from dully-elected President Trump

  13. It always has been rather entertaining to watch everyday Democrat voters twist themselves in knots defending their nitwits once they have managed, by hook or by crook, to get them into office. In this case they may be reaching their limit.

  14. rich taylor

    Ahh, Dirt Bag Libs. Mine are mostly retired professional educators. Indoctrinated up the wazoo. There’s no way to make any of them think.

  15. I had one of them tell me the other day he was thinking about moving out of state. I told him, make sure you move to a blue state. He didn’t even ask why, he knew where I was going.

  16. Brad, you should have suggested the climate in Venezuela is very nice. Year around too. And the politics would be right up his dark alley.

  17. Why would democrats move out of California? They have literally made it the way it is with their votes.

  18. Burr
    In my little area they’re all freaken out about home prices dropping like a rock. Which will eventually happen. They’ll drop like a rock because most businesses are moving out of state. Most businesses are moving out of state because of Libtard policies that are established by the people the vote for. I’ve explained that to a few of them. No comprende.

  19. It’s funny before the election at work it was all negative things about Trump and making fun of him. Then when Biden “won” they were furious Trump won’t accept it. NOW, not one word about the country, Biden, Trump. NOTHING. NOT A WORD. The sad part is the people I work worth have no idea what the president actually does. They just listen to CNN at night and think they know it all. So we are just going along with day to day soap opera at work. Any issues in this country/world they have no idea and don’t care. So sad.

    God Bless us all!

  20. I call bullsheet on both the friendly democrat and them being embarrassed.
    They aren’t smart enough to know when to be embarrassed.


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