My Favorite Story of the Month! – CNN Reports That an Isis Flag is Spotted at a Gay Pride Parade

Wanna see the flag?


Look at the “writing.” The reporter said it didn’t appear to be Arabic, that it appeared to be gobbledegook.

Look closer. Still don’t now what it is? GO HERE

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  1. I don’t have to read the rest. That is definitely an ISIS flag, hung sideways. Boy they’re really up on their reading skillz aren’t they. They go over news articles with a fine toothed dildo I mean comb.

  2. Is there an online service like AirB&B or Uber, etc. that caters specifically to people who want to temporarily rent rooftops?

  3. Since none of those things look the least bit familiar to me, I wouldn’t have recognized what it was, either. However, what the h-e-double-l does that stuff have to do with pride?

  4. They are proud that everything they do and use is either artificial or used in ways that God didn’t intend. Pity the pathetic.

    About 45 years ago an ER nurse friend told me that that some poor schmuck was brought to the ER with a sawed off dining room table leg up his posterior orifice. Pity the pathetic.

  5. IC I wish someone would stop the planet so I can get off. The last week has been worse than a nightmare.

  6. Back in the early ’70’s ‘Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask’ was a wildly popular book.
    One part of the book dealt with objects removed from men’s rectums by ER staff and surgeons. 2 things I remember are a light bulb and a lit flashlight.
    Pity the pathetic is right. I just wish they wouldn’t foist their sickness on the rest of us.

  7. Now that right there says, “come and throw my gay ass off a tall building and stone me dead the rest of the way after I splat on the cement.”

    So the ass reamings aren’t painful enough for you, you want the big queers in iSIS to do you up right? lol!

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