My Interview With #NeverTrump

Dan Rather says this interview is fake, but real.

BFH: Hey, thanks for you all being here. Let me start by asking straight out, “Do you want Hillary to be the next president of the United States?

NT#1: And let me answer straight out that we know where you’re going with this, and no, we do not want Hillary to be president.

NT#2: Speak for yourself. I really don’t care if she becomes the president. This is not about who wins at this point, it’s about principles. I have them. They are great principles, terrific principles and they are huge principles and they are winning principles. My principles are going to win so much you’re going to be sick of how much I’m winning with my principles.

NT#1: Uhh, he doesn’t speak for the majority of us. We don’t want Hillary to win, no.

BFH: Well, what are you doing to prevent Hillary from winning?

NT#3: We wanted Ted Cruz to win, he would have beat Hillary, that’s what we were doing to prevent Hillary from winning.

BFH: No, not what were you doing. Cruz lost. What are you doing now to prevent Hillary from winning?

NT#4:  Cruz didn’t lose yet, and we’re not going to forgive what Trump and Trump voters did to Ted.

BFH: What’d Trump do?

NT#4: He beat him.

BFH: Ummm… how is it you can so easily forget what the Clintons have done to you? You must be furious about the well-documented scandals that the Clintons seem to worm out of decade after decade, no?

NT#1: We hate Hillary as much as the next guy, probably more so.

BFH: Yet, you hate Trump more, a guy that has no public service record for you to point to, but still you say “Trump is worse than Hillary,” is that right?

NT#4: Trump beat Ted. He shouldn’t have done that. That’s the Drumph political record that sucks, right there.

BFH: Worse than Hillary?

NT #1, #2, #3, #4, #5: Yes.

NT #3: Besides, if Hillary wins we are that much closer to getting Ted.

BFH: What do you mean?

NT#1: Hillary will be one term. Then we can get Ted in 2020.

BFH: Why can’t that same plan work with Trump winning in 2016? At least then we don’t risk Hillary stacking the courts with progressive activists, then you can try for Ted in 2020.

NT#2: We see that as a risk. Trump might get a second term after a first term.

BFH: If he gets a second term that means he did a pretty good job, no?

NT#1: And how does that get us Ted? You see what we’re saying?

BFH: Ya, I do.

NT#3: In fact, many of us are planning on voting for Hillary just to make sure she wins.

BFH: Didn’t you just say you didn’t want Hil….  Are you one of the people that can’t vote for Trump because you have principles?

NT#3: Absolutely.

NT#5: In fact, if we were forced to start a new party, the name we were thinking of was the Principle party.

BFH: And this party would comprise of people so principled that they can’t vote for Trump, because the cheeto- faced, toupeed Rump made fun of people and said mean things, but they can vote for Hillary, a person whose deeds have reached a level of corruption never before seen in modern politics?

NT#1: You think you’re smart, but it has more to do with a philosophy we all began living by since a guy posted it on the internet. Something about voting for the guy you can control and keeping him close rather than the other party where you can’t, therefore you’re controlling your destiny.

NT#2: Wait, that’s not quite right. I read that too. I think it’s a Chinese warrior saying, and it’s about being principled, that’s for sure.

NT#3: Yes! I saw that. It’s a proverb. Keep your enemies close and your friends… no, that’s not it.

NT#1: Fool me once, shame on…

NT#2: NO. It’s something about voting for the other party, and it’s better to have the enemy in that party that you’re responsible for rather than an enemy in your own party that you’re not responsible for. It’s a founding father saying, I think, maybe a French guy. But it’s what I live by. We’re all copying and pasting it. It’s profound. I’ll find it later.

BFH: Sounds good. Didn’t you say you didn’t want Hillary to win a little while ago?

NT#1: Your point being???

BFH: Nothing.

Do you think Trump can win?

NT#1: No, that’s what we’ve been warning people about since way, way back, like almost 3 months ago,

NT#2: No, it was before that. It’s been since it looked pretty clear that Trump was going to beat Ted that we started to say Trump can’t win.

NT#1: That’s right. And now that he’s won the primary we are going to make sure he can’t win the presidency, just like we said all along, that he can’t win.

NT#5: Yes, it is paramount that Trump not win because we warned you that he couldn’t.

BFH: So that’s why NeverTrump sites run a daily barrage of the stupidest of petty crapola, the kind of small stuff the left runs in order to damage a candidate, in order to fulfill your prophecy and to look smart?

NT#3: Well, hearing it the way you’ve framed it it sounds stupid, but basically, yes. That, and Ted.

BFH: Is it principled to do that?

NT#1: We’re talking TED here, the most principled candidate I think I’ve ever seen,

NT#2: or smelled…


NT#1: so I think you’d agree that any underhanded thing we can do or say, including electing a progressive in order to get TED in office, is not out of bounds.

BFH: You know, many say that Hillary stacking the courts with left-wing activists will render moot any conservative who, by the slimmest of chances, happens to get into the presidency after her. They say Trump getting the picks is a much wiser choice, strategy-wise.

NT#1: You should have thought of that when we were warning you that Trump couldn’t win.

NT#2: Not if we have anything to do with it, he won’t. And if Hillary wins it’ll be your fault.

BFH: Isn’t that a bit of circular and flawed logic?

(The sound of the air conditioning buzzing in the background.)

BFH: I think at this point I’d like to point out that I wasn’t a big supporter of Trump. I supported both Cruz and Trump because they were very similar in their campaign positions, so much so that Cruz started to sound almost identical to Trump, and my position was to back either one that won the primary.

What do you say to a person like me who has to witness to what amounts to a coordinated sabotage by the right of the elected right-wing candidate, the only one that stands between Hillary and the white house?

NT#1, NT#2, NT#3, NT#4, NT#5: F*ck ya.

BFH: F*ck me? That’s your answer?

NT#1: Haven’t you heard a single word we’ve been saying?

NT#4: Have you considered voting for Gary Johnson? I have.

BFH: The Gary Johnson who is for open borders, abortion, legalizing dru…

NT#4: Ya. That’s the guy.

BFH: Well, despite what you think, I have my principles too, and I don’t see how voting for Gary Johnson or Hillary Clinton preserves my principles.

NT#4: It would if your only principle was getting Ted.

NT#1: You see? You haven’t heard a thing we’ve been saying.

BFH: I think we’re done now.

NT#3: Thank God, you’re an idiot.











76 Comments on My Interview With #NeverTrump

  1. All that was missing was the inevitable, “we’re going to be laughing our asses off at you Trumpkins!” But other than that, it is spot-on.

    As soon as the Clinton Scoop gets wind of this post, the NeverTrump locusts will descend and make all the insipid comments you didn’t have room to include.

  2. Why the obsession? Do NT’ers live in your head 24/7 now?


    This comment was made by Blind Fools. Let’s review their other comments, shall we?

    — Dianny – “And you call those of us fighting to keep Hillary out of the White House “blind fools?””

    Yes – because you are NOT fighting to keep Hillary out of the WH. Instead you chose a scumbag Hillary-supporting Democrat who is too stupid to win anything…

    Welcome to Team Hillary, moron. You look like idiots. It’s hard not to laugh.

    —– We warned you idiots, but you betrayed America and chose a moronic life-long Democrat, Hillary-donating loser. I’m starting to think you Trump-humpers are actually in the tank FOR Hillary. You morons don’t want to win.

    Buncha left-wing rat-bastard commie traitors – the whole bunch of you.

    Good luck with your big-government, Establishment, Democrat Lord-and-savior Biff.

    —- NT’ers are LAUGHING at you losers.

    What’s happening to Biff is what you were warned would happen. He’s the personification of loser.

    Morons. Truly blind fools.

    —- Because Biff is a loser….and losing bigtime. It’s too late now, but GOPe wants a refund.

    Rush is a ball-lapping lackey. And fat and stupid.


    Sound like a was channelling this dope. No wonder he’s butt-chafed. – bfh

  3. I don’t follow never Trump folks, but at this point are they still mentioning Ted?

    I was for Ted but he had his shot and it is over for him ever becoming president.

    I don’t believe ANYONE who has run for president the past 16 years should even be considered.
    New blood will be necessary if Hillary gets elected.

  4. Loco, yeah they are still acting as if Cruz is in the race. The sad part is, while one half wants Cruz, the other half is looking at anyone BUT Cruz. And no one talks about that. I find that very odd.

  5. Edit: The other half I speak of is the sweaty thumb (lol) and his followers. They’d love a Kasich or Bush to beat Trump.

  6. “I don’t follow never Trump folks, but at this point are they still mentioning Ted?”

    Loco, go check out the Scoop comments. Those people are insane.
    Traitors and insane.

  7. I really don’t understand them. I mentioned one half wanting Kasich or Romney, all the RINO types. And the other half want Cruz. IF one half got Cruz, the other half wouldn’t stand for it, and vice versa. They openly say this. Do they not see their problem?

    I voted for Cruz in the primaries. HE DID NOT ADVANCE. Am I disappointed? Yeah. Am I emotionally damaged over this that I should throw a fit and stay home ? NO. Because my other choice is Hillary Clinton and I am not suicidal.

  8. MJA,

    “I really don’t understand them. I mentioned one half wanting Kasich or Romney, all the RINO types”

    I think these people are the Globalist that are tied into the CofC and Wall Street. They would be perfectly happy with Hillary in office because there cash flow would not be effected.

  9. We have less than 90 days now.
    Is there any hope for some reconciliation?

    Timing will be key.
    If some shit goes down in October or if the debates expose Hillary that may solve everything.

  10. Brad, I’m getting really sick of the “He’s worse than Hillary!!!” bullshit.
    HOW is he worse? Was he in office before like she was? Does he have a list of people I allegedly killed as Hill does? Did he rip off the entire nation of Haiti in a charity scam like Hill did? Did his spouse rape, and then harass the victims into silence? Was he caught being fast and loose with national security documents?

    Noooo… But he talks loud, kicked out a baby and he filed some bankruptcies. He’s ORANGE!!!

    Ohhhh okay. Clearly, he’s much much worse than hillary.

  11. I’d like to think I helped with Pavlich seeing the light.
    I was only one of many, many, many people on Twitter who excoriated her for being absolutely pathetic in her ridiculous, petty attacks that only amount to helping Hillary.
    I dumped her from my Twitter feed, as did hordes, telling her why.

    Maybe she’s starting to get the point.

    You can’t be outraged at what Hillary is doing and getting away with and what the future will bring and at the same time rip down Trump for “having a baby thrown out of the rally” (which Trump didn’t do.)

    Pavlich is perhaps “getting it.”

    The only people that will never get it are complete lost causes that can’t seem to connect dot A with dot B.

    And yes, the NTs are predominantly Cruztians that don’t seem to realize he is not going to be president before either Hillary or Trump is.

    The smartest choice for us is Trump.
    Arguing this point is fucking ridiculous. It’s not arguable.

  12. Cruz might get primaried for his senate seat. Dream on for 2020, 2024 or any future primary. He has a lot of relationship repairing to do before he should return nationally.

    If principle is the issue Trump is probably the one candidate that will result in a return to the separation of powers and the government working as it was designed. Congress and SCOTUS have been in collusion with Obama and that will continue unless they have a desire to exercise their power per the Constitution.

    They make no sense.

  13. MJA

    And I might add the people you are describing are the assholes that will be complaining the loudest after they get her elected.
    Makes no sense.

  14. Loco, True but she’s picked up the dreaded Glenn Beck virus. Maybe Uncle Ted can pay her another visit and straighten her mind out.

  15. The nevertrumps which amuse me are the ones who sneered at third parties like the “Losertarians” up until this year.

    I’m looking at you, No-Cred Medved.

  16. Brad- I read your comment as a liberal and I have already alerted the authorities that you sent your uncle Theodore to some woman’s house to shoot her. LOL

    We should do a contest on liberal interpretation. 😀

  17. MJA

    I also voted Cruz in the primaries. Now, I’m in for Trump cuz he’s the nominee. And I’ll never vote socialist……

    Trump isn’t perfect. But he is the best, electable alternative that we have….

  18. One day I will write publicly about the ******’s, both **** and Mr. **** ****** (*****) and how these two “principled” people tried to fuck me over because *I* stood on principle and defended an artist who was wrongfully being badmouthed on their super secret r*tfucking Facebook group.

    That punk, ***** (and I vowed to knock his fucking teeth down his goofy looking hipster doofus mouth if I ever see him, and that vow stands), responded by outing my name on the internet.

    So, no, don’t get me started on these fucking asswipes and “their principles” and how “Trump is a danger and a monster.”

  19. Loco: You’re really doing the Lord’s work here.

    There is no one still pining for a Cruz comeback for now, 2020, or 2024. This is just the strawman being setup by those who are slowly figuring out that the light at the end of the tunnel is going to run over their guy.

    They’ll get to nurse their Cruz hate and he will be their Emmanuel Goldstein through a Perot-esque loss.

    The media attacks were always going to come but if you develop a reservoir of good will with people on your side then they stand with you when it comes.

    They’ve been too busy telling everybody to fuck themselves for the last six months to remember they needed all the support they could get.

    Guess those Independents and disaffected Bernie Bros aren’t materializing.

    First denial, then anger. The globalist, Goldman Sachs, traitorous cabal, blah, blah, blah sounds so much better than Trump doesn’t care how state to state, county to county party politics works.

    Don Lemon is more receptive of a different opinion.

    In the end, who is more the martyr. The one standing on principle or the one on self-righteous anger if the result is the same.

    None of this is funny in the least.

  20. So NTers, I have a question. Judging Trump solely on his speech at the convention and his stated positions, understanding that he’s never served in public office so he has no voting record, how is he worse than Hitler (darn auto correct)…..Hillary?

    Hitler (dang it)….Hillary…..has served in office and has a very socialist record and her stated positions are socialist…..


  21. Remember this name: Jorge Johnson-Jackson, a latino, black and perhaps future transgender who will be a President of the United States. Of course, Jorge is only 9 years old now and is presently only interested in Power Rangers, but I’m firmly convinced that he will win the 2056 Presidential election.

    And it is readily apparent that Donald Trump stands in Jorge’s path to the Presidency. If Trump is elected President, he could conceivable appoint three Supreme Court justices – who will probably be dead by the time Jorge is eligible to run for President (assuming he is not in jail), but that’s beside the point. The point is that I too am principled, and I am willing to play for the long term. Although by 2056 I won’t be around either and therefore not in a position to care, but that’s not important. What is important is that you should remember the name Jorge Jackson-Johnson (or is it Johnson-Jackson?) and decide whether or not Trump should be President now when Jorge is lurking in the distant political future.

  22. Loco: You’re really doing the Lord’s work here.

    Wow, how about God’s washed his hands of the entire mess and walked away shaking his head.


    Cruz needed to win because God only recognizes him and Glen Beck. And now all you sinners will pay the price.

  23. “There is no one still pining for a Cruz comeback for now, 2020, or 2024.”

    Oh no you did NOT just say that. Really? LMAO.
    It’s all I read from at least 4 NT websites. In the articles and in their comments.

  24. Cliche Guevara,

    Just because you have a great screen name doesn’t mean I’ll agree with you.

    You are obviously not hanging around the biggest NeverTrumpsites and loitering in their comment section.

    Many still believe Cruz will be president THIS YEAR! (I am not kidding.)

    It matters little that I used the Cruz people as the foil in my parody. None of the NeverTrump people have a lucid message as to what happens after they’ve unleashed their “principle bone” on the people desperately trying to block progressivism.

    Let’s hear the plan other than “whew, we successfully blocked a guy, that we didn’t want, who promised to be tough on illegal immigration, Islam, political correctness of the left and promised to build up the military, veterans affairs and structure a global “America First” policy, because he said something nasty to Megyn Kelly and a NY Times reporter with a gimpy hand.”

    That isn’t cutting it.

  25. MJ:. Should I clarify “anyone that matters”?

    I supported Cruz. He fucked up. Made too many rookie mistakes. Got outgunned. Whatever.

    But 2020 doesn’t matter if Trump doesn’t get his internal opposition on the right side of the ledger.

    FFS, Obama paid off Hillary’s campaign debt and made her SoS. He did what he had to do to win.

    What has Trump done to bring anyone into the fold? I mean besides promising to start SuperPACs to primary them when he hasn’t won the presidency yet.

    88 days. This cake will be baked before then.

  26. Look back and see that both Cruz and Trump had if not the same, similar policy ideas during their campaigns. But all of a sudden Trump is a retard. Well then, Cruz is a retard too, no? What’s the difference other than one is the nominee and the other isn’t?
    And I’m saying this as a person who would gladly vote for Cruz if he were the nominee.
    It’s just Trump’s style and believability that got him where he is today.
    Trump got massive votes or he wouldn’t be where he is right now. It’s a fact.

    If Cruz, or Carson, or another Republican wants to run next time, then they need to learn from this and do better next time to get as many or even more of the vote.

  27. “What has Trump done to bring anyone into the fold?”
    Oh you mean like endorsing Ryan, Ayotte and McCain just for the RINO support?
    Other than that, he’s been talking the same yang Cruz had before about national security, etc. The stuff Conservatives are supposed to care about. In that case they were all in the fold already. No?

  28. The biggest difference between Cruzborgs and people who voted for Trump is that the former seem to be latched onto Cruz, the person rather than his actual record. It just doesn’t square with their purported ‘principles’ at all. Just for starters: Big Money super PACS, hiding some of his big cash transfers and fudging his personal loan info, lying about his wife’s real level of involvement and influence on the board of the CFR, lying about his so-called outsider status when he got his start in gov’t a long time ago, supporting Fast Track on TPA/TPP, voting against it to control his anti-establishment image when he knew it didn’t matter, materially; trying to rig the primaries by overwhelming the delegate pools and persisting in trying to filch and turn delegates into a floor fight army. Oh, and outright cheating in the caucuses. He’s the one who tried to slut shame Melania Trump in the Utah primary and yet now he uses the excuse that he’s not “inclined to support someone who attacks his family.” He’s a liar and a coward. And, actually, not a very good one, at that. So, it can’t be Cruz’s principled stand on the issues that is his overwhelming appeal.

    OTOH: When Trump voters say they like Trump, they are talking almost exclusively about his position on issues. Because if you think about it, there are personality and image issues that are much easier to use against him. Not for me, personally, because I don’t care what he looks and sounds like — I only care about what he says and how he’s conducted his life and business and whether the results in those areas match what he says he will do. Some here have argued that he’s a life-long liberal/Democrat or his only success was building a skating rink. Well, good luck with that line of BS.

  29. Trump brought in more votes than anyone ever in the history of the Republican primary. I think that is the same thing as bringing people into the fold. Other than that, he’s got a relatively huge number of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, gays, etc. who are out stumping for him. Like no other Republican candidate before him. Additionally, he is taking the fight to Blue states, which former R candidates have completely written off. If you only get your news from corporate media, you will only get their slant on Trump.

  30. The Polls are tightening. Not that I beleive the polls. They are admittedly skewed towards the Dems. Things will get real serious after Labor Day. And the debates should be fun to watch.

  31. While talking with a friend yesterday, (whose other friends were sitting on the same bench chatting), politics came up out of the blue. UH OH. right? No. They were voting for Trump and they’re lifer democrats. Why? Because they are pissed at 0bama and saw hillary as his twin. They are tired of the taxes, the border, the healthcare, the men in women’s bathrooms, being afraid of saying something that could offend someone and losing their jobs or their money in a silly lawsuit, and oh mylanta, you guys, they are buying guns. GUNS!!! lol. Yes, he’s pulling in some hardcore voting liberals who have had enough.

    Also, they told a joke that would make Barney Frank blush. Heh.

  32. I saw Trump just reluctantly endorse three GOP rino-types in an effort to unify the party and get some momentum going.
    What was the response from the peanut gallery of “principled conservatives?”

    “See, we told you he was a RINO!!!!”

    Then we get this gem —
    “Does Trump think he can win without the support of us NeverTrump people???”

    Does NeverTrump think Cruz is going to win without the support of the GOPe/Rinos?

    Please stop it.

    The right is defeating Trump, not the left.

    When we have some dumb GOP bitch get on the TeeVee and say that Trump is his own worst enemy and “he’s causing the media firestorms himself” and she gives as an example of his own sabotage and “self-induced firestorm” the “fact” that he threw a baby out of a rally, I know we are dealing with truly lost, borderline evil, people.

    We have “conservatives” defending an activist judge (under what other circumstances would this ever be done?) who belongs to groups that are affiliates of La Raza. They are siding with him when Trump suggests he might not get a fair trial because he is an enemy of La Raza.

    We have “conservatives” rebleating that Trump called Mexicans rapists.
    We have “conservatives” rebleating that he “made fun of a NY Times reporter and his disability.” Have you gone and looked at this guy? Does he look or sound anything like what Trump’s “mocking” looked like?
    I thought the guy was going to be a spastic with speech problems. He speaks more eloquently than 90% of the people in this country, and he does not have spastic movements. He has a deformed hand.
    Did you see the movements Trump made when he was imitating the frazzled woman with the crying baby? They looked EXACTLY like the movements he made when talking about the NY Times reporter. This is his go-to move.

    Will the right back him up?
    No, they will nauseatingly adopt the left-wing talking points.

    I’m getting sick of these NT people. They are sick, self-centered, dangerous and frankly, fucking stupid. Including that self-important fart-cupping Mark Levin.
    If this imbecile says he’s “preserving the constitooooooshun” one more time, as if he’s not aware that Hillary appointments sink this country, and that Cruz is NOT AVAILABLE In 2016, I’m going to kick him in his 1a and 2a.

  33. I did not say commenters don’t matter. I’m talking about the NT sites.

    BF is right. I don’t read them. Because why. It would be pointless.

    I do believe in making deals though out of both self and national interest.

    McCain, Ayotte and the others were always going to be wildcards. They are historical pains in the asses. The Graham’s and Kirk’s etc would always be dragged kicking and screaming.

    Where is the Master Deal maker here? This is supposed to be his forte. Personal pride should be down the list a ways. If you care about the country, you put them in a chair and ask, what does it take?

    They agree or not. Or ask for too much or more than you think they deserve and you decide what you can live with.

    But you don’t burn the bridges before you’re safely on the other side of November 2nd.

    I’ve read one story about a former Cruz guy now working for Trump who tried to set something up on his own and failed.

    The Leader needs to lead and then once the others are on board then their people will follow. And campaign for them instead of sitting on their hands.

    I don’t think that is naive.

  34. MJA,
    There’s a Real Estate agency out of Las Vegas that is running TV adds here in Northern California trying to entice California Gun Owners to move there. Interesting marketing approach.

  35. @MJA – I had dinner with a friend this week who has been a lifelong democrat, and she is voting for Trump. She said she watched the RNC and DNC and was very impressed with Trump’s children – she said “You can’t fake that.” She liked what the RNC speakers were saying and said the DNC was just a huge mess. She also took her daughter to see “Clinton Cash,” which cemented her decision to vote for Trump.

  36. CG,

    I think you sound earnest and I think your heart is in the right place. But I think Trump has actually done what you’re suggesting and he’s run into a cement block of collective skulls in the National Review Ream Team and, more recently, the list of 51 Republicans that have called Trump to withdraw over his “comments about a Gold Star soldier.”

    So, in oily fashion, the complaint shifted to “you never attack a gold star FAMILY.”

    Really, the entire family is off limits? Who made this stupid rule? We can’t go after a left-wing radical who supports all things Islam because they had a son killed in the service??
    It seems everyone went after Cindy Sheehan. This must be a new rule.. The new TRUMP RULE.

    You can’t reason with these idiots.
    They have it in for Trump and look for reasons to justify their actions.

    No amount of deal-making will work with these deranged bastards.
    And if Hillary wins it is their fault. Period.

  37. Again, I ask NTers…..what in Trump’s stated platform is the problem?

    Do you have any issues with Clinton’s platform?

    Vote accordingly…..

    If you vote Clinton or “against Trump”. You are on the wrong side.

  38. Mudd,
    I’ve asked. The answer I get is that anything Trump has to say cannot be believed.

    Also, I’ve heard these arguments, sometimes simultaneously from the same people-

    -Trump is a progressive and he’s going to show his true colors once he’s in. (Why didn’t he run as a progressive? Because running as a conservative is the easiest path to victory in the U.S.?)
    -Trump is helping Hillary win because he agrees with everything Hillary stands for. (If he agrees with everything Hillary stands for why did he have to run against her? See theory one to bask in the glory of the cognitive dissonance.)
    -Trump is not conservative, and if he wins he will set back conservatism for decades.
    (How does a person who is “obviously not a conservative” have an impact on future conservatives??)

  39. Are these at never Trump people mentally ill or evangelicals?
    Cruz lost by the vote of the majority that’s how it works.
    I’m very conservative but I can’t stand Cruz. But if he was the nominee
    I would vote for him. Anyone but a democrat.
    Libertarians are crazy like this too,Ron Paul or no one.
    It must be a mental illness.

  40. Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton. These are the only choices in 2016. Whose values are closer to mine – those of Trump, or those of Clinton? Who do I trust more – Trump or Clinton? Who do I think will be better at leading the country – Trump or Clinton?

    Cruz is out; he lost. Cruz may or may not run for President in 2020, but we are voting in 2016. Trump has flaws, Clinton has flaws (assuming corruption can be a “mere flaw.”) Who has less flaws, or at least flaws you can live with?

    That’s it, nothing more. If you are a NeverTrump advocate, you have chosen Hillary. Don’t spout some bullshit about some end game Cruz has for 2020 – that’s an uncertainty no one can really predict – just admit you prefer Hillary.

  41. There is another site that I’ve been surprised to see a lot of anti-Trump headlines. I wouldn’t say that BadBlue is full blown #NeverTrump but a lot of their headlines seem to be anti-Trump.

  42. Point taken BFH.

    It comes down to this for me….

    Which candidate is least LIKELY to shred the constitution and trample all over our rights?

    Both have the capacity….But which is least LIKELY…..?

  43. In four years if Cruz is our nominee, I will vote for him as many times as I can. And I don’t like him either. But I do know he will uphold the second.

  44. LocoBlancoSaltine said this:
    “New blood will be necessary if Hillary gets elected.”

    I fixed it for you:
    “Blood will be necessary if Hillary gets elected.”

  45. Yea keep arguing with the #neverTrump crowd, as if you’re going to convince them. Meanwhile Trump is running such a sh*tty campaign it’s hard to believe he has any chance. I read that he’s doing an appearance in Connecticut on Saturday. Connecticut! He has no friggin’ chance there. My home state is a toss up and Hitlery is running ads here every day. Haven’t seen ONE Trump ad yet

  46. Actually you don’t know what anyone will do when they are president.
    In four years there could be someone much better than lawyer Cruz.

  47. Yeah Jon, Trump is running such a sh*tty campaign that every venue he appears at in every state is completely full with thousands left waiting to get inside.

    And you say he has no chance in CT, so he shouldn’t even try? WTF?


  48. Jon,
    I don’t give up. I have energy.
    I haven’t given up on NeverTrump.
    And regarding campaigning in Connecticut?

    I like that a candidate is willing to go to a place for a day or two where he’s not expected to win.
    I lived in New York my entire life.
    You get a little sick and tired of conservatives who act as if you don’t exist because you have no value to them.

    Trump talking to “his people” in a no-win state shows something a little above and beyond what we get from normal politicians.

    I had no chance of ever seeing conservatives in NY (Cruz went, with his disparaging comments about the town.)

    I lived there. I’m not someone to be pissed on because he sees it as a dead zone to conservtive pols’ ambitions.

    Trump is showing something to be admired, in my opinion.

  49. It sounds like NT wants to be wooed and wined and dined and get a pat on the head for being so principled while we beg them to lower themselves to vote for the only real option to save the country.

    Grow up, get over it, and if you truly need your ass kissed in return for a Trump vote, know that nobody here is going to get chapped lips accommodating that demand. If you haven’t figured out by now what’s at stake. Some of you are beyond parody.

    “What’s he doing to WIN US OVER?” Jesus H Christ. Do you even realize how whiny and puerile you sound?

  50. Jethro got there before me:

    LBS: “New blood will be necessary if Hillary gets elected.”

    Jethro: “Blood will be necessary if Hillary gets elected.”

    Me: “A lot of blood will be necessary if Hillary gets elected.”

  51. THIS IS IT FOLKS! 2016 – you lose 2016 to #CrookedHillary the toilet has FLUSHED! There is NO “let’s get ’em in 2020”.
    Say goodbye to the 2nd Amendment. Say hello to SINGLE PAYER health care. If you don’t put Trump in, it is OVER! O V E R
    If you are a #NeverTrumper and have this DELUSION that you’re going to get YOUR PERFECT CONSERVATIVE in, in 2020. You’re hitting a CRACK PIPE!
    If Trump loses in a squeaker – I BLAME YOU #NeverTrumper and I will #NEVERFORGIVE.
    Fucking assholes!

  52. @JustMe
    “Actually you don’t know what anyone will do when they are president. In four years there could be someone much better than lawyer Cruz.”

    And it WON’T MATTER!
    A wide open border
    Entitlements through the roof
    Taxes sky high
    Single Payer Health Care
    GUNS TAKEN AWAY (Hate me all you want when I say: Cut the PUSSY bullshit – you’re not going to war with the government – YOU WILL hand over your fucking gun)

  53. And if you think the “Down Ballot” that asshole NeverTrumpers want to “preserve” is going to “fight” Hillary, you’re going to get the same results of what we got the past 8 years. Republican PUSSIES will HELP HER like they FUNDED Obama!

  54. These “NeverTrumps” want a Pastor for Prez. A Pastor who has NO sin, evil, etc.
    They’re living in a dream land.

    But, they want Ted Cruz who voted with Dems after a 21 hr filib.
    Who armed Iran.
    Who is pro GMO and pro George Soros/Ukraine.

    They’re insane.

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