My Little Pony Features Gay Couple


In the upcoming episode “The Last Crusade” written by Nicole Dubuc, set to debut this Saturday on Discovery Family but has already aired overseas, the long absent parents of the young pegasus Scootaloo (Madeleine Peters) are at last introduced, finally answering a longstanding plot point many have been wondering. But that’s not the only significance of the episode. Early in the story, Scootaloo and her friends Apple Bloom (Michelle Creber) and Sweetie Belle (Claire Corlett), known collectively as the Cutie Mark Crusaders, meet with Scootaloo’s current caretakers Aunt Holiday (Jackie Blackmore) and Auntie Lofty (Saffron Henderson).

At first glance one might be tempted to assume it’s a Sabrina the Teenage Witch situation i.e. two adult siblings as the legal guardians of their niece à la Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda. But it soon becomes evident that Holiday and Lofty are not siblings or even in-laws but in fact a romantic lesbian couple.


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ComicsBeat says-

While we still have some ways to go, I think the above example in Static Shock compared to LGBTQ representation of the last few years demonstrates the major strides we’ve made and hopefully will continue to as a culture.

Ways to go?

What? Explicit sex? Pedophilia?

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  1. I always thought that My Little Phony was a gay cartoon any way. I wouldn’t let my kids watch it because it’s garbage. And besides the animation is crap and lifeless and animeish in the way it’s drawn. It’s beginning to look like millstones around their necks would be quite the fashion statement for these pinheads who pollute the minds of little children.

  2. If it’s not Bugs Bunny or Foghorn Leghorn it’s probably gay. Yosemite Sam? Hard to tell, those old gold miners and pirates were capable of anything.

  3. Let it ride I say.

    Eventually THEY WILL demand that I put a Little Pony sticker on the window to let the public know that I embrace ( tolerance is not an option anymore, you must EMBRACE) this type of “cartoon”, (lifestyle). I guess they can send me to their gulags. Even silence will be interpreted as disapproval. There is no avoiding it. You must EMBRACE it. Just read #7 in this link.

  4. Nobody wants to admit the depressing reality that we’re living in the dying embers of our once great society.

  5. Its everywhere you look (or cringe) now – TV, newspapers, radio, social media, it all supports and puts forth the okay affirming bullshit that it is normal.

    It ain’t normal to sniff a guy’s phooter and get aroused and it ain’t normal for Aunt Jane to munch carpet. It’s sodomy! It’s immoral and an abomination in God’s eyes!!!!!

  6. In my opinion a guy’s gotta be pretty whacked to be able to look at a nuther guy’s hairy butt and think: Oooooh yeah… I want some of that!

  7. I saw on Drudge that HBO has a new series coming out Euphoria} with not only full nudity but erections and graphic sexual activities. This sounds like extreme XXX material but they’re allowing this garbage to air.
    WTF is happening?


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