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My New Ad For Photoshop

Pitching it now. I’ll let you know how it goes.sharon-stone-hb2-1

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  1. I’ll tell ya what. If I didn’t live in the bestest ever most honestest country on the planet I’d swear that every fucking thing you see these days is chock full of fucking bullshit, Wally!

  2. I’m a gym rat and honestly I’ve seen older women in the gym that make me think “Damn, she’s kinda of hot”. She would not be one of them.

  3. It’s funny, but not really.

    We’ve got millions of males just wishing they had someone to eat cheese and do shooters with, and millions of females thinking that men don’t need them and looking for other males who clearly don’t.

    Men, these are women. Women, these are men.

    Figure it out, quickly, or we’re all fucked.

  4. No wonder that damn software is so expensive. šŸ™‚

  5. She shines more like a Harley than a woman.

  6. Yea but she doesn’t do squats. Squats would turn those two heads of cabbage into rock hard glutes. Takes some courage and the ability to endure pain.

  7. Let the 57+ year olds in the crowd who look better with no digital spackling cast the first stones šŸ˜‰

  8. I grew up down the street from her. I was born in 54 so I was ahead of her in school, Saegertown High School. My sister who is her age was at Edinboro
    University with her till she quit.
    Never really paid much attention to her since she was younger. Old age really fucks people up don’t it.
    She won Miss Crawford County.

    Her dad was a Tool and die manufacturer

  9. Tool and Die, no shit. A lost art. Much respect for her old man, not so much for her. They say you can’t pick your parents. If that’s true you can’t pick your kids either.

  10. Yeah, Bad Brad. You beat me to it. It’s amazing to me that EVEN I SQUAT as a middle-aged male. There couldn’t be anything less significant than the fact that I squat. Yet, 95% of celebrity sex symbol females do not squat when it is the number one thing they should be doing. Three times a week, 3 sets of 5. Do some hiking, run some shuttles. I DO THAT.

  11. BFH. That sums it up well. I saw that black and white the other day when it came out and said ” no way” is that her

    I would like to know when all the feminists are going to start shrieking about body image and how this sends the wrong message. Which it does imho. There’s no way she looks like not when you surround the fake with the others.

    Good call out !

  12. When you get to be my age (66 tomorrow), who cares if there’s some wrinkles/sagging as long as the “equipment” still works and the owner knows how to use it. Always preferred older wimmin finding experience is the best teacher. And they’re ready, willing and able – no games/bullshit.

    Cellulite and sagging is why God gave us light switches. Like a wise, old horn dog told me once, “You don’t f__k the face!” Oh, wait…. Well, you don’t have to look at it while you’re doing it.

    “Here, Babe – let me hold your dentures!”

  13. For those few who care– Windows 10 does not recognize Adobe Photoshop.

  14. Gosh. A strange topic for Sunday’s montage one day early!

  15. Legs are a twice a week thing here BB. One starts with back squats and the other with landline squats and presses.

    House of Pain baby

  16. Aw, Liquify. . . it isn’t just for happy hour anymore!

  17. Really? How archaic.
    Reason 15,984,817 not to use Microsoft’s shit.

  18. Thats got to be the most Photoshopped picture I have ever seen. They even removed her nipples!!!

  19. I think Sharon Stone is perfectly fine for a 57 year-old in the paparazzi photos.
    But if you’re going to talk about “empowerment” and all this psychobabble bullshit about how it’s important to “put it out there” and then have it photoshopped to death, I’m going to call you out.
    That’s just the way it has to be.

    If she talked for 2 hours about how she was going to endeavor into a new career, how she was going to put it out there and talked about her bravery upon becoming “a singer’ and then took to the mic and lip-synced, would we just let her get away with it?

  20. I don’t think Adobe has enough money for what that’s worth.
    Why don’t you assemble one of Moose for ‘Plan B’?

  21. this woman’s claim to fame is a crotch shot. ala the kardashians. and the movie basic instinct was stupid.
    but i digress.

    why she feigns modesty in these pictures is absurd.

  22. “Cellulite and sagging is why God gave us light switches.”

    Roadmaster for the win!

  23. Heck I’m 60 and I squat. I hate butt and thigh exercises where you have to get on your knees first. Mine are replacement parts and it doesn’t feel so good. Squats are great.

  24. When I first saw that B&W pic on Drudge yesterday I thought, “this is one of the worst photoshops I’ve seen in quite a while”.

    Her head is about 10% too small. This is a trick used in comic books to imply stupidity.

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