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My Personal War With Frank Luntz

Emerald Robinson:
A month before the 2020 election, the goofball Democrat pollster and OxyContin lobbyist Frank Luntz complained that the Trump campaign was “the worst campaign I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching them since 1980. They’re on the wrong issues. They’re on the wrong message.”

He famously added: “Nobody cares about Hunter Biden.”

It fell to yours truly to remind people that Frank Luntz was not actually a credible figure in the world of polling.

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  1. Luntz is a typical libtard. Not unlike the trolls that post here. He’s a miserable piece of shit and wants you to be just a miserable. They constantly use the word “Fair” when they mean “Equitable”. Frank was so excited on election night he almost squirted. I watched in discussed. His orgasm ended up getting his fat ass fired. Even from FOX LOL. Who’s he room mates with again?
    If you don’t think this piece of shit is miserable catch a full body shot of him on TV. He’s a fat pig because he lacks discipline.

  2. I think he’s unusually close to Miss Lindsey, of is it another squish rIno POS? Anyway, he has fudgepacker written all over him.

  3. ^^^^^
    Yea, definitely a member of the Congressional smelly dick club. With McCarthy, Graham, Crenshaw, Zinger for sure, Ah shit, long day, I’m tired help me out here. This should be a good list.

  4. joe6pak

    You know pal, The dudes gotta have so many hemorrhoids his ass looks like an Octopus. Who in their right mind would dive into that. Besides Frank I mean.

  5. Would be nice to read the entire article. You can’t afford to subscribe to everyone’s sites and blogs.

    Frank Luntz, like many others (Karl Rove) got a taste of the limelight on Fox and it went to his head.


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