‘My Pillow’ Guy Concludes The Media Really Are Evil

Gateway Pundit

Mike Lindell told Lou Dobbs, “I heard Jim Acosta attacked me too and he was just 10 feet from me in the Rose Garden. This is just evil, Lou… CNN what they did to me? I’m sorry, I put out a message of hope to the country that God had given us grace on November 8, 2016 for such a time… I’m appalled by the journalists that I see there. I used to think are they really that evil? Well, yes there are.“ More

22 Comments on ‘My Pillow’ Guy Concludes The Media Really Are Evil

  1. One of God’s soldiers gets to his feet and strikes back.
    Keep telling the truth about them. Evil hates sunlight.

  2. Mike has built a very successful based on hard work and determination. He is doing a fantastic job to help out in this troubled time. God bless him.

  3. Jimmy boy should be “accosted” with the opinion that he is a douchebag, everywhere he goes… forever. Yay, first amendment.

  4. MSM hates Americans. Have
    done so for at least 70 years! Mike thinks Americans are good. So MSM hates Mike

    The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

  5. The media are followers of the progressive movement, a wicked and evil political philosophy, that has been invested in the innocent human suffering, misery and death since its inception.

    Yes they absolutely are evil. If he thinks he is insulting them by pointing it out, he is mistaken. All one has to do is pay attention and it is apparent that they relish their depravity.

  6. I know some people say “there’s another My Pillow ad”, but honestly the “worst thing” Mike Lindell has done is advertise a lot. So what! I think he should be recognized for converting much of his manufacturing facilities to making masks! That is a very laudable effort and I’m glad President Trump recognized it!
    As far as ABC, NBC, CBS, and their retarded step children like MSNBC and CNN are concerned I would ask:
    How about a big GOOSE EGG! (or as Joe would say: A Big Fukkin Goose Egg)
    With the exception of lies and envy – Zip, Zero, Nada!
    They absolutely are the embodiment of Evil.

  7. I don’t mind his commercials, I much prefer a factual presentation of a product to jackassery and weirdos. And as for that Goddamned book, Catching Murphy or Catching Herpes as it is known as around here. Nobody in their right mind would fall for that bullshit commercial that fund five times every hour

  8. We heroes at CNN/MSNBC/CBS/NBC/ABC are on the front line – battling Trump and his evil minions from the hellholes of our elegant studios, trendy homes and limousines while staying away from the unwashed masses through our use of broadcast outlets and social media. Mike Lindell, on the other hand, is doing nothing except altering his business to manufacture tens of thousands of medical masks.

    We are the front lines in our effort to destroy America both politically and economically despite the fact that our policies and actions are really stupid and self-serving. (But that’s o.k., our viewers don’t know the difference). Lindell, on the other hand, has done nothing but build a successful business, employ a lot of people, and help out when needed.

    Besides, if we don’t stand up for Jim Acosta, the home for the mentally deficient and morally bankrupt will want him back.

  9. Jimmy Acosta needs a baseball bat to the back of his head in a dark alley. Make sure to take his wallet and cell phone, so it dosen’t look like what happened to Seth Rich.

  10. @ Wyatt, New Political Talking Head On Television –
    We are the front lines in our effort to destroy America both politically and economically…

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand yer doing it so well I can’t tell you from a dirty democRAT! Funny how you blend right in!

  11. I have LITERALLY been praying that COVID-19 infects the halls of CNN. Well lookee there. Fredo has it.

    One down, a multitude to go…😇

  12. When and where will the 15 round, Mike vs Jim, pillow fight be broadcast?
    Popcorn and beverage are ready.

  13. Trudeau should buy this guys pillows so that after an evening of Sodomy he won’t get any feathers stuck in his throat.

    One for Barky too.

  14. You’ve been spending all your time dealing with actual real problem while creating things people value, Mike, so your lack of understanding can be excused

    Ive been eyeballing these people for fifty years and every day they do something that makes my jaw drop


    The devil takes POINTERS from the media, on how to be MORE evil. 👹

  16. It’s beginning to look like we are dealing with the zombie apocalypse depicted in “The Walking Dead”. Our enemies feel free to destroy us at any cost because they have no soul.

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