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My Prediction is that “Jarrar the Gut” Will Be Fired

The nutbag Muslim leftist feminist “professor”, Randa Jarrar of Fresno State, the one that reveled in George H.W. Bush’s sadness over the death of his wife, will be booted.

In her final act before she made her tweets private she posted a phone number, saying it was hers, and it was a mental crisis hotline number.

They were not happy. Even the left denounced her.

This will end in her dismissal. If not, Fresno State is a clown college, with a clown president.

So much for this—> “I will never be fired.”


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  1. Moooooooooo

    I’ve seen better lookin’ stuff at the feedlot.

    Can only imagine what it smells like.

  2. Fugly on the inside and the outside.

    We sure have some nasty evil people people in this country.

  3. Illustr8r –

    And too many are in our schools.

  4. Were FSU in Fresno you would be wrong! But like Cerritos College; its in 2 cities. FSU in part, is in Clovis. At the middle of what old time Californians called “The Kern Valley” – Before Pat Brown (J’s dad) and Mexifornia (A term created BTW by another FSU prof -VDH-! Most folk in Clovis are actually Don folk and want America to be GREAT as it was in ’88! They would love to see her fired.

    Given th diff in the 2 cities – I think you have a 50 – 50 chance. Were FSU entirely in “TheHome of Roma” mud have no chance; 0!

  5. This Blob needs to stripped of U.S. citizenship & shipped to The Gaza Strip.

  6. They can’t fire her…she’s holding the FUKINMUZZIE card!

  7. I hope you are right about this disgusting woman and she will be fired.

  8. I betcha anything she has diabetes, and her blood sugar is so high that she’s a raging maniac!

    @FreeMan, she’s extremely OBESE! MORBIDLY obese. She’s got fork to mouth disease. I’d hate to tangle with that pig. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they fire her fat ass! They’ll have to widen the door jam before they do it.

  9. .45-70, that’s for sure, in college and public school.

    I’ve been following these teachers strikes, not only do they have the maturity level of those they’re supposed to be teaching, but they’re vulgar, rude, want to tax everyone and are ignorant. Plus the signs saying they’re starving or qualify for food stamps when they’re the size of a house makes me want to beat them over their head with their sign. A fat woman should never hold a sign saying they’re starving.

  10. She really looks like Jabba the Hutt’s mama in that picture.

    Randa the Hutt.

  11. She gave a number 480 921 1006. So, having had a few, I called it. A young lady answered and I said, Hello is this Professor Blobfish, she may not have gotten Blobfish, but she said, no this is not the professor’s number, this is the crisis center. We don’t know why she gave out this number. The lady was very polite. She said she was getting a lot of calls and they are working on correcting it. She was extremely polite. I apologized and thanked her for her professionalism. Try the number for yourself.
    The Professor Blobfish has a big problem.

  12. Pogo April 18, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    This Blob needs to stripped of U.S. citizenship & shipped to The Gaza Strip.

    Pogo, she’s a US citizen, she was born in Shitcago! We’re SOL there.

  13. Dang, Randa girl! You need some keto therapy. Call me!

  14. So, let me get this straight: She’s a muslim AND she’s an America hating, racist, anti-Semitic, savage, leftist college professor?
    Wow… who saw that coming?

  15. Republicans take note: End this college indoctrination nonsense and Democrats will get 10% of the national vote.

  16. Nov is gonna be so MAGA the MSM may actually implode prior.

  17. Go ahead Call her at 480 921 1006. Give me your reaction. It is not her number, it is a Crisis Center number, but it’s the number she gave as hers. Let’s follow up.

  18. Jarrar Binks. Not even as intelligent as her namesake.

  19. Believe it or not, 480 921 1006, is a Crisis Number, but they are not now answering. That’s because Professor Jarrar gave it out as her phone number. What do misfortunates in crisis now do? Who do they call?
    Anyone interested? Or are you all fucking brain dead ?
    I’m just thinking like a white, racist, ex LEO.
    I’m serious. This should be investigated.

  20. Hey Greyscape… I dare you to hit that.
    I Triple Dog dare you.

  21. Fire her? Hell, fire whoever thought she should have ever been hired to teach.

  22. Ann: I was just going to post something about Greyscape! LOL

  23. Giving out the crisis hotline as her last act of defiance, huh? Is there a hint in that. She’s itching for suicide by bus or something not totally under her control.

    Batshit crazy plus she hates herself so much she doesn’t even know she hates herself.

  24. These are very rare moments when I’m in solidarity with my muslim “brothers”. Seeing a picture of this THING, I would rather jump sheep, donkey or camel, than make love to IT. 😉

  25. I called the Professor Jarrar number 480 921 1006 just now. That’s the number she gives us, The young lady answered. She has no idea who Professor Jarrar is but they have been getting calls all day to the Crisis Center about her. They are trying to solve it. The young lady seemed surprised that so many calls were coming in about this Professor Jarrar. They are looking into it, but have no answers at this time.
    If it were me I’d call in the local District Attorney.
    Are any of you interested in this case. Maybe IOTW could solve a case.

  26. That thing is a muzzrat? Why isn’t she in the full body bag burka with a slit for her eyes? Because I would approve of it in her case. Also a ball gag.

  27. Hmmm, area code 480 is for east and north Phoenix, Az. area. Not hoping harm comes to anyone who needed help and called that mental crisis hotline phone number. But, if it does – justice would see the nutty hateful professor sued. Unless she can prove she made a simple mistake of accidentally reversing a couple of the area code numbers. Which she can not. Fresno is area code 559.

  28. Good Lord the poor thing is 18 months pregnant.

  29. Doc has to say that here and not on Facebook. He gets thrown in jail there. lol

  30. He’ll yeah! I’d hit that in a heart beat!!!!

    With a 2X4.

    Then I’d get mad.

  31. Another TANJ moment,
    If there was Justice in the US of A then the helpful people at the number she gave out would give callers who wish to connect with her immense-ness her employers direct telephone number and suggest that they also chat with them about the harm she has done the community that they are trying to help.

    I still believe that we will all have the justice we have earned, tho it would do this heart good to see a wee bit of justice done to those who have worked so hard to earn it.

    A few names come to mind: The She-Jabba from above, Hillary, Obama, Comey McCabe and all of those who draw a check from the government yet do everything in their power to show that the law only applies to the serfs, NOT those inside the ruling class.

    MSG Grumpy

  32. No, not fired. Promoted to some really, really obscure position at twice the pay.

  33. If she is tenured it will take a lot of time (years) and money to get rid of her and even then maybe not for good. Ask CU and look up Ward Churchill. And as it turns out he eventually has been back at an event lecturing.

  34. This is just the beginning for these Muslim nut-jobs… time to get rid of ALL of them in any educational or medical setting.
    You cannot trust any of them — Taqqiyah – it’s what they do, all the time.

  35. She issued another statement: “Moooooooo …”

    izlamo delenda est …

  36. What we see and hear coming out of her mouth is a small indication of what her mind is filled with. She’s contaminating young minds with all kinds of hate at the cost of years of therapy. And she’s a fat twat.


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