My Socialist Hell: 20 Years of Decay in Venezuela


I’ve done so many bread lines that I’ve lost count, I’ve engaged in bartering of food and medicine, I’m actively taking expired meds because it’s simply better than nothing, and I’ve adapted every aspect of my livelihood around the tribulations inherent to living in Socialist Venezuela while taking care of my younger brother who can’t fend for himself given his mental condition. It hasn’t been easy since we’re two socially inept siblings, but we keep going no matter what.

Socialism has slowly eroded the functional existence of every aspect of our lives, from our freedom of speech to our economic liberties, our access to healthcare and personal documents to our water supply. Each of these structural collapses – the absence of healthcare, the worthlessness of our currency, systemic corruption in the government and military, and widespread censorship – have affected me personally.

Socialism is a trendy topic in the United States at the moment, which means my story is relevant beyond Venezuela’s borders. Over the course of this series, I hope to inform American readers about the realities of existence – and survival – in a socialist country. And I hope that by reading my stories, Americans will be forewarned enough that they remain distant stories, rather than firsthand experiences. Get the rest, here

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  1. His writing is very heavily Communist propaganda. He in no way proves himself to be truthful. He appears to be as bad as fake media liars. A quite sickening false representation of life in Venezuela. Verify facts before being influenced by this emotional sob story. Just because it is in print doesn’t make it so.

    Christian K. Caruzo is a Venezuelan writer and documents life under socialism. You can follow him on Twitter here.
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  2. Start looking for sources of facts about Venezuela and why the US government wants to take over the country’s oil. That is if truth actually matters to thinkers.

    FEB 19, 2019
    Everyone Has Fallen for the Lies About Venezuela

    “So who is feeding the average American the idea that our involvement in Venezuela is about helping people? Only EVERY mainstream media channel in America—from MSNBC to Fox News to NPR to Bill fuckin’ Maher. It’s truly mind-numbing to watch so-called “liberals” march in lockstep with the likes of John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, Donald Trump and every neocon not currently in a coma.

    These outlets froth at the mouth while presenting segments explaining that the Venezuelan people are starving, but they also purposefully avoid mentioning that a lot of Venezuela’s hardships are due to U.S. sanctions. ”

    “But that’s what our sanctions are designed to do. They’re devised from day one to hurt poor and average people the most, in order to make them angry enough to rebel. ”

    “For 20 years we’ve been trying to destroy Venezuela, and our government always gives the standard line: “We want to help the people. We care about their democracy. They have a lot of inflation, and that’s why we need to drop our freedom bombs on their heads.” They’ve trotted out that bullshit brigade under Bush, Obama and now Trump. The officials never just say, “Yeah, there’s like, tons of oil there, and we want it.””

  3. For a little background, the writer of this piece,

    is Lee Camp, who is identified as a “comedian”, and started writing comedy at the age of 12. He began stand up comedy from the age of 19. He also bears a tattoo on his left forearm, which displays a quote from Howard Zinn. His stand up comedy routine is generally filled with continual foul language, but seems to appeal to certain audiences.

    So, before getting too seriously gullible when interpreting Camp’s writings (or stand-up comedy rants) as absolute facts, keep in mind that there is a lot of deep sarcasm that flays away at his apparent enemies while hiding behind the label of “comedian”.

    For more in-depth information about Lee Camp, see


    and other similar videos.

    Just not my type of comedy or source of factual information.

  4. Just to be clear, LEe Camp is the propagandist that tRuth tries to link to as debunking the above article.

    tRuth is the board fraud.


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