My Space Faces The Music

If you had parked “any photos, videos or audio files” on My Space more than three years ago, I’m afraid they no longer exist. Early estimates are that the social media platform has lost upwards of “50 million songs by 14 million artists.”

It seems from the level of angst and regret being expressed on the internet today, a lot of musicians hadn’t backed up their work onto alternative storage.  More

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  1. Hold on here. My Space still exits? …With paid employees? I remember back in 2008 my students had My Space accounts. But since 2010, no one had discussed My Space. I thought it died.

  2. What the cloud giveth, it taketh away.

    I started buying used cd’s again, saving to a computer and two usb back-ups years ago because it was obvious that all these companies were wanting you to pay a subscription to access a library of songs and eat the data and batteries on your cellphones.

    $0.25 to $1.50 per used cd, I quickly built my own library of over 25,000 songs for a fraction of what a monthly subscription service would cost and could never be taken away. Throw in an old standalone mp3 player that has a battery life of 7-10 days with daily use and I’m not tethered to a charger.

  3. MySpace was boned when Rupert Murdoch bought it and didn’t know what to do with it so left it to whither and die on the vine. Meanwhile Zuckerburg stole most of the idea of MySpacen enhanced it to create FaceBook and figured out how to monetize it. The rest is a story of huge dollars, monopolies and left censorship.

  4. …this is funny and all, but this same ephemeality exists in ALL electronic storage. What is stored by liberals can be CHANGED by liberals, or just DELETED by liberals, no bad-optic book burning tequired.

    The Ministry of Truth from “1984” would LOVE the Cloud. No scissors or incinerator needed, access to EVERYTHING from a central location, the ability to block OTHER’S access at a key stroke OR monitor OTHER people’s access to decide if they are commiting thoughtcrimes…they would LOVE it.

    How much easier it will be for Democrats when the “libraries” are all “digitized for your convenience” and they have an EXCUSE to get rid of all that annoying paper stuff that may have a record of things inconvenient to the Democrats…

    …so, don’t laugh at Myspace only, consider this a WARNING. Preserve history in HARD copy any way you can.

    …otherwise, when all record of OUR times is as gone as that which was in the Library of Alexandria, some future civilization may not be warned by records of OUR mistakes not to make them AGAIN…

  5. If it is ok for Twitter and Youtube/Google to deplatform and demonetize you, it is ok for iTunes, Spotify and Amazon to cutoff your music and movie libraries for your political opinions.

    It’s not like a state AG repeatedly suing a baker because he wouldn’t bake you a sperm shaped rainbow wedding cake and deliver it in a thong to your drag queen nightclub.


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