Mysterious ‘Giant’ Spotted in Mexico

I don’t think it’s Big Mike on vacation, but it could be one of these. LOL.

ByTim Binnall

Residents of a community in Mexico are on edge following the sighting of a mysterious ‘giant’ that some suspect could have been either a Bigfoot or an alien. The eerie incident reportedly took place last week on a communal piece of farmland near the city of Ciudad Valles. A witness to the weirdness, identified only as ‘Mrs. Antonia,’ said that the sighting took place at around 5:30 in the afternoon as she and her husband were playing with their child.

The group were taken aback when they heard a sound resembling an explosion that seemed to have come from a hill on the property. Thinking that an avalanche was about to occur, they looked over at the spot from where the sound emanated and were stunned to see what was described as a “tall, thin man” that Antonia likened to “a giant.” Although her husband initially made fun of her for being scared, she said, when he also quickly became frightened when he spotted the mysterious visitor. more

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  1. Methinks it’s just some drunk beaner who had too much tequila to drink or is flying high on mescaline. Consider the source Coast to Coast AM, the wacko overnight nut job program that attracts loons out from from under their rocks to believe this kind of crap. The Weekly World News had more credibility and it was funnier. Maybe it was a very skinny Bat Boy!

  2. “For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.”

    Christians say that the return of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, is very close. Jesus said that prior to His return the world would be like it was in the days of Noah. Giants walked the earth in the days of Noah-one reason for the flood. Some say that there will be demonic giants (the same as those in Noah’s time) on the earth before Jesus’ return.

  3. I’d click the link but I refuse to give George Noory and C2C, aka the bargain basement version of Art Bell any joy

  4. Why are alien, Bigfoot, and UFO photo’s always too blurry to actually identify as something?

    Do they have some kind of anti-photo and video cloaking device that causes all pics or video’s of them to come out blurry and distorted?

  5. 1harpazo MAY 30, 2020 AT 6:19 AM

    Christians say…

    Since you reveal you are not a Christian, why do you pick a name that is about the rapture?

    Just curious. Not picking on you.

  6. @Curious

    I see what you mean now. I guess that I was aiming the post more towards unbelievers. No, yes, I am a Christian and I chose my name because I do believe in the soon return of Jesus. At that time He will snatch (harpazo=snatch) up those who have put their faith and trust in Him to meet Him in the air. However, I am not one who believes that Jesus will rapture believers and 7 years later come back to earth to begin His 1,000 year reign on earth.

    If you’re interested, Jesus established the timing of the rapture without a doubt in Luke 17:26-30. The question is, when does God’s wrath start? Revelation 6:9-11 answers that question. When the last martyr appears under the altar in heaven, God’s wrath begins.

    Nope not offended. Thanks for bringing clarity.

  7. @Jpm

    I’m going to do some “spit-balling” and guess that you were referring to my link to Skywatchtv about the Book of Enoch. Yes it is not in the Bible. Do we then discount it because it was not canonized even though it talks about subjects in the Bible?

    The book of Jude (canonized and in the Bible) does refer to Enoch in verse 14 and 15. Evidently because Enoch walked so close with God that he did not die, God revealed things to Enoch about the time when Jesus would return.

    Enoch prophesied that Jesus would come with many thousands of His holy ones. Holy ones could be angels or believers or a combination of both. Angels can be giant and if so, then demons could be gigantic also. If giants (demons) were on earth in Noah’s time then certainly they could be on the earth before Jesus returns. Remember that Jesus said in Matthew 24:37 and Luke 17:30 that it would the same as Noah’s time when the Son of Man returns.


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