Nadler ‘Gets Tired of Talking to Me, Just Hangs Up,’ Says Republican Doug Collins

LifeZette: House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins (R-Ga.) says he has tried in vain to get an idea of how the panel will proceed in the impeachment process — but claims the committee’s Democratic chairman won’t keep him informed.

In fact, Collins told Laura Ingraham on Thursday night on “The Ingraham Angle” that Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) even hung up on him when he called Nadler to get information.

“He never gets back to me,” Collins said.

“I’m trying to get a definition of what’s going on — ‘Don’t worry Doug, we’ll talk to you.’ Just the other day as I was trying to get information from him, he just gets tired of talking to me and just hangs up,” added Collins.

The North Georgia lawmaker said Nadler’s alleged action is a symptom of the larger issue in the committee. read more

9 Comments on Nadler ‘Gets Tired of Talking to Me, Just Hangs Up,’ Says Republican Doug Collins

  1. I think it’s a larger symptom of his incompetence. He is losing brain cells by the day, along with a few other Democrat so-called leaders.

  2. Probably fell asleep. From the hearing the other day it appears that republican talking coincides with his nap time.

  3. More likely he (Nadler) had to get off the phone in a hurry so he could cup a fart which stole up on him.

    When executing a coup d’etat, destroying a nation (and possibly civilization, itself), and undermining ~ 250 years of self-rule, you can’t be too precise. You have to deal in vagueries and dissimulations to hide, or at least obscure, your Treasons.

    Nadler is Treasonous filth – Soros’ stooge – Pelosi’s handmaiden – and Schitt’s equal in infamy.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. He’s got Muelleritis. His arrogance and dismissive behavior conceal his incompetence for the task at hand. Nadler hangs up on Collins because Nadler is a figurehead who is being directed by staffers and outside consultants. He cannot respond to Collins until he gets his script. And now, a limerick:

    Nadler’s evasion is awful,
    Some even say it’s unlawful.
    Keep dogging him, Doug,
    He’s a slimy, fat slug,
    And you can’t let him finish his waffle.


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