Name the Children

Name the Children: Your Opportunity to Bestow a Name on a Forgotten Unborn Child

Priests for Life – We have become dehumanized by a culture that permits abortion. When culture and law fail to consider the unborn as persons, not only are those children dehumanized, but so are those who kill them, and so are the rest of us. […]

Mourning the children who have been killed by abortion, remembering them, burying them (when we have their remains), and giving them a name, is part of the process of re-humanizing them, our society, and ourselves. […]

Over 61 million children in the United States alone have been killed by abortion since 1973, and that number does not by any means count them all. Countless hundreds of millions of others have been killed by abortion throughout the world.

And most of these children will never be given names by their family members. They have been completely abandoned. And we have all been made less in the process.

That’s why we all can and should be part of the process of re-humanizing these children, and ourselves. And this project gives us a chance to do that by giving the children a name. […]

Psalm 27:10 says, “Though father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.”

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  1. It would be too hard to name all the millions of children who have been aborted since 1973 when Roe v Wade took effect. But if I had 2 to name it would be simple names like John and Mary and many, many other names. God knows all their names even If we don’t, they are not just total anonymous blobs of tissue like the left would have us to believe.

  2. My mother died of septic shock following a botched C section in 1970. She left behind a 34 year old widower and 5 children, which included the preemie newborn. She is buried next to a section of baby graves, among which were still borns and miscarried near term babies. Visiting her grave in my mid 30s with three small children was tough, but wandering among the tiny grave markers of babies was so much harder.

  3. James – Named after my Great Uncle who served in the U.S. Navy and died before he could have any children. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

    Thank you Claudia.

  4. …here’s a name for an aborted child for you.


    Why that?

    …well, some of you may be familiar with a really pretty eponymous song by Fleetwood Mac sung by Stevie Nicks, but don’t know this about it.

    It’s about an abortion.

    Stories vary, but the most convincing one, in Nick’s own words, is that she and Don Henley of the Eagles conceived a child, then aborted it to preserve their careers.

    However that may be, look at this outro verse:

    All I ever wanted, was to know that you were dreaming, Sara
    There’s a heartbeat that never really died”

    …following this:
    “Drowning in the sea of love
    Where everyone would love to drown
    But now it’s gone
    It doesn’t matter what for”

    …doesn’t sound like someone who got over the pain of what she did, does it?

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s a giant libtard from what I understand, but given the obvious yearning that she somehow, somewhere wants to be reunited with her aborted daughter, and the fact she never had a child after that, I’d say it’s fairly evident that all that talk they do about no-regret abortion is a lie, just like everything ELSE the devil has his liberal minions try to get us to believe…

  5. Jethro – A wonderful name, James, in ‘honor’ of my autistic older brother who passed away five years ago. He was 55.

    And to all the Apostles and Gospel writers, who had great names, except for Mittus Judas.

  6. …althogh perhaps the best name for an abortion is Jesus, seeing as how an abortion is a rejection of the soul the Lord has entrusted you with, and therefore a rejection of the Lord Himself…

  7. Imagine 52 million babies, now grown to adulthood, standing in a line with their arms extended at shoulder height. Each person in the line is touching the person on the left and right at their fingertips. How long would the human chain be?

    You could actually make the following three human chains with 52 million people. The first human chain could extend completely around the earth at the equator (24,901 miles). The second human chain could extend completely around the earth through the poles (24,859 miles). The third human chain could extend from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida (4001 miles) with enough people left over to extend 406 miles off the coast of Florida. The total distance covered by the three human chains would be 54,167 miles.

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  8. …you ever heard the expression “there but for the grace of God, go I”? applies here, because I know what at least THREE of those names may have been, were modern counselling and modern imaging technologies availabe back in the day.

    One would be the name of one of my nieces.

    One would be the name of one of my nephews.

    And one would be the name of my only son.

    I won’t reiterate what I have often said here, but all were born with challenges that weren’t easily identifed then, and so they were allowed to live, meet their challenges, prove doctors don’t know everything, and become productive, healthy adults.

    I shudder to think what the younger, Godless me would have done with modern imaging and counseling. Ditto for my kin.

    This is why I HATE what “medicine” has become. In the “Current Year”, everything is about the convenience of the “mother” and the rights of the “mother”, and about how a less-than-perfect baby will just be a burden, a drain on society, and you can ALWAYS try again, so just sign here and we’ll flush your little “problem” down the drain, it’s just better for everyone, but mostly the insurance company, honest…


    …there isn’t a word in English for what I think of such “doctors”, and if there WERE, it would scorch the keypad to POST it. Doctors can be lazy, incompetent, confused, or just plain WRONG, and possibly driven by fear of “wrongful life” lawsuits, and therefore encourage TERRIBLE decisions best left to God. Here’s a thread with just a FEW of them, rest assured there are many, many more…

    …happily, not ALL the next gen is so infected or easily swayed. One of my nieces (not the one who would have been aborted above) got pregnant at 38, which is pretty late, and does carry a high risk for Downs. Even when told the “markers were there”, she REFUSED to “terminate”. An a result, I have a healthy, active, inquisitive grand-nephew to love. Does he have challenges? Sure. But with God’s help, they are meeting them, and his time on Earth as his mother and father’s only child will be as God will have it, NOT what DOCTORS say, and God bless them for it…

  9. Read Romans ch. 1, then the opening of 2 Timothy ch. 3 where Paul tells Timothy what professing Christianity will look like just before the end of grace and the time of Jacob’s trouble begins (I’m 100% convinced that the day Paul describes is now).

    That being the case, just imagine the depths to which the rest of humanity, void even of a “form of godliness,” will have sunk by that point.

    Oh, right, we don’t have to imagine. We can just look around.

  10. …but you know what? I have a curse on me when it comes to doctors and other medical professionals involved in some way with abortion.


    This is because, when it came to abortions, not only did I not do NOTHING to PREVENT them when I well COULD have…

    I was once COMPLICIT in them.

    …as many of you know, I was a medic for a time, and talk too much about it here now from the vantage of a ustacould. Funny stories, scary stories,sad stories, tragic stories, and occasionally, happy stories – I have them all.

    …well, here’s a tragic story, maybe many, I don’t really know.

    Because I didn’t really care.

    Younger me was a skinny,active guy, full of himself, cigarette smoke,and Mountain Dew, and didn’t have time for boring things like God and the Bible n’stuff. I was raises Catholic and was pretty burnt on all that when I became an adult, figured I knew enough from catechism and whatnot to last me a lifetime, and so let it go for a time. I was doing hyper male things and I was gonna live forever, so was everyone I knew and loved, so there’d be plenty of time for THAT stuff when I was, you know, OLD, a hundred years or so later.

    Meanwhile, I was trained in the current techniques and mechancs of saving lives, steeped in medical protocols, and accepted standard prevailing practices like they were valid ethical philosophies without much real thought about them, the nuts n bolts being FAR more interesting and less nebulous than esoteric religions ponderings.

    The more fool I…

    …people rarely call ambulaces when things are going well, so you tend to get a liitle jaded by seeing only BAD things and a little hardened to tragedy as a self-defense mechanism.

    One of the worse tragedies I got invited to participate in were rapes.

    Stranger rapes and incest rapes. Adult rapes and child rapes. Completed rapes and interruped rapes. Opposite sex rapes and same-sex rapes.

    What fun for everyone.

    …we had some pretty standard rules for these, most of them common sense such as “don’t let the patient wash evidence off” and “NEVER touch the patient’s private areas unless CLEARY life threatening conditions exist” and “Whenever possible only FEMALE squad members should do secondary exams on FEMALE patients”; but buried among them was THIS gem:
    “ALWAYS take rape patients to General Hospital, NEVER to Catholic hospitals”

    This is where I became complicit.

    Because I knew. KNEW. The reason for this.

    It was because they would offer abortifacients and access to abortions at General.

    And Catholic hospitals would NOT.

    And I didn’t care. Seemed reasonable to me.

    So off they went to General, to get a rape kit and VERY SECULAR counseling.

    It meant nothing to Godless me. So what? I had more IMPORTANT things to worry about, and it was what my agency said to do, so whatever, let’s get the squad back in service…

    …I have no way of knowing how many babies were concieved of rape that I transported there, and how many died BECAUSE I transported there. I rarely did patient follow-ups unless there were Court proceedings I was involved in due to my professional role, so I just don’t know, and didn’t CARE, either.

    …but I suspect my LORD knows. AND cares. And may give ME an EXACT accounting by and by…

    …when I came to the Lord, I was deep in sin, and had much to atone for. Like many, I thought of PRESENT sin, and not so much PAST ones like THIS. I didn’t even THINK them sins at the time, so when the Lord cleansed me in His blood and forgave me, I wasn’t thinking of these then.

    I pray HE was.

    As I write this, I realize I need to discuss this more with Him, that He can forgive even this, and that I do need to repent this to Him, and pray on those souls I may have personally escorted to their end.

    That was many years ago.

    And I wasn’t that personally involved.

    So don’t tell me there are no regrets to abortion. I have dozens.

    …so I can’t IMAGINE those my PATIENTS may YET have, and I am burdened even TODAY for THEM…

    …so all I have, and all I can offer my Lord, is the prayer of any sinner.

    “And the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be merciful to me a sinner.”
    Luke 18:13

    …and for those women I may have helped to THEIR terrible act when they were ALREADY burdened with having had the worst assault on themselves ANY human can be forced to endure, I can offer only this…

    “Turn again, and tell Hezekiah the captain of my people, Thus saith the Lord, the God of David thy father, I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears: behold, I will heal thee: on the third day thou shalt go up unto the house of the Lord.”
    2 Kings 20:5

    …God is merciful.

    May he have mercy on you, those who were led to choose abortion.

    May the Lord have mercy on the learned decisions of the medical professionals who may sincerely believe they did what was best for their patient without consulting with the Ultimate Physician.

    May he have mercy on me.

    And may he spare others from NEEDING this same mercy in future.


    God Bless,

  11. SNS. please, if you want, ask BFH give you my email addy or tell him to give you mine. I will give him permission tonight. I was team leader in our diocese for a wonderful healing program .

    When I brought the program here, Rachels Vineyard retreats were just in the U.S. They are now on 7 continents. Many men and women of various denominations attended our retreats here in our diocese. There are Catholic retreats and non- denominational retreats. We had people who helped others procure abortions, or grandparents and abortive mothers and fathers. Many of us have somehow been touched by it, even if we haven’t been directly involved. God bless.

  12. Thank you PJ, I messaged the good BFH to facilitate if he will, but please don’t put yourself out for it. This is an old wound for me, and you have your own recent physical healing challenges that I pray He is helping you overcome still, and this isn’t about me anyway, but I will never refuse the offer of another to help lift each other up as He commands.

    “9 For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,
    10 Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him.
    11 Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.”
    1 Thessalonians 5:9-11

    Thank you, may the Lord grant you His full and complete healing as we stand upon His word, and God Bless,


  13. Claudia
    FEBRUARY 14, 2020 AT 9:40 PM

    “Here is a sermon by J.D. Greear on Romans 1:24-32. Pretty good:”

    …the wife and I watched this, he has some interesting things to say, and we may watch some of his other sermons, too. Thank- you, Claudia

  14. SNS, Thank you, and I hope to hear from you. I am in my two week between chemo rounds right now. I have time on my hands between doc appointments. DH won’t let me do much of anything. I’m feeling fine, and still hope to be His Hand’s and Feet in any way He allows me.

    I am not going out where I will be in close proximity to people and feel bad that I couldn’t go to Mass last week because of potentially catching the flu which is going around. Probably cannot go this week either even though I went to the grocery store this week. Church is kind of packed closely with sneezers and coughers. I’m a mackerel snapper who was taught by nuns for 12 years, so it’s difficult not to attend. 🙂 lolol

  15. I offer the name of Joshua. A prototype of of Christ in the Bible and for whom I named my youngest son. The Hebrew being Yeshua. He is now retiring after 21 years in the U.S. Marines. May we name more Joshuas for these precious innocents murdered before their time.


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