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Our last reader was RadioMattM, looking a lot like someone that could be in my family photo album.

Here’s are next reader—>

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  1. OK, we went from child photos to now it’s getting personal…I guess Abigail? She is personalable. Plus I equate “Abigail” to to a red-head.

    Whoever it is… is very pretty.

  2. RadioMattM — Very cute and iconic picture of a little American boy. From those long limbs, I guessed about 2 years old going on 3. Was I right?

  3. I am so clueless but, Who’s yo daddy? I really like the no-nonsense “I’ll slap the piss outa you” look.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. Nah, ’tain’t me. But I was thinking of sending one in to give you a sense of the breadth of distance between “the look” and the dippy fool who, at seventeen, chugged a water glass full of straight whiskey and hitchhiked across Michigan. ….smile…. ….Lady in Red

  5. Not Claudia. This, I am sure of.

    Is that a fold or two I see? Almost looks like it’s been cut from a magazine.

    If we zoom out a bit, would we see her holding her booking number and name? Might be able to eliminate a few known saints here.

    I haven’t imagined anyone with red hair like this, not even when I assumed Claudia had it.

    Total shot in the dark – JCLady

    And yeah, she’s got a “You have to be kidding me” or “This is happening!” look.

  6. Dadof4 — “If we zoom out a bit, would we see her holding her booking number and name? Might be able to eliminate a few known saints here.”

    haha! Good one.

  7. Lessee now. BFH posts a photo of a redhead expecting us to think “Lady in Red? Naaah. Too obvious. Gotta be somebody else.”

    So I’m guessing Lady in Red.

  8. You’re correct, Uncle Al: *too easy* and, thus, totally wrong! …smile…

    I looked through recent folk here, but have nothing to suggest, no one…
    …Lady in Red

    PS: Great music, Abigail!

  9. Something about red haired ladies.
    (I’m married to one).
    Very Pretty. That look is “not” passivity.
    Call me clueless…..again.

  10. Gotta be Saxindacity!

    Oh, and Dadof4 is right. It’s not me.

    I was never *hot* or even pretended to be (been called cute a few times).

  11. It appears that the ladies are making an strong effort to keep us from even THINKING of looking at other web sites!

    AA: That photo was taken the year I turned 2, making it 1982 since I am 39. Er, 1958
    to answer the discussion on the thread.

    Two additional points: 1) it is illegal for me to wear shorts within 5 miles of an airport flight path because that would be more dangerous than shining a laser at a plane, and 2) I am back to having that platinum blond hair.

  12. RadioMattM — Depending on when the photo was taken, you were a tall 2 year old, I’m guessing. I also was born with that paper-white skin that turned pink in too much sun — then peeled, and I had the same wispy, white hair! I think we two were nearly albino — not quite, but close.

  13. Baby or youhful pics were suggested because of the concern of being outed and harassed by lefties, etc.

    Some people are not hiding. So it’s up to them to decide what they send.
    I always ask, though, “are you sure about this?”

  14. Claudia February 28, 2018 at 11:38 am

    Gotta be Saxindacity!

    Oh, and Dadof4 is right. It’s not me.

    I was never *hot* or even pretended to be (been called cute a few times).

    Wait wait wait wait!

    Turning my comment based on hair color into an insult bothers me greatly!


  15. AA — I remember growing up that if we went to the beach, we would be layering on the Noxema in the coming days as the skin peeled off (or is it pealed off?)

    About 20 years ago I marched in a parade with my son’s Boy Scout Troop. The parade was maybe 2 miles long. It was a sunny day, and I was red as a beet by the end of it.

    I am 6 foot now, and I have always been a bit on the tall side.

  16. Plain Jane….that’s my pic an i’m sticking it.
    Jane’s not really Plain, bet she’s pretty just calls herself

  17. She may be a cop wearing a very dark top, like a uniform, and a serious look.

    Who we talking about, then?

    If that dark top is lingerie… well, I gotta go, I swear I hear my Mom calling all the way from Restland.

  18. Dadof4 – no insult intended!!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    I do have some reddish tint in the summer sun, but nothing a camera would ever pick up.

  19. I’ll make the guessing a little easier. It’s not me. I never had the courage to wear makeup as a girl. Stuck myself in the eye once with a mascara wand and that was it for me!

  20. RadioMattM — If you were all freckly, you would have passed for my 1st great love from 5th grade. I saw him for the first time again at our 40th H.S. reunion (the only one I ever went to) and he looked exactly like a grown-up version of his 5th grade picture. So funny how some people’s looks change so dramatically while others don’t.

    Noxema. I didn’t know it protected sensitive skin. You must have loved that smell 😉

  21. All you have to do is go to youtube and look up Ann Barnhardt to see if it’s Ann Barnhardt. Hint: it’s not.


    My guess was Sylvia.

  22. I think we could do our own calandra with all the gorgeous ladies we have. It would make a good fundraiser!

    AA. If you wanna se freckles you should see my 5th grade picture.

  23. @MoeTom all my baby pictures are daguerreotypes. Seriously, can’t find my baby pictures. There were never that many taken being a 2nd child. I did finf a seriously funny pic from age 5 I may send to BFH. It has attitude.

  24. Folks, I’ve never been hot nor a redhead. Maroon, yes. Blond, yes. Highlights, yes.

    Regarding Maroon – for kicks I picked up a Maroon color #2 level that washes out, just for kicks. I drove down to visit the grandkids for a week with that hair color. My granddaughter, then around 4-5 loved it. Several weeks later our daughter told me she overheard granddaughter telling her girlfriend “My grandma isn’t old, she has purple hair.”

  25. RadioMattM — Well, there ya go! You didn’t by any chance have a ring abruptly returned to you in 5th grade because you were “caught” talking to another little girl? LOL!

    Plain Jane — Purple hair?! That’s too funny! How long did it last?

    The only time I was a redhead was a colossal accident. I was newly married and meeting an important army of in-laws in another state (for the important wedding of one of them). Night before leaving to go I went to my salon and had in mind to shine up my hair. I asked about henna because I’d read somewhere that it just shines the hair. But no one bothered to tell me that henna is naturally very red. Got to the other town exhausted, woke up, really saw the color of my hair for the first time and then proceeded to wash my hair about 25 times in a row trying to tone it down. Missed the bride’s breakfast because of it and chalked up my first black mark before even meeting anyone. All the shampooing turned my hair an even brighter and ghastlier shade of red-orange which clashed with the dress I’d chosen to wear for the wedding. With lipstick on I looked something like a female Bozo the Clown. And to top it all off I had dandruff the size of quarters. Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.

  26. AA: I was wondering along the same lines, but then I remembered I went to the 5th grade in Washington State (1966-67) and graduated from high school in in California (1974). No one I knew in school was common to both times.

  27. AA, It grew on me, and it was a rather sophicated maroon, that went real well with my then inverted V bob, my skin tones and my wardrobe, so I think I kept it going for a couple of years but not during pool season. Chlorine and maroon hair don’t mix well. 🙂

    By that time I was gray enough to go blond easily. Dark hair just accentuates my now resting b*tch face Howdy Dudy lines, and I am afraid to let it go gray. When my perpetually mentally young mom decided to let her hair go gray, she lost her frivolity and humor. Same with my grandmother,

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