Name the Reader

Our last reader’s name is Barack Obama’s Dead Fly!!!!!

What an evil woman!!

Our next reader is wearing a set of wax lips!  (I obscured the other two in the picture because I would need to hear from them before posting!)

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  1. Cute as a speckled pup! Did she cut her own bangs? I used to love those wax lips…..

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. It has to be MJA or Claudia.
    I feel skittish being so convinced, I’ve always thought they were brunettes.

    But then I’ve been convinced before and was wrong.

  3. No Crackerbaby. My dad cut her bangs too. Matter of fact any future pics with uneven bangs 3 inches above the eyebrows, my dad got ahold of them 😉

    Awfully cute tho MJA?

  4. I was thinking MJA also. There’s a twinkle in those eyes that makes me think of her sass!

    But then, Plain Jane has her fair share of sass.

    I’m going to cheat and say one or the other!

  5. These are getting harder and harder to guess. (Like they were ever easy.) I’m persuaded by the impish eyes that it is our very own MJA before she used cuss words — or maybe that’s why she’s got the wax lips!

  6. No matter who, she’s one of us, and beautiful.
    I can’t remember dem any more after a few drinks. Wich BFH would gib us a liste of all the perps identfeied. so I coud make a intellegnt puck. pick.

  7. Lady in Red, and if not, oh my, I’m at a loss – again.

    Whoever she is, she has kickass fun written in her eyes.

  8. the clothes appear Eastern European … why I mentioned the Crackers (w/ a gun)

    … but she stole my wax lips!

  9. I see pure Hispanic or American Indian decent here. My favorite peeps. Forgive me, There’s a someone here that occasionally comments with a rabbit as an avatar that grew up on reservations. We also have in our midst a super patriot that was a naturalized citizen from down south. Could be her. We’re lucky to have both on our side. I’m sorry I can’t remember your IOTW names. If anybody can chime in and help me with the names I would welcome the help.

  10. hahahahahahahah!

    And you all were sure it was the beautiful, smart, and amazing MJA!

    I take that as a compliment.

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