Name the Reader

The last reader was…… ZONGA.

Who’s this?

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  1. Wow! I guess “Zonga” means “Look at my big lips” in Romanian!

    Current photo: Bad Brad. We’ll keep guessing him until we get it right!

  2. Al^

    Who was it that guessed the clothes looked Eastern European?
    We have a bunch of Columbos on here.
    That’s not good!

  3. I thought there was something wrong with his stomach. My wife informed me those are called ” AB’S “. No idea what she means by that. Can’t be me, i never had those mythical ” AB’s ” people talk about like unicorns, bigfoot, Obama’s berf-certificte.

  4. @BFH – That was ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ who said Eastern European. It’s been a while but I seem to remember Zonga telling us her family was originally from Romania. I’m not a stickler about such things, but I think Romania is South Eastern European. How do you say “hominy grits” in Romanian, y’all?

  5. Hair, swim shorts. Yeah, Left Coast Dan. Or could be Dadof4, too.

    If I was a guy, I’d be proud of that picture too. Sweet youth!

  6. This is pretty unfair, fur. You can sharpen pics and such, yes? This is an o’dark thirty blurry eyes photo.

  7. Abs …. I used to have those, they are camouflaged now, but they’re still there and well hidden.
    You know, it’s a humility thing…..I have much to be humble about.

    Uncle Al is batting 1000, I’ll stick with him — bad brad — sooner or later we may be correct ….and as soon as I flip and choose someone other than he chose, it’ll be bad brad..

  8. Don’t know why, but thinking it might be Charlie WalksonWater.

    Maybe it’s the swim trunks. But then, he shouldn’t need them. hehe

    NOT THAT HE SHOULD GO NEKKID!!! Whew, thanks for the edit feature.

  9. @Cato — I think you’ll appreciate this quote from Stan Evans; a question he asked a panel discussion colleague during a lobby break: “Stan cocked his head in deep bewilderment and said, “What do you think, Benet? Do I suffer from too much false modesty or not enough?”

  10. Hmmmm. Thinking more about this fella. (It’s so fun to create scenarios.)

    Late teens (muscle mass), apparent focus on fitness. Getting ready to enter the Marines or Army?

  11. Swim trunks early 80’s, the Yute looks bout 17,
    happy camper face…Left coast Dan.
    Good thing we don’t lose points for being Wrong!
    The girlies? not Sisters.

  12. I was hoping for a long board in the photo.
    How do we know these photos are of the person in question?
    I thought by now someone would send in an obvious fake.

  13. “Too much clarity would drive the ladies nuts!”

    Ok, Fur. Only YOU would know about that!

    It’s Fur Hat. He purposely fuzzed out his picture.

  14. Left Coast Dan…. although I didn’t think he was 85. C’mon, look at that pic. That was taken in 1945 or something and then hand tinted.

  15. I’ll guess he’s a Californian, before California went all fruity. He’s a lady’s man for sure. Probably LCD or Brad.
    The kinda guy I’d enjoy a beer with. Then again I’d enjoy
    10 to 20 beers with any IOTWer. (No such thing as “a beer,”)

  16. Gremmie or hodad? Yup! Has PaliHi written all over him. Nope,don’t know Benito after all. Probably would recognize his name though.

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