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Name Your Favorite Band From Canada

Now how much of that band’s music do you actually own? I counted last night, I have 8 of CDs plus a 2-CD Greatest Hits set, and a 9th CD is at the top of my Amazon shopping cart for a group from Kingston, Ontario: The Tragically Hip

Yesterday, the band’s channel on YouTube compiled a Summer Playlist that kicked off with two of my favorites. It’s a good starting off point if you’re interested. Listen

Why The Hip? The closest listening experience for me is Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto. Not just superlative music, but it never fails to inspire me to be creative in some way after listen.

I checked up on the band earlier this year and discovered to my sorrow that the lead singer, Gordy Downie had died a few years ago from terminal brain cancer. Instead of going out quietly, the Hip broadcast their last concert across Canada for fans to give a final send off. Here

Last month the surviving members appeared at Canada’s Juno Awards. Another well known Canadian artist, Feist did vocals on the appropriately titled “It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken.” The performance stands on its own Watch

I see now they’ve put out a new album of unreleased songs recorded 30 years ago. I’ll have to check it out.

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  1. It sure as hell isn’t Neil Young. I’m a big Gordon Lightfoot fan, especially his older music from the 70’s except for The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and Sundown which was a stinker.

  2. The Tragically Hip

    out of Kingston Ontario

    Listen to the song “Bobcaygeon” live.

    Kcir, take a closer look at the post, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. – Dr. Tar

  3. They guy played his last concert barely able to stand and dying of Cancer in 2018 because his fans wanted to see him one last time.
    National treasure.

    Free broadcast all over the country. it was the only good thing the CBC ever did.

  4. Rush, 7 albums including Chronicles which is a 2 CD compilation of their greatest hits of the ’70s & ’80s. I’m working on buying every Rush CD. I add one CD each payday so I’ll be scouring fleabay for Caress of Steel tonight.
    Diana Krall, 10 albums including the Christmas one, I love her voice.

  5. I’d say Na Cabarfeidh. but they don’t have much around these days. Best drummer (Trevor) I ever saw. Did mix for them a time or two.
    So, I’ll say The Band

  6. Thanks Dr. Tar.

    I was watching the Blue Ray Concert Saturday Night.
    Has to be seen to be believed.
    “Fiddlers Green” is a song about a woman bringing her child for chemo therapy. Gut Wrenching and a somewhat predictive but he sang the song anyway at the last show.

    I Go to Kingston all the time (daughters University) The whole town reminds you of them complete with cover bands etc. in the pubs.

    I didn’t know that about “Fiddlers Green.” I’m listening to it now on the Summer play list. I was kind of late finding The Hip, mid-90s “Ahead By A Century” era. They use to play Canada’s version of MTV on satellite TV down here in the state back then. Really bummed when I found out Downie had died. Even wrote a long e-mail to BFH about how awful it was to find out so late. Glad to find another fan. – Dr. Tar

  7. I swear. Sometimes I think you people AREN’T actually boomers but Rooshin agents speaking in code.

  8. Triumph. Rik Emmett is so damn underrated as a guitarist. Could never get into the Tragically Hip. Rush of course, but I also like some of the Barenaked Ladies. *runs for cover*

  9. For real, I was impressed with Burton Cummings and the Guess Who in their early days. The band I was in, opened for them at a rock festival in the seventies. Got to be by the side of the stage where Burton Cummings was. It somewhat made up for the fact that his roadies stole our beer.
    One of my buddies and I mentioned it on Burton’s Facebook page recently. He responded and apologized for his roadies. lol

  10. I am going to go with Geddy Lee and the Boys and RUSH! I cannot discount all of the other bands mentioned, but I grew up with RUSH and attended a concert, or three

  11. On a related note, who is the best front person? Geddy Lee? Freddie Mercury? David Lee Roth? Sammy Hagar?
    There are so many I cannot mention them all. My personal favorite is Geddy Lee.

  12. I also include Tommy Shaw (Styx), Steve Perry (Journey), etc. Yes, I know I am dating myself. No, not in THAT way. Well, maybe … I am old and single

  13. A couple more honorable mentions: Tom Cochrane (Red Rider and his solo work) and the Northern Pikes

  14. Hands down, The Great Big Sea. If you haven’t heard them, look them up. Celtic music put to modern beat and instrumentation. I saw them twice in concert, best concert I ever saw.

  15. Without question—The Stampeders from Calgary, and The Guess Who from Winnipeg. Tied first. The Stamps still go on tour.

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