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Named After A Slave Holding Founder? We’ve Got A Solution


With all the statuephobia going on now one should have concern about having a last name like Washington, Jefferson, Jackson or God forbid, Lee.

Have courage folks, there’s a simple solution that will wipe you’re family history clean and replace it with something more palatable in our politically correct age.


18 Comments on Named After A Slave Holding Founder? We’ve Got A Solution

  1. We need to start calling her General.

  2. Buck Private Lee would be better. She’s only an E-1 and always will be. She’s even too stupid or arrogant to be shit canned on permanent KP.

  3. Female Kangaroos are hardest hit….

  4. Let’s change Bill, Hillary, and the Chipmunks last name to Jaboniegoop (or Rape-
    aloo) and declare that they were born and reared in Chicago by itinerant scam artists and grifters!!

  5. Just change your name to Mohammed and you’ll fit right in.

  6. Now why din’t i think a dat?

    Not as good as Glow-Bull-Shit but better’n Klowns-For-Klunkers.

  7. Or just call her Sheila with a number as a last name.

    Blacks think every Southerner had slaves when only 2% actually did. If she wants a “clear” last name, let her research the old census reports and chose among the thousands who never owned slaves.

    Buy the way, before the war, the South was the most educated and richest section of the country. Naturally, DC wanted in on that money.

  8. A young Indian boy asked his mother how Indians got their names. Mom said “Running Bull got his name because his mother had a vision of a great bull leading a herd, Sleeping Fawn got hers because her mother noticed a peaceful fawn sleeping just before she gave birth. Why do you ask that Two Dogs Fucking?”

  9. They’re forgetting their proud history. About 18% of blacks in the south were freemen. And some of those bought and sold slaves, including a black man in New Orleans who owned over six hundred. They should research his name and have their name changed to that. It’ll give them bragging rights,

  10. I know this is supposed to be a lighthearted attempt at poking fun at the idiots on the Left, but we are at war against them. We just listened (again) to David Horowitz at an Aspen CO conference deliver his remarks, “The Second Civil War” based on his recent book, “Agenda: Trump and the Left”. I really like listening to Horowitz because of his first person accounts of so many of the Left’s radical beginnings in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

    You can find his speech on YT.

  11. This is crazy. Odds are that someone from the past with your last name did something you wouldn’t approve of.

  12. I think it should be noted that the Ol’ Stars and Bars are made with the colors red, white, and blue. Clearly those colors signify evil, racism, slavery, and traitorous intent. So, they should be replaced in all images with varying shades of grey.

  13. @TheMule, wasn’t grey Johnny Reb colors? Well played.

  14. Let’s tell these snowflakes that their body is a slave to their brain and the only way to free them is to separate the two.

  15. Oh shoot, what’s next? German names, Japanese? Italian? French? All allies of NAZIs.

  16. Yep, I gots a German name, but, I gots my guns.😜👍

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